Exploring the Different Specializations in Pharmacy

The pharmaceutical industry is emerging into one of the gargantuan markets in the global platform. As 95% of the world population has health problems with a third of the world population bearing at least five ailments together. Growing medical ailments and disorders demand fast-paced developments in the pharmaceutical industry. As an outcome, the global pharmaceutical industry has experienced a drastic growth rate with a revenue of 1.42 trillion U.S. dollars in 2021. Now, this signifies a major job pool in the pharmaceutical industry encouraging students to take up pharmacy courses. Pursuing pharmacy courses in renowned colleges like Arya College, one of the best pharmacy colleges in Jaipur will introduce you to a wide range of pharmaceutical jobs.

This article will give a vivid idea about different pharmacy courses and their future scope in detail.

Know about pharmacy courses:

Pharmacy courses impart in-depth knowledge in biology and chemistry to build a strong foundation that can be implemented in designing effective pharmaceutical drugs for patients’ healthcare. Valuing the tremendous outgrowth of the pharmaceutical sector, various esteemed colleges like Arya college provide pharmacy courses from diploma level to masters level.

Here is the list of pharmacy courses available from the diploma level:

Pharmacy courseEligibility criteriaDuration
Diploma in Pharmacy(DPharma)Candidates should have completed 10+2 in any recognized educational institution.Candidates should have studied 10+2 with physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics as compulsory subjects  2-3 years
Bachelor in Pharmacy(BPharma)Candidates should have completed 10+2 in any recognized educational institution.Candidates should have studied 10+2 with physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics as compulsory subjects  4 years
Masters in Pharmacy(MPharma)Candidates should have completed BPharma in any recognized pharma college.2 years
Doctor of Pharmacy(PharmD)Candidates should have completed 10+2 in any recognized educational institution.Candidates should have studied 10+2 with physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics as compulsory subjects.Candidates who have completed DPharma are also eligible.  3 years

Admission process for different pharmacy courses:

The admission procedure for any pharmacy course in any college is either merit-based or entrance exam based.

Merit-based admission:

Merit-based admissions to pharmacy courses consider the marks scored in the eligible course for admission. Here are the details regarding merit-based admission score requirements in general:

Pharmacy courseEligible educational qualificationMinimum eligibility score percentage
PharmaD10+2 BPharma60% 40%

A relaxation of 5% to 10% is provided for reserved categories such as SC/ST/OBC(Non-creamy layer)/Disabled.

Entrance-based admission:

Certain colleges consider entrance exams for admission to different pharmacy courses as listed below:

Pharmacy courseCommon entrance exams
DPharmaNo entrance exams

Specializations under different pharmacy courses:

Each pharmacy course has got different specializations under them. Here is the list of specializations under different pharmacy courses:

Specializations under Diploma in Pharmacy:

Here is the list of DPharma courses offered in most D Pharma colleges in India:

  • Diploma in pharmacy
  • Diploma in ayurvedic pharmacy
  • Diploma in pharmaceutical marketing
  • Diploma in drug store management
  • Diploma in clinical research and pharmacovigilance

Specializations under Bachelor in Pharmacy:

Here is the list of BPharma courses offered in the best B Pharm colleges in India:

  • BPharma General
  • BPharma Pharmaceutical chemistry
  • BPharma Pharmacognosy
  • BPharma Hons.
  • BPharma Pharmaceutics
  • Bachelor of ayurvedic pharmacy
  • BPharma+MBA(5 years)

Specializations under Masters in Pharmacy:

Here is the list of MPharma specializations available in most of the best M Pharm colleges in India:

