6 Best Smart Technologies of All Time

Technology has the supremacy to do a lot of things – and shifting the world is only one of them. With this, we’re fortunate to be alive in a period where science and technology can help us out, make our lives at ease, and reconsider the ways we go about our lives.

What if each one of our devices can link to the internet? Not just our smartphones and computers or laptops, but everything: appliances, analog watch, cameras, doorbells, clocks, speakers, Bluetooth Earphones – let’s name it. What if these devices can all connect, send us information, and take our every command?

With the various smart technologies developing nowadays, we can now monitor everything from temperature and lights to security and locks in our homes.

They also come about to make great gifts, whether it’s for your dad or sister.

Here’s a rundown of the six best Smart Technologies of all time.

Best Smart Security: NetGear Arlo Q

While several smart devices are focused more on entertainment and convenience, this NetGear Arlo Q is a handy tool for the security of every home. This intelligent security files high-quality audio and video. It even generates outstanding quality pictures of people in complete darkness.

Netgear Arlo Q lets you set it to a time-based schedule when you’re outside. It also enables you to tailor whether the camera habitually records or not.

Although it’s expensive, this smart device gives seven days of audio and video backup – for free! So, who says it’s not a worthwhile investment?

Best Smart Bathtub: Archer VibrAcoustic Bath

What else is the purpose of a bathtub? Of course, it’s for where you take a bath. But, don’t underestimate the Archer VibrAcoustic Bath – it can do more than that! When it’s empty, it functions as a Bluetooth speaker.

You just need to fill it up, and you can see that the music waves ripple across the water.

You can pick one of the preset mixes or use your own preference of playlist – all created to help you relax during your self-care soak.

Best Smart Speaker: Amazon Echo

Are you looking for an affordable smart speaker that can cater to your music needs? Then, with this best smart speaker from Amazon is all you need to have. You don’t need to look for others as it can connect to Alexa as you play your favorite playlist.

You can send messages and make phone calls with it. It can even set the alarm for you, so you don’t need to worry about oversleeping or being late with your appointments.

The smart speaker saturates your room with a 360° audio and utilizes a noise cancellation feature to guarantee that you can hear and be heard from every direction.

Best Smart Thermostat: Ecobee4

The Ecobee4 can control the air temperature with only voice commands. Unlike other smart thermostats, it also functions as its own speaker, so it can accomplish all the things your Assistant or Alexa can do – including shop, play music, and even control other devices.

Best Smart Doorbell: Nest Hello Doorbell

With the Nest Hello Doorbell, you don’t need to predict who’s at your door. This smart doorbell from Nest has an in-built high-quality video camera, which lets you check your smartphone to find out who’s there.

Wait, there’s more for the best part! There are built-in speakers and microphone, so you can speak to whoever’s your visitor.

Best Smart Light: Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED Multicolor

Are you looking for something that can smarten up your home? Why don’t you consider having a Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED installed? This smart and affordable device flashes every color you want to see. It also supports voice commands and can even communicate with your other devices.

With its user-responsive mobile app, it lets you produce lighting schedules and informs you of the power the bulb uses.


Our smart devices deliver us a feeling of accessibility and convenience. They became brighter than ever — and sincerely beneficial, not only for show off.

The most recent Smart Technologies or devices save us stress and time. They also put an end to those moments that we accidentally answer the door to our neighbors who are always schilling something.

Indeed, what a moment to be alive and thriving!

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