5 Free Best PC Cleaner Software For Windows 2024

In this post, I have selected the best free PC cleaner software for all your needs in the system. The below-mentioned best PC cleaner software is free to download from the internet and is effective as well.

Electronic items look appealing and attractive in their brand-new form.  It works smoothly in the initial days without any obstacles and meets all your expectations.  Be it a mobile phone, Laptop, tablet, or computer -the efficiency of every gadget decreases with time. First days when a brand new PC is highly responsive and quick, the same troubles a lot after the months.

You might have experienced irritability with this obstinate behavior of your PC.

Sometimes, it gets back to normal functioning- just after a few clicks on the refresh button.

But that’s not like solving the root cause of problems.

Understanding the reasons for the slow down of PC:-

One of the leading and common goals of slowing down computers is the attack of the virus. This may lead to the hanging of the system also while working.

Although many branded anti-virus is available in the market this may solve this problem. A quick installation of anti-virus software and scanning of the PC may recover the speed of the system as usual.

Other reasons include- failure of the hard drive, too many apps running at once, outdated drivers, Junk files occupying unnecessary space, too many startup programs running in the background, etc.

To rectify these PC problems, one needs to update it with the latest technologies or get outdated Software/parts replaced with new ones.

Even people mostly use the system’s default cleaner to clean up some space.

This optimizes the PC speed, but if the error is chronic, it won’t work better. Instead, you would need the best cleaner for windows 10 to find out and rectify the perfect solution.

How PC cleaner software helps us in optimizing the speed of PC:-

The PC cleaning software contains powerful tools and features that optimize the PC speed effectively.

The PC cleaner software removes unnecessary and unused files, thus freeing up a chunk of space and keeping the system organized. It cleans up the caches, logs, junk files, and other unnecessary data to boost the speed of operation.

Now, there are many PC cleaning software available in the market which creates confusion when selecting. However, a few everyday things expected from a good free PC cleaner software are:-

  • Compatibility with all windows versions
  • Should optimize the PC’s memory
  • Should delete unwanted hidden files
  • Privacy control features
  • Should provide automatic repair solution for corrupt files
  • Should be well equipped with a startup manager

Advantages of using PC cleaning software:-

One of the most significant benefits of using system cleaner is that the whole system got refreshed away from unwanted junk files in just a single click.

You can even trace out the app, which is creating trouble and has captured a lot of disk space. So, it would be easy for you to delete them manually quickly.

Everybody needs their system runs smoothly, and all the system error gets fixed automatically, this PC cleaning software is the one that does this job for you in a hassle freeway.

Not only limited to the benefits of the best cleaner for pc but also includes the benefit of managing startup programs effectively and helping your PC in getting more organized.

Best Free PC Cleaner Software For Windows[Clean, Optimize Your PC Free!]

#1 -Glary Utilities:-

Glary Utilities

This is the most downloaded and prevalent free PC cleaner software for Windows.

It is compatible with every Windows version.

Having more than 20 powerful tools and amazing features certainly makes this the best one. It comes up with the registry cleaner, startup manager, unwanted file cleaner, disc repair, etc.

Moreover, the plus point of using this pc junk cleaner software is that- you can personalize your system according to your needs.

Some of the tools included in Glary utilities are:

  • Shortcut fixer- to remove broken shortcuts
  • Empty folder finder- to search for empty folders
  • File Splitter- to divide files into small files
  • File encrypter- to add the password and give protection to data
  • System information giver tool- to provide info related to PC internal information
  • Duplicate files finder

This free system cleaner can be downloaded for windows to tune up your system with better performance and optimized speed.

2) Piriform Ccleaner software:-

Website: https://www.ccleaner.com/

This is another most downloaded and popular system cleaner software free to download.


It contains various PC optimization tools through which you can easily clean up your system and registry errors to boost the PC speed.

It has a clean and straightforward interface which doesn’t require much technical knowledge to use.

As soon as the junk cleaner for pc software is released to scan the computer, it does its work automatically- removes junk files, frees up space, stops background services, removes duplicate files, etc.

Some of the powerful tools this software contains are:

  • Uninstall manager- to uninstall and remove the undesired files
  • Startup manager- to start the programs in a very smooth way
  • Disk analyzer- to analyze the space left in disc space and used space
  • Duplicate file finder- you can find extra hidden files of the same copy
  • System restores and drives wiper- The PC can be restored to the original, thus eliminating undesired issues.

This free PC cleaner software is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions and can be installed in windows 7, 8,10, XP.

3) Eusing cleaner:-

This best pc cleaner is available free to download for windows. The software requires very little space to get installed on your PC, also known as lightweight software.

The size of this system junk cleaner software is merely 1.5 MB only. The interface is not so complicated, and hence, it is very user-friendly without getting confused with a lot of features. You can easily clean up your internet history, unwanted data, cookies, etc.

Some of the tools included in this software is mentioned below:

  • Registry optimizer- to arrange and organize the files according to requirements
  • Disc fragmentation- to divide the larger disc space and defragments them
  • Startup manager- manages all the programs and background works
  • dat viewer- to present the system uses statistically in the graphical method
  • Windows back up- This helps in rebutting windows to avoid corrupt files, and old windows get replaced

This junk file cleaner for pc supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of windows and is compatible with Windows 9x, Me, XP,2003,7,8,8.1, and 10.

4) Slimware slim cleaner:-

Slimware compact cleaner is an excellent pc cleaner free software for identifying and repairing corrupt files in the system.

This PC cleaner software has a friendly and intuitive interface, and it comes up with an automatic backup system. The unique features you will get in this software is uninstalling the application and managing browser extension.

Its range of tools includes:

  • Powerful registry cleaner
  • Program manager
  • uninstalling and startup manager
  • Quick scan tools
  • System restoration and automatic scanning tools
  • 1-click internet browsing history, cookies deleter

This is one of the best utilities for Windows and supports  32 bit along with a 64-bit windows version. The software is compatible with Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10

5) Clean my PC software:-

Clean my PC is a well-known junk file cleaner for Windows PC for cleaning all types of utilities of your system, thus freeing its complexity. The registry files, unused files, hidden files, computer clean up, are done straightforwardly with this software.

This junk file cleaner for windows 7 8 and 10 has a straightforward and user-friendly interface.

Clean my PC software offers functionalities of browser extension manager, private cleaning, browsing history deletion in a very secure manner.

The tools and  features of this software include:

  • Multi uninstaller tool- to uninstall by selecting the various app and remove in a single click to go
  • Manage autorun application- to check the background programs running
  • Shredder utility- to delete the caches, history, and files permanently to make it impossible to recover.
  • Automatic scanning scheduler- Scan frequently at your desired time and dates
  • One-click system maintenance

This cleaner for pc is compatible with 19 languages and cleanses the system deeply from top to bottom. This is the perfect fit for the windows version and stands as the best for windows7,8,8.1 and 10.


Do you use any of the above-mentioned free computer cleaner software?

How happy are you with it?

Share your experience with the best pc cleaner windows 10 free and tell us if we should add more to the list or remove any of the above,

What is the best software to clean a PC?

There are many software programs like CCleaner, Glary Utilities, IObit Advanced SystemCare that can help you clean your PC and improve its performance.

Is anything better than CCleaner?

CCleaner is a very popular and effective tool for cleaning and optimizing a PC, and it is widely regarded as one of the best options available. Well here are some alternative programs IObit Advanced SystemCare, and Glary Utilities

Which software is best for PC cleaning?

Software programs like CCleaner, Glary Utilities and BleachBit that can help you clean and optimize your PC

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