MPharma specializationsDescription
GeneralDeals with general pharmaceutical concepts in-depth
Clinical pharmacyDeals with the areas related to patient care that focuses on optimizing drug or medication usage while promoting health and preventing diseases
Industrial pharmacyDeals with different aspects of industrial pharmacy like  operations, instrumentations, emerging technologies, and various research methodologies
PharmaceuticsDeals with regulations and guidelines enforced by the organization of physicians working in hospitals, clinics or independent pharmacy
BiopharmaceuticsDeals with an advanced study of hybridomas, and pharmaceutical biotechnology products, micro & macro-organisms, biotech pharmaceutical drugs, pharmacogenomics
Biopharmaceutics & pharmacokineticsDeals with biopharmaceutics and determining the fate of pharmaceutical drugs administered in living organisms.
Pharmaceutical chemistryDeals more with research aspects of the subject over the service and patient care providing the students with a practical experience.
Medicinal chemistrydeals with receptor theories, enzyme kinetics, principles of drug action, modern methods of drug design, metabolism and pharmacokinetics, and advanced organic chemistry
Drug discovery and developmentDeals with the design, chemical synthesis, and development for a market of pharmaceutical agents (drugs)
CosmoceuticalsDeals with drug design and development for skin and hair that signifies beauty
Pharmaceutical quality assuranceDeals with analysis, review, manufacturing, trial, and quality assurance of drugs/ medicines
Pharmaceutical market and managementDeals with learning the business and management side of healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry

Top colleges to study pharmacy courses in India:

Pursuing pharmacy courses at the best colleges is highly important for stronger field knowledge. India has got top pharmacy colleges like Jamia Hamdard in New Delhi, the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi, and much more. But the best pharmacy college in Rajasthan is Arya College, Jaipur.

Arya College, Jaipur provides remarkable pharmacy courses with sheer guidance in the profession.

Job positions for pharmacy graduates:

As the world, today is a pool of people with medical ailments and as new diseases arise concerning the health of the world, the discovery, and development of new drugs are vital. As a result, the pharmaceutical industry is expanding immensely and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 11.34% from 2021 to 2028. Thus, enormous job opportunities await you in the pharma world, and here are some of them:

Pharmacy courseJob positionsAverage salary(INR)
DPharmaPharmacist1.99 LPA
Scientific officer6.47LPA
Production executive3.42 LPA
Medical transcriptionist2.42 LPA
Analytical chemist4.3 LPA
Pathological lab scientist3.25 LPA
Research & development executive5.67 LPA
Research officer3.2 LPA
B PharmaMedical writer5 LPA
Clinical researcher5 LPA
Drug inspector10 LPA
Medical Representative4.25 LPA
Pharmacy business7.75 LPA
Hospital pharmacist4.5 LPA
Chemical technician6 LPA
Health inspector7 LPA
M Pharm and PharmaDPharmacist2.77 LPA
Drug control officer8 LPA
Medical coder2.56 LPA
Medical writer5 LPA
Research officer5.50 LPA
Lecturer8 LPA
Medical Representative5.6 LPA
Production manager10.24 LPA
Chemical pathologist10 LPA


The fact that people all over the world get trapped in Medical ailments and diseases is not appreciable. But, it is very glad that we have such an advanced pharmaceutical industry around the world that beats off most whatever disease, disorder, or outbreak comes its way.

The best example would be covid-19. Covid tried smashing down the world population, but pharma companies shattered it down with their efficient drugs in a short span.

Thus, the pharma arena is a well-equipped platform that is estimated to generate revenue at an annual growth rate of 5.39% expected to generate $ 1,435.00 billion by 2027. Doesn’t this signify that the pharma industry is a massive platform that can offer enormous job opportunities?

Yes, pursuing pharmacy courses will be the best choice to land high-profile jobs with an extended pay scale. If you are a student with a strong scientific interest, then pharmacy studies can be one of the best choices for your future.

Do pharmacy courses have value abroad?

Yes, pharmacy courses have a value all around the world as pharmaceutical companies are distributed worldwide.

Who are the top recruiters of pharma graduates in India?

Dr. Reddy’s laboratories
Glenmark pharmaceuticals
Biocon limited
Mankind pharma

List top recruiters of pharma graduates abroad.

Johnson & Johnson
Abbott Laboratories

What are the government jobs available for pharma graduates?

Analytical chemist
Research & development executive
Chemical/drug technician

What is the fee range for pharmacy courses?

●      DPharma- INR 10,000- INR 1 LPA
●      BPharma- INR 15,000 -INR 1.25 LPA
●      MPharma- INR 50,000 -INR 1.5 LPA
●      PharmaD- INR 50,000 – INR 2 LPA

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