A Comprehensive Guide On How To Sell Movie Tickets Online

Movie makers a lot of money from ticket sales every year. Movie studios and distributors try a wide variety of ways to attract people to buy movie tickets online or over the counter.

The film that they produce gain profit through the sale of movie tickets. However, there are rules as to how to sell movie tickets online pertaining to who they can sell the tickets to and who can sell the tickets in general.

Let’s have a look at several rules on how to sell movie ticket online.

Rules for Sell Movie Tickets Online

  1. Authorized Vendors

These vendors must be approved by the distributors of the movie they are selling the tickets for. When the movie plays in a particular theater chain, a deal is signed between the distributor of the film and the theater company.

This is very common among cinema companies in any country. However, an exception to selling movie tickets online is for online companies. These companies will sign deals with movie theaters and distributors to sell movie tickets online.

Many of these online companies work with most distributors in major theater chains by charging them a fee to allow consumers to buy tickets online more conveniently.

You can consider them as a third-party service provider because they provide more opportunities for consumers to purchase movie tickets online as compared to buying the over-the-counter.

Many consumers are also demanding to purchase movie tickets online because they want to have early access to it rather than having to wait in line at the counter and risk losing a ticket because they were too late or any other factors that may cause them to fail and get their hands on it.

  1. Age Restrictions

This is a rule that has been set for a long time to anyone who wants to sell movie tickets online or over the counter.  Movie theaters are obliged to enforce these restrictions.

Anyone can attend any film rated “G.” For films rated “PG”, this means that a portion of the film may be unsuitable for some preteens. Parents are obliged to review the material before they allow their children to watch it. “PG-13” indicates that the material of the film is highly unsuitable for any children younger than 13.

However, the rating “R” substantially raises the restrictive bar. No children under 17 should attend a film with this rating unless a parent or guardian is present with them.

The age restrictions are put in place when people are trying to sell movie tickets online because of the nature of the film material. It is to allow everyone to have a pleasant movie viewing experience and avoid unhappy customers. Ultimately, this rule is in place to allow vendors to sell movie tickets to the right customers.

  1. Ticket Scalping

Ticket Scalping is the practice of reselling movie tickets or any ticket you can find for a higher profit margin. Ticketmaster, a popular ticket reselling site has been trying to curb ticket scalping for a long time. While ticket scalping is done to sell concert or event tickets, there are still individuals that try to sell movie tickets which have been marked up in advance.

Selling movie tickets using this method is popular especially during the opening weekends of films where people would otherwise have to stand in line to obtain these tickets. In 11 states, scalping is illegal but these states to allow tickets to be resold with a price cap on the markup.

With more movie theaters offering assigned seating event premium seats for specific events, selling movie tickets using the ticket scalping method is increasing because more people want to get their hands on specific tickets but may not have time to line up or there are too many people trying to get their hands on the ticket.


Based on the three rules that have been discussed in this article, we can see that these rules are put in place to enable consumers to have a pleasant viewing experience.

This is also to warn anyone who is trying to sell movie tickets outside these regulations that they will be penalized if they decided to markup beyond what is allowed. There are many websites that allow the resale of movie tickets, event tickets as well as concert tickets.

As a seller, keep in mind that when you are trying to sell movie tickets online, you have an obligation to adhere to certain rules to ensure that the transaction that you are involved in is morally and legally abiding.

In other words, selling movie tickets do not have to be an illegal activity. To avoid getting banned from websites, make sure that you adhere to these rules by clearly stating the rating for the film.

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