7 Tools To Expand Your Social Media Reach

Aside from being an effective channel to build and strengthen connections and communications among communities, social media is also an exciting and dynamic marketing platform that has grown in popularity today, with more potential prospects spending time on different platforms. And with that in mind, having an account for your business can be to your advantage. But it’s essential that you also ensure that you have a solid online presence and enough reach.

However, reaching your target audience effectively may sometimes be a chore, as it’s not always an easy feat. You’d need to work harder than just posting an image or two. And in some cases, getting more followers may not be as important as ensuring your customers engage with all the content you post. 

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Luckily, there are social media tools for business in the market that can provide you with more opportunities to help you build brand awareness and loyalty, increase sales, and increase referrals. To help you get started, here are free marketing tools you can use to expand your social media reach. 

7 Tools That Can Help Boost Your Your Social Media Reach

  1. Hashtag Generator Tool

Every social media platform tends to have a lot of information and ideas to offer, and a user might get overwhelmed. And this is where hashtags come beneficial. They play an essential role in making it easier for users to find specific information that catches their eye. 

In addition, hashtags can be instrumental in reaching your target audience by compelling an action where the user will spend time looking through every piece of information generated by the hashtag. They can also make your message unique to consumers who find the hashtag helpful. 

However, getting the right hashtag can be tricky as it can’t be too short, too long, or generic. You’d also need to place them carefully and strategically, avoiding bombarding your post with too many hashtags, making it seem spammy. For that reason, you can utilize a hashtag generator tool to help you generate the perfect hashtag to use in your content.

  1. Post Scheduler Tools

For your content to have a wider reach and to continuously engage your current followers, it’s essential that you be more consistent with posting content. And for some social media platforms, such as Instagram, posts tend to get engaged at specific times. With that in mind, you should consider scheduling posting content for specific times to get the most audience reach.

To help you manage your social media account and avoid missing out on the right posting times, consider getting a post scheduler tool to help you ensure that you reach your audience at peak times. In addition to having a post scheduler, consider getting an account manager to ensure that your brand is consistent when looking for ways to expand your social media reach.

  1. Automated Engagement And Messaging Tools

For your social media platform to grow, another essential task you need to do is to ensure that you continuously engage your current and potential customers. Engagement can be achieved in various ways. For instance, you can use automated marketing tools such as automated SMS using API or email campaigns to send updates or promote product launches.

On the other hand, it’d be worth noting as well that organic engagement is beyond marketing campaigns and being consistent in producing quality content that will make your target audience want to comment, like, or share with other audiences, as you’d also need to be available to talk or respond to their queries.

Note that an instant connection is an essential factor in growing your reach on social media. In most cases, followers who feel they can contact you directly are more likely to refer your page to the new target audience.

However, reaching out to each client with a customized direct message or responding to all queries can be time-consuming and daunting. And so, getting automated messaging tools such as customer service chatbots can also be to your advantage.

  1. Graphic Design Tools

An aesthetically organized feed can give off a great visual representation to present your business brand to potential customers. And so, to ensure that your business makes a positive lasting impression on your first-time target audience, you may need to curate your social media page and post the best quality images or infographics.

To achieve this, you can utilize various graphic design tools in the market that can help you design and prepare content to post on your social media page. There are tools that offer numerous features, such as templates and stock images, which you can use to put together a compelling and creative post.

  1. Video Editing Tools

Video clips such as reels have had more success in recent years when trying to expand your social media reach. However, for a video to generate more likes and views, it must be of a certain quality, engaging, catchy, and edited just right. 

A video editing app can help you curate your videos to achieve the desired result. Such tools can provide you with a way to easily cut or trim clips and add texts and sounds to the video output. Note that a high-quality video can create a more relevant and engaging experience for your audience. 

  1. Trend Finder Tools

Online trends can also be a great way to expand your social media reach by bringing in your target audience. But with trends changing every day, you might use an obsolete trend that might not get you seen by your potential target audience. 

With that, to know the most popular topics that most people are discussing, consider getting a trend finder tool. The right tool can help automate finding the various trends to make you more visible and relevant to a prospective audience. 

  1. Content Analytic Tools

Content analysis is an integral part of knowing how the target audience receives and processes your content. And so, getting a content analytic tool that features the breakdown of your engagement rate and can give you accurate statistics can go a long way. 

With content analysis, you can easily see which content does well and resonates with your prospects, which can help you tweak or improve your future engagement strategies. For instance, statistics may give you information on the best time to post and get the most audience reach.

The Bottom Line

Your social media reach can significantly influence the success of your business. With a wider reach, you’d get to promote your brand, which can lead to potential sales. However, expanding your social media reach doesn’t happen overnight. After all, the steps you have to take can be time-consuming and daunting, and that’s where automation tools come in.

With the insights presented in this article, you can be equipped with information about which social media tools for marketing can be best in helping you expand your social media reach.

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