List of Best Shopify Drop shipping Suppliers from USA

If you’re a newbie in the e-commerce industry and are looking forward to starting a business with minimum risk, you might have come around the term Drop Shipping. It allows you to run an online store where you can make sales and deal with customers for a product without having to actually buy the product yourself. It means, all you have to do is get in contact with reliable and reputable US Shopify drop shipping suppliers, and do all the marketing for making a sale.

One of the best platforms for doing this business is the Shopify site. Here, you can easily launch a drop shipping plan and run it successfully with the help of its highly user-friendly interface that allows you to add products easily and customize your online shop in minimum time and effort.

But the real game starts when you have to build contacts and find suppliers for the product you are about to sell.

6 Best Shopify Drop Shipping Suppliers

Let’s see some of the best Shopify Dropshipping suppliers in the US eCommerce market that are well-reputed and experienced enough in the industry so that you don’t face many difficulties in your online business, especially if it is new.

1. Oberlo

If you are willing to have an extensive range of products in your online aisle, then Oberlo is one of the best options out there. All the manufacturers and suppliers there are verified and can supply your products directly to the customers.

The products will be fully packaged and delivered to you by the discussed address. You can get the services in two different packages; 29.90 USD and 79.90 USD. However, if you do not want to take a risk in investing the amount which is a common thing in a fresh business, you can take a free trial to see if you see some potential in the services they offer.

Once you make the subscription, you are open to some added features that will give you the details of all the verified suppliers with customizable options and more.

2.   iFuncity

If you’re one of those technology nerds who want to do the drop shipping business by selling cameras, phones, and other gadgets, then iFuncity has all the features that makes it one of the best US dropshipping suppliers in an affordable range.

The platform is 13 years old and has been serving its clients on a global scale since then. There is a blind program or drop shipping which essentially means that you get to have good privacy control. A free customer helpline is available for you 24/7 which allows you to have all your queries and questions answered in the best way possible.

3. Dropship Direct

The next in the category of the best US dropshipping suppliers is the Dropship Direct – a giant supplier of more than 900 brands having a total of more than a hundred thousand products to offer.

The most popular categories in the products include products for sports, health, beauty, and others that can be directly shipped across different continents as well including Canada, Europe, and even Australia.

Marketplace Data Feed Service is a value adding service provided by the Dropship Direct that helps you in marketing your products to a multitude of online sales channels as well as wholesale inventory options for storing materials. Other services in this market tool include third party logistics fulfillment, B2B eCommerce, and a marketplace product data among several others.

4. Teledynamics

There are also options available in the eCommerce market place where you can actually become partners with your distributor, and Teledynamics is one great example for this.

This is a Texan company specializing in electronics that sells wholesale products. If you can show them your authentic credit history, the company can also provide you with the net terms. This will in return further boost up your sales and give you more profit.

You will need to have a reseller identification in order to become a dealer, after which you will be given access to the online catalogue and the business data feed.

5. Chinabrand

If you have trust issues regarding eCommerce drop shipping suppliers, Chinabrand is a good company to trust as it has a transparent fee plan and does not charge you later with untold and unclear payments.

What’s more, you would not have to fulfill the common requirement of a minimum order thing that otherwise happens in almost all suppliers.

Originated in China, there are multiple supply warehouses in different countries (12 in total). The tracking information is provided to you by DHL and EMS depending on the region.

Another great thing about this supplier is that the products are made in China originally, which means you don’t get to pay what you might have to pay for the products from other regions given the affordable and cost effective rates of the products from China. You can choose from an extensive range of 500,000 different products which keep getting updated regularly.

6. Pet Stores USA

You don’t even have to sell only “solid” and “manufactured” products on your online store.

For instance, you can run an online pet source where you can become a source for providing products in the designated region straight through Pet Stores USA as your supplier. The UTM Distributing Company branch, Pet Stores USA, has currently 2500 varieties sorted into categories.

Make sure you get yourself registered as a drop shipper so you purchase from them in wholesale.

The retail option does not apply to the company currently; however, the shipping service is quick and happens within a day.


There is a tremendous bulk of opportunities for you from where you can select products from different categories for your Shopify store.

However, noting important elements before making a deal with your supplier is equally important.

This can include everything from checking the warranty of the products to looking for and hidden or additional charges. This way, you can be sure that your eCommerce business goes smooth and profitable for you. 

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