Frequently Asked Questions About Coax Ethernet Extender

The coax Ethernet extender allows you to run multiple LAN connections without the need for modification. It is the perfect solution for homes or stations where wireless or wiring connectivity isn’t viable.

Also, this connection reduces network interference and enhances the WI-FI signal throughout your home.

Basically, the coax extender by itself is sufficient enough to provide high bandwidth operations such as video streaming, online gaming, movies, video conferencing, and more. However, creating a longer channel for your network makes it even faster.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Coax Ethernet Extender.

Does an Ethernet extender reduce speed?

Every modern home has at least a phone, tablet, or computer. Nonetheless, for these devices to be effective, one must have a strong WIFI connection. This device can help to extend network connection across a vast area where the signal is down. This means you can easily stream your movie anywhere in your home. These extensions are known to be the best solution for a speedy connection.

Do you need Ethernet for the WiFi extender?

Wi-Fi extenders can work perfectly well without the need for cables. The more you move away from your router, the quicker the internet connection weakens.

Connecting a Wi-Fi extender to your router either wireless or using a cable can help enhance your Wi-Fi coverage. Nonetheless, you do not entirely need Ethernet to use a Wi-Fi extender.

Is Ethernet over coax reliable?

Ethernet over coax network technology is designed to improve the speed of your home internet. Simply by connecting it to your existing coaxial T.V cable, you are assured of fast and reliable streaming.

Keep in mind that, the Ethernet ports must be as per the MoCA technological requirements for them to be effective.

Do Ethernet cable extenders slow down connection?

Using a wire to connect the router to the extender doesn’t slow down the connection. However, the internet might slow down if you use a repeater. Alternatively, you can use an AC extender to connect to the router. An Ac extender features 2 boxes, one end has a single Network Cat5 port and the other end attaches directly to the router.

What can I use if I don’t have a coax wall outlet?

A coax wall outlet is an opening mounted on the wall closer to the TV. The coaxial jumper cable is then attached to the outlet and later connected to the posterior of a cable box. If you don’t have a cable wall outlet in your apartment, you can hire a cabling company to install one for you.

Alternatively, you can choose to install a fiber-optic connection instead. See this link to read more about coax

What’s faster coaxial or Ethernet?

Generally, the speed of Ethernet cables exceeds that of the coaxial cables. However, other factors like the speed of your hard drive and the agility of your network provider may equalize their performance about the signal delivery strength. Needless to say, Ethernet still tops in terms of technology advancement.

What's faster coaxial or Ethernet

How do I get the Internet without a coax outlet?

The various ways you can get high-speed internet services include satellites, fiber, DSL, and fixed wireless. There are also other less outdated options like wireless hotspots, public free Wi-Fi, and smartphone tethering.

Most phone companies provide mobile internet at a relatively cheap price. You can opt for a daily, weekly, or monthly subscription. Click here to read more about Coax and Ethernet.

What are the Installation Cautions and Warnings?

Before mounting your device, you should consider the following;

  • Reduced airflow-make sure your device has enough breathing space to prevent overheating.
  • Mechanical loading- your equipment should be installed in a safe and secure spot, free from fall and other possible hazards.
  • Circuit overloading-avoid bombarding the supply circuits with too many cables. Check out the nameplates ratings on the device before connecting any wires.
  • The elevated operating ambient-The temperature of the installation room should be equal to the maximum ambient temperature provided by the manufacturer.


If you are working on your computer or smartphone and you notice too much buffering, it means there is something wrong with your internet connection. The best and the quickest way to restore a speedy internet connection is by installing a Coax Ethernet Extender. Whether you need to stream 3d movies or just a simple assignment on your phone, this equipment is the most efficient and cost-effective way to exploit your home internet coverage.

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