5 Reasons You Should Avoid GoDaddy Hosting

Are you someone who is looking forward to hosting a website? Or are you someone who is planning to register a domain name for their website? Or are you someone who is just collecting knowledge about web hosting?

If yes, then I have a question for you.

What is the first domain registrar company that comes to your head when you hear about domain registration?

Is it GoDaddy? If yes, it’s alright. Because you have seen so many advertisements on the Internet that you only knew them as the domain registrars.

But is GoDaddy hosting trustworthy? Should we use it for web hosting?

The answer is NO.

Choosing the right web host for your website is a very crucial decision that can impact the future of your website, so you have to be very careful while buying a domain and web hosting online. You need to check on multiple factors before getting them.

This article is going to be about GoDaddy so we’ll stick to the topic.

We have used GoDaddy for a couple of our client websites and based on that experience we are publishing this article.

In this article, we have mentioned 5 reasons why we should avoid GoDaddy if you are looking for a really reliable and cost-effective web hosting plans.

4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid GoDaddy Hosting

1. Overpriced

GoDaddy attracts its customers by showing its cheap services which are overpriced in reality.

GoDaddy promotes cheap services($10/yr) which are applicable for the first year, once you have registered into it, they will lock you up for more expensive renewal charges($15/yr).

Also, they charge for items, which in reality we don’t need to pay for. Which are-

  1. SSL certification (it charges $9.59/yr)
  2. Basic landing page customizations
  3. WhoIS Privacy

All these items mentioned above are freely available at other service providers where GoDaddy charges for them. Also, they rarely provide discounts on renewals.

GoDaddy also plays tricks by promoting its website building plans as ‘necessary’ for your website to be fully functional.

It also offers ‘SEO’ for $70/yr or even more, but there are no clear details of what we are going to get if we opt for one of their SEO packages.

2. Slow Hosting

There is one incident that happened in 2010, where iThemes, one of the world’s most significant WordPress theme development companies blasted GoDaddy for overselling hosting space and their terrible service and support.

GoDaddy puts thousands of websites on a single server. And every website there competes for server processing time and bandwidth.

This results in the sites running slow, especially if any of them are popular. The GoDaddy speed issues are also a problem by the fact that Google now penalizes slow sites on its search results.

Also, not just the hosting but making server changes are slow.

If someone changes the wrong thing they might not know anything is broken for thirty minutes and it may take another thirty minutes to “un-change” whatever it is they broke.

 3. Gives Too Little Control

Not only is GoDaddy slow but their server backend is difficult to use and limited in functionality.

Talking about Interfaces, GoDaddy gives users a proprietary admin interface that is selling us GoDaddy products more than the tools we need. Which also makes it harder or more expensive to do simple things on GoDaddy.

We all love controls and someway it’s important as well, so that you can manage things more efficiently and take control of. With GoDaddy, You’re not going to get full control over your server and in other words you’ll not be having complete control of your website.

4. Terrible Customer Support

GoDaddy has earned the name of the largest domain and hosting service provider all around the world. And since it has approx 20 million customers not all of them are happy with the services provided by GoDaddy company.

Thousands of customers complained about their worst customer support. Many of the customers have to wait more than 48 hours to get the inquiry back. Also, they have mentioned that the behavior and solution provided by the company are not helpful at all.

5. Reputation

If the technical aspect is not enough to convince you, then these ethical aspects will surely make you want to avoid GoDaddy.

GoDaddy also published one of the most awkwardly inappropriate super bowl Advertisements in history. As well as they had published overtly sexual advertisements.

Once, this company also settled with the owners of a website called ‘nodaddy.com’ to shut the website down since it featured a collection of real GoDaddy horror stories that were hurting their business.

And on top of all, in 2011, the CEO of GoDaddy Bob Pearson posted a video online of him shooting an elephant.


Now as we’ve counted a lot of problems for you with GoDaddy. It’s time to give you some valid suggestions so that you can start your website smoothly.

Apart from GoDaddy, There are a lot of other GoDaddy alternatives for domains registrars and web hosting providers which you can rely on when it comes to value-for-money services. Some of them are as follows

Since we have told you why you should avoid GoDaddy we should also provide you with some alternatives to it.

Following are some of the preferred domain registrars/ hosting providers-


If you are going to register a domain and web hosting for your website then we will not recommend you to go for GoDaddy. There are a lot of other GoDaddy alternatives present which are way better than GoDaddy when it comes to pricing, customer support, and value for money.

If you have some similar experience with GoDaddy then don’t forget to share it with us in the comments section below.

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