Host IT Smart VPS Hosting Review – Get up to 50% Discount

Do you believe a company offers VPS hosting plans at other web hosting companies with shared hosting costs?

At first, I was shocked and then realized.

Yes, Host IT Smart VPS hosting plans are affordable. Instead of buying shared hosting plans from other hosting providers, you may try VPS hosting from Host IT Smart at the same price.

Why is VPS hosting over shared hosting plans?

Some people are not even aware of Why VPS hosting over shared hosting plans. Here I am listing some simple reasons.

  • If you are running out of your shared hosting resources limits
  • If you need complete authority over your servers
  • If you do not want to share your server space with anyone else
  • If you seriously want to grow your business websites

So, if you feel any of the above-said reasons hits your website, it’s time to move on to VPS hosting from shared hosting plans.

Host IT Smart VPS Hosting Review – Is it Really Affordable?

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No surprises and nothing. I admit Host IT Smart VPS hosting is really affordable. 

As mentioned in the summary portion of the Host IT Smart review, you can purchase a VPS plan from Host IT Smart starting from just 234 INR per month.

There is nothing to doubt about the price.

However, an affordable pricing structure cannot only make the VPS hosting service provider a good one but the features and performance should also be more powerful.

Does Host IT Smart VPS Hosting offer power-packed features? 

Let’s dig deeper into the upcoming sections of the Host IT Smart VPS hosting review blog post.

Features of Host IT Smart VPS Hosting

Free SSL

No matter how many websites you host from your Host IT Smart VPS hosting plans, you will get Free SSL certificates for all the websites.

As you may already know, an SSL certificate plays a key role in protecting your websites from phishing attacks, and the HTTPS:// sign creates trust among your visitors.

Standard and Enterprise VPS Hosting Plans

While most other VPS hosting service providers only offer a very limited number of VPS hosting plan options, Host IT Smart offers almost 16 different VPS plans to choose from under two categories: standard and Enterprise.

Standard VPS plans are ideal for start-ups and medium-sized websites, whereas Enterprise VPS plans from Host IT Smart are an excellent solution for large websites.

Beginner-Friendly Dashboard

Even Though you are a newbie to VPS hosting, you need not worry about how you can manage all the stuff yourself without any prior experience. 

Host IT Smart offers an intuitive dashboard structure to all VPS hosting customers. The beginner-friendly dashboard made all your work simplified. You will find it easier to manage all your website backups or monitor your resources.

High-Grade Security Levels

One of the main reasons people are looking forward to moving to VPS hosting from shared hosting is to obtain better security levels.

When you become a part of Host IT Smart VPS hosting plans, the company takes complete care of your website security. Kernel-based virtual machines (KVM) play a significant role in combining SELinux and sVirt to offer customers high-grade protection.

Up to the Mark Customer Support

There is a useless talk among many, like Indian-based web hosting companies need to provide better customer support. Nothing so, Host IT Smart offers up-to-the-mark customer support to all the VPS hosting customers.

You find nothing complicated when you have the best customer support team around you. You can contact the team if you need technical support or even clarity for your billing.

Data Centers in India and USA

You can choose a USA data center location if you are targeting audiences globally. Suppose you are only targeting Indian audiences on your website, then you can probably select a data center location from India.

Host IT Smart VPS hosting data centers located in both USA and India as well. So, no matter your target audiences, you can choose one data center according to your site’s target audience location.

Protection Features at its Best

Your data transaction must be encrypted with highly secured protection layers. Otherwise, you may face data theft issues with your hosting service provider.

Host IT Smart VPS hosting plans with better-performing security layers are highly protected. So, there is no need to worry about data breach issues as the protection features strongly support protecting your website data from attackers.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Uptime is one of the crucial factors that every service provider promises but fails to deliver as promised. Unlike many other providers, Host IT Smart offers uptime as promised to the users on their website.

During your tie-up with Host IT Smart VPS hosting plans, you will not face server-down issues. The company ensures that all the network components from your resources are available all the time.

How to Claim 50% Discount on Host IT Smart VPS Hosting?

  • Visit the 50% auto-discount applied URL in this link
  • Go through the Host IT Smart VPS hosting pricing plans on the page. There are two categories, Standard and Enterprise. Each has eight different plans. Go through the plan features and choose one that suits you best.
  • LIN S1 is the least priced VPS hosting plan which you can see under the Standard category. Click the configure button under the plan.
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  • Now choose your term length ranging from 1 month to 36 months. To avail the maximum discount, always go for the higher term length.
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  • When you choose one month, you have to pay 468 INR every month. But, when you choose 36 months billing length, you only have to pay 234 INR per month, which is 50% OFF from the monthly billing contract.
  • Now proceed with the payment process. You only have to pay a total of 8424 INR for a massive three years with the 50% discount. VPS hosting less than 9000 INR for three years, how affordable the pricing is. That’s a fantastic deal.
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Host IT Smart VPS Hosting Affordable Pricing Structure

If you want extra resources and are looking for VPS hosting solutions for large-sized websites, get a plan from the Enterprise category. Or else, try the Standard category if you are starting out or your website is still in the process of growing higher.

Comparatively, with enterprise plans, the standard plans are affordable and most recommended for beginner and intermediate-level websites.

Let’s quickly see the Standard and Enterprise VPS plan pricing structure in a table format.

Standard VPS Hosting Plan Pricing in INR

Plan NamePrice RAMBandwidth
LIN S1234 per month1 GB2 TB
LIN S2360 per month2 GB2 TB
LIN S3485 per month4 GB2 TB
LIN S4635 per month6 GB2 TB
LIN S5930 per month8 GB2 TB
LIN S61159.39 per month12 GB2 TB
LIN S71314.39 per month12 GB2 TB
LIN S81562.39 per month16 GB2 TB

Enterprise VPS Hosting Plan Pricing in INR

Plan NamePrice CPUSSD
LIN E1560 per month1 Core20 GB Enterprise
LIN E2840 per month2 Core40 GB Enterprise
LIN E31120 per month2 Core60 GB Enterprise
LIN E41400 per month4 Core80 GB Enterprise
LIN E51925 per month6 Core120 GB Enterprise
LIN E62400 per month6 Core160 GB Enterprise
LIN E72681.25 per month8 Core200 GB Enterprise
LIN E83150 per month8 Core250 GB Enterprise

Final Words

If you are struggling to survive with the resources and limits you got in your shared hosting plan, now it’s time to move to VPS hosting plans.

When you have the option to avail VPS hosting for just 234 INR per month, do not bother about searching for the best VPS providers. Shake hands with Host IT Smart and get an instant discount of up to 50% OFF on your purchase.

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Which VPS hosting is the best?

Undoubtedly, Host IT Smart VPS hosting is the best for those looking for an affordable pricing structure and power-packed features.

Which is better VPS or shared hosting?

It depends on your requirements. Shared hosting is a good choice for beginners and, at the same time, for those who are in need of acquiring powerful resources and to overcome shared hosting limits, VPS hosting is better. Comparatively, VPS is a better hosting.

Is 1GB Ram enough for VPS?

If you are supposed to run a single website, then 1 GB RAM is more than enough. If you want to host more than one website, consider upgrading to a plan with two or more GB resources.

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