Effects of Advertising on Consumer Behavior

We don’t even realize, but we consume ads on a daily basis. Advertisements are everywhere around us. It appeals to us in innumerable ways we cannot even fathom. What makes an ad so appealing? How does an ad carry the potential to make a customer buy the product/service?

These are the very questions ad agencies or creative agencies ask themselves before they create an ad for a brand. It is important to know what would tick the target audience and push them to buy the product. Creative agencies today play a huge role in creating impactful and sustainable ads for the brands that will not only generate sales but also transform their brand image in the market. To develop dead on ads for the brands, the agencies must understand what is a brand is all about, what it stands for in the market and what is the behavior of the current target audience. The advertising firm is responsible for deep diving into the brand world and knowing everything about the brand there is to know.

Advertising hugely affects consumer behavior. Large or small business, advertising is important in not only creating a brand identity for you in the market but also contributing to ROI.

Some of how advertising affects Consumer Behavior are –

Increased Awareness

With the number of users of digital media today, creative agencies have made sure that digital marketing is very much a part of their marketing strategy for any brand. Almost everybody consumes information digitally today, thus creating content that’s not only digitally friendly but also engages the viewer is of utmost importance.

This is what the advertising agencies in the present scenario in India are striving to do. It is up to the creative agencies to generate content that hits the target audience of the brand and leaves an imprint on their memories.

The entire motive right from the brainstorming of the idea to the development of the advertisement, it’s to create a lasting impact on the customers. Therefore, making advertising one of the important vehicles of communication to spread awareness about a product/service.

Benefit Analysis

This is crucial in understanding the customer behavior towards a brand or a product/service for any creative agency. The audience becomes emotionally involved with the product/service through the advertisements.

The creative agencies can have a huge impact on how customers will relate to the brand and completely alter the product experience through their ads. By hitting the right nerve, the ads can change the way consumers perceive a brand and contribute to the ROI. Not only that, they build a loyalty base for the brand which helps the brand to grow.


To stay connected with your audience, the creative agency has the responsibility of coming up with reminder campaigns or ads for the brand that will only remind them of the presence of the brand in the market as well as keep them hooked on to the product.

Advertising provides consumers with the functional aspects of the product and service. For advertising to be successful, the important point to consider is how well the product/ service advertised could connect with the consumers.

Advertising to an extent can make a product/service look appealing to a consumer, but it is solely on the product/service to make their customers happy. The consumer may either accept or reject the service/product, and this can happen no matter how good the advertising is.

Advertising is simply a medium to create awareness about the brand, and it’s products. Advertising has the power to create impulse sales and pursues consumers to buy the products/services.

Not only that, advertising can create a certain brand image that consumers do not think once before spending on the product, for example, several fashion labels that have a stake-hold in the industry like Prada, Gucci, etc.

All in all, advertising can change the game for any brand/product/service if the ad agencies can understand the brand and develop clutter-breaking campaigns that will keep the audience stuck on the brand and created a long-lasting loyalty and image for them in the market.

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