Buying Guide: How to Choose Headphone With Mic

Nowadays most of us want to have good headphones for listening to music. Most of the time we stucked in finding Good quality headphones with mic having the best features like extra bass, tangle-free wire, etc. at the best price. If we check out in the market online or offline many options are available with different features, prices, and a brand name like Sony, Philips, Sennheiser, Zebronics, and much more, these are the best choice for business and personal use.

As we see nowadays everyone is having Best smartphones so also wants to use headphones with mobile therefore the option of the mic is also necessary so that a person can easily switch between music and call without removing the headphones, we will discuss here the audio devices that are having mic option available with them.

If we check every person have their own different choice in music. Some people like the loud one with extra bass and some likes slow music with live experience so we can’t decide which one is the best headphones with a mic.

Another concern is to find a Bluetooth headphone at affordable prices, Headphones having good quality have higher prices too. Here I will tell you what are the basic features and qualities a person should have to keep in mind before buying a headphone.

How to Choose Headphones That Are Right for You

Basically, they are categorized into 2 types:

Wired headphones with mic:

Previously the wires are the big issue but now headphones are coming with tangle-free wires with a good length of wire. Sony Headphones with a mic is a good example of such headphone having features like tangle-free long length wire, in-built microphone, extra bass.

Wireless headphones with a mic or Bluetooth headphones with mic:

These are the better ones as there is no issue with that tangled wires you just have to connect with Bluetooth and start enjoying. Normally these devices work for up to 10 hours after single charging.

And if we go for the features, the following basic features are there that have to keep in mind before buying:

Sound Quality

Have to check the audio device is providing clear sound or not. The sound quality is worth for money.
Noise cancellation: The device is having the noise-canceling capability or not. Noise cancellation feature prevents unwanted sound to enter the ears and delivers a useful sound listening experience.

Driver Capacity:

Normal headphones are having 30mm drivers in them as we go up the sound quality will increase.

Extra Bass:

If you love loud music then go for an audio device that is having an extra bass feature. Extra Bass try to give your a club-like environment.


The basic headphones are available with 98db.

Frequency Response:

It varies in 20-20000 Hz.


Is it having an inline remote or not. The remote control option gives you the flexibility to control songs and volume without touching your smartphone.


Within how much area we can remain connected to the parent device. It is 10 meters in most of the headphones.
Build quality:

If we check most of the headphone feel too much flimsy so have to check is it able to withstand some wear and tear or not.


Have to check either it is on the ear or over the ear.

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