Taking Full Advantage Of Opt Ins For Online Marketing

The internet is a game changer. It has greatly altered our world, opened up various opportunities that were never there before and even sped up our societies advancement. Our social lives have also been greatly altered (for good or for bad, the jury is still out on that one).

Many people have seized the opportunity that the internet has offered with both hands and have made something out of their lives from it. This can be seen in the services that many have been able to create and the opening up of the online market where anyone who has something of worth to offer can now market their goods and services. One of the ways this is done is by the use of opt ins.

What Is Opt Ins All About?

This is a form of marketing page which aims to have people subscribe to it though it is presented as an option ;hence the name opt in, it is also called permission marketing. It is an online marketing tool with which an individual or organization seeks for active members for their online page or to markets their services. You can read more about it in this article.

It is one of the surest ways of organically growing your followership online since it ensures that your followers or subscribers are those who are genuinely interested in your services. It is also a legal requirement in many countries since it helps to prevent unsolicited messages (spam messages).

Why Are Opt Ins Important

You Can Win Back Those Who Unsubscribed

It does happen that for one reason or the other, those who had previously subscribed to your page might decide to unsubscribe.

However, with this form of advertising, you can still be able to win them back as you can hash the data (to make it anonymous) and target your previous subscribers while their data will still be private. With this, there is the chance that may might resubscribe to your site.

It Is Easier Than Landing Pages

In large scale online marketing a lot of work is required, especially when it is done with landing pages as the landing pages will have to be created with each lead that you have to create.

Sometimes, you may even have to recreate an entire website and that’s a lot of work.

However, when you are advertising with opt in adverts, you will be able to generate leads without landing pages, creating as many as you need or as is necessary. You can follow some opt-in page examples to see how to do this.

It Maintains Data Privacy

Data privacy is a very big deal in our world today as your private information could be everything to you. You could also be in big trouble if it falls into the wrong hands.

This form of adverts does not just keep your data safe; it keeps the data of all that are subscribed to the site safe.

Features Of An Opt In Page

It is important to note that among other things, the opt in page is also an advert of your services, and good adverts have been known to attract customers.

There are certain features that have to be present to have an effective online permission marketing page, they are:

Benefit To Be Gained From The Goods Or Services

This is where you communicate briefly but succinctly what whoever subscribes to your page is going to gain from it.

If you are not able to state in a matter of fact manner what will be gained when the subscribe to your site then, you have to go back to the drawing board for more convincing catch phrases.

Proof Of Effectiveness

People want to see results. They want to know that what you are offering works, they want to see proof that it has worked on people with similar concerns or interests such as theirs.

For this reason, you should have verifiable testimonials of the efficiency of what you are offering. You can read more on this here: https://www.forbes.com/.

Sign-up Forms

This is the form where the interested person(s) have to fill in their details to join or for further information. It is important because, the person that has indicated interest has to be further informed on the services that you have to offer.

With the information, targeted information and further information can now be sent directly to the person’s inbox.

Call To Action

The information on the page is not just for information sake, you made the opt in page so that those who see it will take action based on it.

Because of this, it should have a call to action phrase in it which is where you tell people what it is that you want them to do. The most popular catch phrase is “sign up now” or “subscribe now”.

The Visuals  

Your visual is another aspect that you should make sure of since people will always admire a pretty or catchy visuals.

Even if the background is not really pretty, it should be attention grabbing. You can put up an attention grabbing image that best portrays the point that you are trying to pass across.

Good Headlines And Subheadings

This is one basic feature that must be present as it is the first thing that people see when it pops up on their site. It is also the place where you give a teaser of what you have to offer so that whoever wants to see some more would then subscribe to the site.

Note also that your phrasing of the headline and subheading should be catchy but not verbose or misleading.  If you are unsure of how to do this, you can click here to learn.


The internet has provided lots of opportunity for all, no wonder it is called the great equalizer.

Many have also risen to make maximum use of the opportunities that it provides.

One such benefit is that people can now market their goods and services on the internet and make sales and good profit. And one of the ways though which these products and services are marketed and followers gained is through opt ins adverts.

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