10 Best Online Hotel Booking Apps in India

In the previous Few blog posts, we have discussed train ticket booking apps, How to Order Food in Indian railways, and Food Ordering Apps. In this article, I will mention top Online hotel booking apps that help you grab cheap hotel booking deals.

So are you planning for a short trip or want to visit a new city for a business meeting or something?

Then the first thing that you will need is a hotel to stay in. Finding hotels in today’s time is no big deal. Thanks to all the popular online services are available online which offers hotel rooms at an affordable price.

But in case, if you are wondering what some of the best hotel booking apps available in India are.

These Apps helps you to check all the necessary details about the hotel like hotel review, type of room and room facilities and you can compare hotel prices too.

Then we are here to help you out. We have handpicked the 10 best Hotel booking apps for Android and iOS users so that you can find a nearby hotel room quickly.

10 Best Online Hotel Booking Apps to Book Budget and Luxury Hotels in India Online

1. OYO Rooms

OYO rooms

First of all, we have the OYO Rooms. The Oyo hotel booking app is available on Android and iOS also there is a web version of the app that also exists.

Also, there is no doubt that how popular OYO is thanks to their awesome marketing.

The best part of Oyo is that it lets you find hotel rooms not in just the big cities but in some small areas too. As they have their service available in 230+ cities all over India.

They also offer amazing service at the most affordable price and overall offers the customer a great experience. The best hotel booking app user interface is also pretty nice and lets you find and book hotel room online with just a few taps.

Download OYO Rooms App Android Download OYO Rooms App iOS

2. Trivago


Up next we have Trivago which is also one of the best hotel booking app in India,  thanks to their viral advertisement that we have seen in recent times. With Trivago you will be able to find hotel rooms as well as compare them for the best hotel deals.

They are also available in many cities across India and offer you amazing deals. Also, Trivago is the best app to book cheap hotels and they have quite a lot of offers that help you to book a room for as low as possible.

In case, if you are going on a holiday then you can use the Trivago Holiday Planner feature and save a lot of bucks.

Download Trivago Android App Download Trivago App iOS

3. Goibibo


Goibibo is also one of the cheapest hotel booking app India, Also, the service is very much popular. As they have their ads on TV and across different platforms.

Hence almost everyone knows about them. However, Goibibo is not a hotel booking app only. But they also let you book Flights, railways, buses, and other tickets.

Also, you can use Goibibo to book hotel rooms, not just in India. But internationally too. However, unlike OYO Rooms they do not manage their rooms. Instead, they let you book third party hotels.

Overall, booking Hotel rooms with Goibibo also can be done with a few clicks. And it offers you a great experience.

Download Goibibo Android App Download Goibibo iOS App

4. MakeMyTrip


Just like Goibibo, MakeMyTrip is also one of the popular hotel booking services available out there. Thanks to their Television ads and all, it has gained a huge name and one of the first choices for many.

With MakeMyTrip, you will not just be able to book hotels. But the room booking app lets you book flights and other transportation tickets. Moreover, you can also use the app for getting a Visa from any other country.

The hotel room booking app also lets you plan for the holidays, and on the app, you will not just find hotels across India but worldwide too.

The overall service of MakeMyTrip is pretty amazing too, and they offer multiple offers for flight and hotel booking combo.

Download MakeMyTrip Android App MakeMyTrip App iOS

5. Ixigo

ixigo flight

Up next we have the Ixigo. Another best app for hotel booking in India that you can try out.

They have their apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

With Ixigo you will be able to book hotels at a cheap price. Along with that, it lets you book flights, train, bus tickets pretty easily. Their service is also available across India.

The best part of Ixigo is that it lets you compare their holiday packages, tour packages, and services with other apps like MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, and others.

So you can crack the best hotel deal.

Ixigo App Android Ixigo App iOS

6. Cleartrip


We are pretty sure that you have heard of Cleartrip. This one is also one of the most popular services available in India. This one is also pretty much like any other apps available in India.

It lets you book flights, hotels, and other transportation tickets.

The website also works across different cities in India and has thousands of hotels under its name. As a result, you will not find a hard time finding a hotel room.

The user interface of the website is pretty clean too and lets you book a hotel with just a few clicks only.

Cleartrip App Android Cleartrip App iOS

7. Airbnb


Why not book a whole house at the price of a hotel? Well, this is what Airbnb does. Airbnb is an international company that started its service in India in recent times. And the best part of the app is that it lets you book a whole home with every accessory at a price of a hotel.

So if you are someone who wants to stay in a quiet place, then Airbnb is the perfect option for you. Also, this service is pretty excellent for the holidays.

The user interface of Airbnb is also pretty nice and as smooth as you can imagine. Plus, the whole booking process is extremely easy.

Airbnb App Android Airbnb App iOS

8. Yatra


For our next pick, we have the Yatra. Yatra is also one of the best app to book hotel rooms online in India that you can check out.

With Yatra, you can book from Flights to holidays pretty easily. You can download their app on your Android or iPhone device. Or use their web version.

The Online hotel booking app is also functional in many locations in India.

As well as it lets you book rooms worldwide. The overall service of Yatra is pretty excellent and offers you 100% satisfactory services at affordable prices.

Yatra App Android Yatra App iOS

9. Kayak


Kayak is also the best ONline hotel booking app that you can try out.

With the help of this best hotel booking app for android in India, you will be able to search hundreds of hotels from other travel sites at once. It lets you book hotels, not in India but worldwide.

Also, the services are available at a very affordable price and come with a comparison feature. As a result, you will be able to crack the best deal. Also, you will be able to book flights or book flights and hotels together for better money-saving deals.

Kayak App Android Kayak App iOS

10. Expedia


In the end, we have Expedia. Expedia lets you book hotels and flights at a low price. With Expedia too you will be able to book flights and hotels. They have their services across the country. Also, they are available internationally.

The user interface of this best hotel booking app iPhone and android is pretty nice too and lets you find and book a room with a few clicks only.

Also, the price of the hotels is really affordable.

Expedia App Android Expedia App iOS

Final Words:

So those were the 10 Best Online Hotel Booking Apps In India For Android And iOS.

Now go ahead and check these apps for booking hotels in India out and see which one is working the best for you. Also, for any questions feel free to comment below.

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