10+ Best Root Apps For Android Phone Users

The usability of the Android OS is the most customizable and versatile in nature. But, due to pre-installed software and the sheer amount of load that it gets when different companies work around it to fit their own customized features, the limitless capabilities of Android somewhere gets lost. Fortunately for your users, there are many exceptional Root Apps for Android that can help you unlock many hidden features and potential of the Android Operating system.

Before delving into the details of Root apps, we must understand, the What, the How, and the Why of root apps and rooting a smartphone.

What are Root Apps?

Without getting into non-engaging technical stuff, all you guys need to know is that rooting unlocks many technical aspects of your smart and Android devices.

  • Overclocking and under-voting can be utilized after rooting to speed up your CPU ( even free RAM space) and utilize your battery more efficiently respectively.
  • Bloatware can be uninstalled along with getting the latest Android version even when your phone doesn’t support that.
  • Adblock could be used more conveniently along with other non-compatible software of the Play store.

How to root android phone?

Basically, there are two ways of root Android phone. First, you can do it manually by unlocking the bootloader while connecting to a PC and passing commands.

Then you will have to switch to custom recovery from system recovery using any third party custom recovery software like TWRP (Team win recovery project) or CWM (Clockwork Mod).

We admit their user interface is quite old-school but it gets the job done. After using a custom recovery, you can flash a.ZIP to perform as superuser access and modify, tweak, and customize all you want with your Android phones.

Is it safe to Root your Smartphone?

The answer is very relative and the success of rooting will depends upon user to user.

It is true that rooting can greatly enhance the superhuman powers of Android OS, it can also not be neglected that the user has to be extra cautious about every tweak and customization that they do as rooting deviate from the normal security protocol of Android smartphones.

Manual rooting should be done with extra caution as one small misstep could brick your smartphone.

Now that we know about root apps along with their pros and cons, let us get to the best rooting apps for Android.

Which is the best App to Root my phone?

  • Adblock Browser for Android
  • Flashify
  • SuperSU
  • Tasker
  • SD Maid
  • DiskDigger photo recovery
  • JRummy root apps
  • System App Remover
  • Greenify
  • FK Kernel Manager
  • Magisk

Top 10 Best Root Apps for Android Phone Users

Adblock Browser for Android

Adblock Browser for Android

As the name suggests, this Adblock blocks all those unwanted ads that do compromise the smooth experience of Android users. By default, It takes no setting up and blocks ads.

Well, most ads. Some ads, that the company thinks are “acceptable” (non-intrusive) are let through. To block all ads, tap the three-dotted-menu button, choose Settings ->Acceptable Ads and uncheck Allow some non-intrusive advertising.

  • You can disable the inbuilt tracking feature of your smartphone, stop companies from tracking your online activity.
  • It secures your internet browsing from “malvertising” infections.
  • Adblock Browser allows you to add filter lists, whitelist websites and disable social media buttons and anti-ad blocking messages



With 4.3 Play store ratings and over 1 million downloads, Flashify is among the best rooting apps in the market. It makes flashing files much automated and will definitely make your rooting process much less mechanical.

It is easy to use and often popular among beginners of rooted android and people who are not be fans of ADB and Fastboot commands

  • Cloud-synchronized backup of files can be done automatically between the device and the system.
  • It gets you a whole android backup even if you use custom recovery such as TWRP.
  • You can track recently flashed items easily.
  • Flash your boot. img, recovery. img, and zip files right away using Flashify!



SuperSU (by Coding code) has been featured as hongkiat’s Top 1 Under Rooted Android Phones Apps and xda-developers’ Best Root Apps for Android.

This Root app is one of the best superuser access management tool. It manages Superuser access rights for all the root software apk for root android phone that need root permission.

Its features include Superuser access prompt, Per-app logging configuration, Per-app user override, Superuser access notifications, Deep process detection, Completes unroot, Wakes on prompt, and more. Its pro version includes more advanced features.

System App Remover

System app remover

Removal of bloatware apps (that takes up unnecessary space ) is seen as one of the most important reasons why users go for root apps.

That being said, system app remover does exactly that for you i.e it removes idle apps from your device.

  • The system’s preinstalled apps can be removed but for that, you will have to root your smartphone.
  • Can move an undesired app or the app that is just bloating the system without any hassle.



If you are also among those Android users who are always complaining about battery leaching issues of your phone, Greenify is the one for you. With over 10 million downloads, the loyal fanbase that this app has developed in such a small period is quite applaudable.

  • It sends the unused app into hibernation and by doing so it saves a lot of your phone’s battery.
  • Greenify features like “Doze on the go” and ” aggressive doze” can optimize your battery performance even without rooting your phone.

FK Kernel Manager – for all devices & Kernels

FK Kernel Manager

This is probably the most versatile among our list of root apps. KK Kernel manager will manage battery optimization along with flash-kernel(in a rooted Android) and any more different essential features of a rooted Android phone.

  • All special functions like CPU frequency, multi-cluster support, governor along with GPU frequency can be easily managed while rooting.
  • It even has a UI manual Flasher for kernel .zips and boot.imgs.



An automated app is sometimes the need of the hour if you have quite a lot to-do list while rooting. Tasker is an automation app with 200+ built-in and plugin support.

  • You can create your own standalone app with Tasker.
  • Tasker will help you browse, create, delete zip/unzip system directory files.

SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool

SD Maid

This android app will assist its user in keeping the RAM clean and tidy for faster processing of the device. SD Maid root apps are extensively used for “Cache cleaning”.

One of the special features of SD Maid is that it can handle its function without requiring an authentication every time.

  • Tasket is a specialist root app for database optimization.
  • It will automatically system as well as the user’s superfluous files that are always the main culprit in decreasing the performance of the system.

DiskDigger Photo Recovery

DiskDigger photo recovery

Recovery of data and media files is very essential if you are planning to root your Android devices through any such root apps, DiskDigger might be one of the safest root android apk for you.

  • Even after rooting, DiskDigger can help recover those files.
  • It can also recover from cache and thumbnail by performing a ” limited ” search for any deleted media files.

JRummy Root Apps

JRummy Root Apps

Ranked No 1 for a root app developer for Android devices, JRummy is a combination of the most updated and needed apps that you must utilize if planning to use these root apps. JRummy has a powerful app collection of root apps.

  • From customizing ROM through “ROM Toolbox Lite” to flashing .zip through “ZIPme”, JRummy is a one-stop solution.
  • Premium root apps such as “BusyBox Pro” and “Overclock for Android” are also available for more expert-based service.



You might be wondering, why banking, as well as certain entertainment apps, do not work on a rooted Android device. Perhaps, a non-technical answer could be because they don’t have

Magisk in them. Magisk lets you hide your rooted ability from sensitive apps like banking or Netflix.

  • It works systemless, Without altering your modification to let the third party app believe that the device is not rooted, thus giving access.
  • It works on USI(universal system Interface) which lets the user create their own app or mod through the Xposed Framework.


Let us know in the comment section about your personal rooting experience and your favorite rooting apps to root my android phone.

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