8 Reasons You Should Be Using InterServer Hosting

The rapid growing digitization in the modern world has led to revolutionary changes in the thinking and perspective view of people towards earning. The businesses are now coming online. Blogging and digital marketing are zooming at their peak. Over the last few years, freelancers and youngsters have shown a great interest in startups due to which website owing is a great demand in the market.

It is quite easy to get and set up a domain name but the main challenge is to choose the right and reliable web hosting provider.

In the absence of which your valuable content is always at risk and may carry zero value.

There are lots of choices available if you have to choose a web hosting provider for your website or blog. This creates confusion in the mind of a beginner to choose the best hosting provider.

Without a perfect and best web hosting service provider, your growth in the digital world is similar to increasing the floors and height of a building without a solid pillar at the base. This will surely result in the devastation of all your hard work suddenly.

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29 Nov 2021
02 Dec 2023

You have landed on this page which has made me believe that you are in search of a reliable server for hosting your website. I assume you being a blogger or freelancer or entrepreneur, might have heard somewhere the renowned and reputed name of InterServer Web Hosting provider.

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Why do I need to choose the InterServer web hosting provider for my website?

Well! I will describe below the most basic eight reasons which will set your mind to go for InterServer hosting in 202


#1 The Solidity of Server:

Slow server, hanging off your webpage at one place and disconnecting your website from the network, etc, which lets your webpage go offline frequently or show some error – these things might give irritating and horrible experiences to the site visitor. This is not a small problem to be ignored. Choosing the InterServer web hosting provider will wash away all the troubles and fear from the mind of these types of problems. InterServer web hosting gives the smoothest browser experience to the viewer/traffic on your website.

Unlike other hosting providers where you will not get their uptime scores level up to the mark, InterServer web hosting provider’s uptime is above 99.8% which is remarkable and unbeatable by others.

Apart from this, InterServer web hosting will provide you with a secure space for your website content away from malware and ransomware attacks.

#2 Live Chat Support facility:

InterServer web hosting provides a 24/7 live chat support facility for any technical problems while hosting the webpage. The doubts or problems asked is taken seriously with utmost priority and has a quick response time.

Unlike other hosting providers where you feel instant helpless with any technical problem, InterServer believes in building a strong network and trust with their customers by providing a feasible solution in the best possible way instantly.

With InterServer hosting services you would be able to connect with a real person and solve your issues. This facility provided by InterServer is hassle-free and easy to connect. The best part of this support team is that the support executives are from within the company and neither outsourced nor transferred to another company or other country.

#3 Trust:

One should not accept any service from any hosting provider for their website until and unless he had developed a good trust in them.

Based on customer experiences and old user ratings one may well know that to what level a company’s service can be trusted upon. InterServer believes in building a long-lasting relationship with its customers as the top priority. Unlike its competitors where you get something different from promised in their plans, here InteServer gains the trust of our customers by providing accurate messages about the services they provide.

Having a good review of InterServer on the internet, a large number of people are migrating their websites to this hosting plan provider. This trust has not built in one day but it’s the continuous effort of InterServer to provide the best quality service and gain the satisfaction of the customer.

#4 Competitive Pricing and Plans:

Intserver Price

The hosting services by InterServer come with cost-effective plans.

But, selecting the cheapest hosting provider should not be the only criteria for selecting your hosting provider as quality service matters a lot.

Interserver hosting Pricing Plans

At a very economical price of web hosting service with InterServer i.e, $ 4 per month for 3 years, you will get 450+ cloud Apps, easy to use control panel, unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts, unlimited storage & transfer. Comparatively, with other web-hosting providers, you will realize that your money is worth paying for. In this affordable price range, 461 scripts of cloud Apps are available for 1-click install which includes WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc.

Managed WordPress Hosting price is $8 Per Month, and VPS hosting charge is around $6 per month

Not only this, even if you are not satisfied with the service there is a policy for the refund of money too. Due to this excellent facility, a majority of customers are now migrating to InterServer hosting from other hosting service providers.

#5 Unique features:

The SSD caching server is one of the important features in InterServer hosting. Unlike in a traditional hosting system where Server’s resources are shared by so many websites, InterServer hosting provides a level of uniqueness and privacy through cloud hosting. The SSD caching server stores your data on solid-state drives that use integrated circuit assemblies to store data.

Though in traditional hosting, a decrease in traffic on other websites can decrease the performance of yours too. Failure at a single point can lead to the stopping of other webpages on the same server in traditional hosting but this is not with the case of InterServer.

Other features include the safety of data which is ensured by InterServer through weekly backups.

The free website migration gives the customer flexibility to shift the whole domain or sub-domain site to another. With our simplest algorithm and interface, it is very easy to use a control panel for your content.

#6 Optimize Speed:

Optimizing speed of the website plays an important role in the growth of the business. The user may not have that much patience to stay on your web page until the time it gets loaded. The slow speed negatively affects the business. InterServer provides a platform to their users to directly login into their C-Panel from their portal and optimizes website speed.

InterServer uses the SSD caching server to optimize website speed. The SSD caching server stores your data on solid-state drives that use integrated circuit assemblies to store data.

A bad hosting provider may be the reason for the slower speed of the website. InterServer hosting is specially created to meet your needs and provide shared hosting, dedicated hosting as well as Virtual Private Server (VPS).

It optimizes your website speed resulting in increased traffic to your website. The faster your website would be, the more it will be a positive impact on the search result.

#7 Superior Performance:

The overall performance of the website including google SEO, search result, speed and loading of content depends upon how a user reaches the website easily.

The InterServer hosting provider ensures that their server is not overloaded to avoid unwanted slowdown problems with the web.

The server capacity of InterServer never reaches beyond the limit so that you can be fully assured that your website never gets slow down. Thus, One can expect a superior performance of their website with Inter-Server hosting.

#8 Ease of Managing your Website:

InterServer allows 361 scripts for quick installation resulting in the effective management of your website. These scripts include WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, AbanteCart and much more.

Cloud Apps

It gives the provision of full control over the functionality with C-Panel and let you build a proper intuition for the website.

Thus, it makes easy to manage and adjust your website according to your need.

Not only limited to this, in the future even if you wish to shift your website from the current hosting plan to VPS or dedicated server, but you can also easily migrate with our no downtime migration process.

And if you have any queries regarding hosting services, Migration issues or looking for some tutorial, you may follow this page

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