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Whatsapp Messenger Update Roundup

Whatsapp messenger is one of the most used apps in today’s time. On an average, the app is the most used app after Pokemon Go. The app usage is 30 mins (daily) on a regular basis. For me, it’s much more. I spend almost 2-3 hours on Whatsapp. I find it much easier and reliable […]

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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air – Everything You Need To Know

Is Mi Notebook Air Xiaomi’s take on Apple? Let’s find out. The launch of Mi Notebook Air was not unknown to us. I could see people making wild guesses about the laptop for some time in social media. Some guessed the Mi logo to be glowing as the Apple logo does, while some guessed the […]

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Pokémon Go- Everything you need to know about

The word Pokémon brings in a lot of nostalgia for us. Back in the 90’s, it used to be one of our favorite cartoons. But now it is no longer a cartoon for us anymore. Thanks to John Hanke. He worked for 20 years to give us Pokémon Go. This game is based on Augmented […]

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