ClickHelp Review: Online Documentation Tool for Mac, Windows & Linux

Are you irritated by organizing documentation? We found ClickHelp, it is an online documentation tool, which will help you organize your documentation fast.

I am pretty much sure you are. No wonder. Being a businessman you might have to spend much time organizing documents which can be a real pain.

Can you afford to waste so much time?

Of course, you can just appoint someone from your staff to do this task and escape these boring things and spend valuable time on something more productive for your business.

But, certainly, that would put some more pressure on your pocket paying the salaries. And if your business is just a startup then that would be a BIG NO for you because instead of spending money on this you can invest in marketing, which in turn can bring in some return of investment (ROI) for you.

So, what is the workaround here? How can you save both: your time and money?

The answer is – an online tool, which would help you organize documentation easier, without the need to handle things manually. And also, this online tool should be affordable.

This tool includes different helpful features that have changed my working process completely. So, I decided to write a review about the ClickHelp help authoring tool so that more startups could adopt it and get the same benefits as I did.

What Makes ClickHelp so Good

Tools like ClickHelp can be used by both beginners and experienced tech writers. Even if the tool might seem a bit simple at first, don’t let the first impression fool you, the robust features incorporated in making it great. This awesome online writing tool will let you document all the data quickly.

You can manage different types of documentation, for example, FAQs, user guides, tutorials, and so on. This tool is perfect not only for office work but for freelancers, too.

According to the statistics, since the beginning of 2018, ClickHelp has helped over 25,000 users from 78 countries, which is incredible.

What Makes ClickHelp so Good


If you are wondering whether this tool is compatible with all the operating systems, the answer is ‘Yes’! It’s completely compatible with Microsoft Windows and Mac, as well.

Similarly, as it’s a web-based tool, you can use ClickHelp from anywhere in the world. It’s compatible with the leading browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and even Internet Explorer.

For your convenience, you can convert your documents to different formats like PDF, HTML5 Web Help, CHM, Microsoft Word, etc.

Documents Stay Secure

As it’s an online tool, you may be concerned about documentation safety because it can include sensitive data. This is where building trust comes into play.

ClickHelp has been around for more than 8 years, it has been serving many organizations and individuals and has gained its flawless reputation security-wise.

Check out what their customers say about them 

what their customers

Password Protected Documents

Technology continues to develop. This process has some disadvantages. People use new technologies to steal data for their benefit.

This is why everyone wants to keep their documents well protected.

After all, your hard work means a lot, and you can’t let it fall into the wrong hands. ClickHelp understands it and creates many security layers so that your account can’t be leaked or hacked by the bad guys.

Flexible Software

Yes, ClickHelp is really flexible. Its interface is intuitive, which makes drafting and editing a piece of cake.

You can customize it the way you want. This means creating templates for further uses, branding your documentation site UI with your own layouts, colors, backgrounds, and more from ClickHelp.

And ClickHelp even allows editing source code via the HTML code editor for those who want to go deeper into the technical stuff and format the content using HTML.

Awesome Customer Support

I always have special concerns about support even before considering to buy any tool. Having great customer support is equally as important as any other feature.

And, ClickHelp Customer support is really responsive and provides users with clear and quick answers.

Do you have a query or a problem? No worries! The ClickHelp support is available 24/7.

Pricing of ClickHelp

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the technical writing tool is really affordable and fits any budget. The software comes with a lot of features for just $43/month. Although it’s just the Basic ClickHelp pricing plan, it offers more than 200 features for one user who can edit and manage all the documents for your organization.

Although, if you feel like you have more documents to manage, and one user would not be sufficient, then you can always go with other ClickHelp pricing plans: Standard, Pro, Business, Custom, On-premises, and so on.

These plans can be customized to meet your requirements. Standard and Business plans are popular ones.

And, the good news is ClickHelp offers a free 30-day-trial of the documentation tool with all functionality included, no limitations.

Final Words on the Online Documentation Tool

If you’re looking for an online documentation tool, give ClickHelp a try. This help authoring tool can be of great help to your business, and help you save time and money.

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