Things to Know about PKT CASH Cryptocurrency

Anyone who thinks about the future, and has a little extra money, will turn to investment. Given that there are completely new ways of placing money today, such as cryptocurrencies, one of the basic questions is whether to take that risk or not. Also, there’s a dilemma about coins to opt for when new ones appear almost every day.

The answer is that no one knows the right answer. Everyone must make a decision for themselves and take responsibility for their decisions. It’s good to look at as many facts as possible in order to make a quality decision.

On the source below, find out the reasons for investing in digital currencies:

Trading with shared bandwidth is on the rise. Some users simply have it unused, so sharing the excess is a great way for passive income. It used to be done with physical things, like a house and a car. Today, people share technology, information, and know-how.

What’s the Thing with Shared Bandwidth?

Households that have the Internet pay a subscription to a certain bandwidth that they have. You also pay the Internet provider for excess flow that you can’t use all the time, like when you’re away or sleeping. And what if you share that surplus with someone who needs it and, in that way, earn some coins?

The concept of PKT cash was conceived around that. All those who would share the excess of bandwidth with this network would be ‘rewarded’ with the appropriate coin. This is a great way to encourage people to earn passive income. In a way, it helps to spread the Internet and its accessibility.

The proof of work (PoW) of this platform is known as PacketCrypt, an algorithm designed to encourage bandwidth sharing. Its task is to provide a maximum spread of shared bandwidth across the PKT network.

Being Awarded for Sharing

Being Awarded for Sharing

While you mine the Internet, you are sending information to this network that you’re supplying them with high-quality bandwidth. You can do this on any computer, which means that this mining work is ASIC resistant (more on this term, find out here). By hashing and sending a message type, you’re announcing your mining to participants who are more advanced in hardware than you.

These are block miners, and they take over your job. They collect your announcements as special blocks and embed them in a chain. It’s like handing over your part of the project to a superior, who needs to refine and hand it over. You may eventually reach this level, but it requires some investment in more powerful computers capable of real mining.

Like any hard-worker who works for the benefit of the employer, you will be rewarded with the appropriate coin – PKT. Once your ‘superior’ gets paid, you as an assistant (official name is announcement miner) get the percentage you deserve. Packetcrypt protocol is there to document your merits and calculate your part in earnings. It’s like a governing rule that proves the miner’s merits for a payout.

Mining PKT – Is It Worth?

Since the PKT cash coin is still not public, i.e., it still can’t be found on the open market and is not available for exchange; so its mining is a kind of investment. The value of one coin is quite small for now, about one-tenth of a cent, and about 6 million are available.

All PKT cash tokens will be given to the miners in some future period. If you get to work now, you can probably mine a ton of these coins. You can hold them, something like a long-term investment, or trade directly with others.

Once the PKT cash hits the market, the upward price movement is very certain. In the crypto world, this is called a moon event, and a large number of cryptocurrencies experience it at least once. It is clear that those who believed in this token will benefit from sales or exchanges for other currencies.

PKT Pool Mining

If we talk about PKT Cash currently, the only way to mine is through a so-called pool. Simply put, it’s a network of more users connected so that their computers together form a much more powerful mining system.

By working together, you significantly increase the chances of mining a block and winning coins. If you are new, you can join an existing pool, and over time, you can create your own.

Long-Term Goals

Mining the Internet is not just a short-term attempt to make as many users as possible passive income. This project tends to take time, given the widespread benefits that a large number of people can have: those who share bandwidth, and those who ‘collect’ it, and those who use it.

On the other hand, there are Internet providers that monopolize their position on the Internet. They all offer service packages that you pay a lot for and don’t take advantage of everything you pay for. It is this imbalance between supply and demand bandwidth that needs to be regulated.

The PKT Packetcrypt project should, in a way, create competition for the IPS industry. Once providers realize that a decentralized protocol is a serious opponent in the market, it will force them to provide better and more rational service to customers.

It’s good to know that not every crypto investment requires money; for some, like PKT cash, all you need is some time and a powerful computer. It’s not just about a short-term gain but also about long-term security and creating chances for future investments.

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