Verpex Reseller Hosting Review – The Good and Bad for 2023

If you are thinking of starting a web hosting business, reseller hosting can be a good choice to start. Reseller hosting means renting resources from a hosting provider, such as disk space, CPU, RAM, and bandwidth, to a customer. This can be a great business model as you don’t have to worry about servers and other technical details because the hosting services will take care of them and the prices are very reasonable.

As you are looking for a reseller hosting company that offers exceptional services at a reasonable price, Verpex hosting can be a great choice. Since its establishment in 2018, Verpex Hosting has established itself as one of the top providers of reseller hosting in recent years.

In this article, we are going to do a detailed analysis of the reseller hosting services of Verpex Hosting and see whether you should consider them for your reseller hosting business or not. If you wish to check them out you can do that on their website

Let’s start with the features that Verpex hosting offers with its reseller hosting services:

Top 9 Verpex Reseller Hosting Features that Make it Awesome

Verpex Reseller Hosting Features

WHM and multiple cPanel:

The main requirement of reseller hosting is multiple control panels as each of your customers will need at least one cPanel to run their sites on the web.

Verpex hosting uses Web Host Manager or WHM, which is the best-in-class dashboard for controlling multiple cPanel accounts. With this, you can easily access and utilize all the cPanels that come with your hosting plan.

Server location choice:

The location of the server plays an important role in the speed of a website. If your clients are in India, but the reseller hosting servers are in the US, the server response time of the client’s website will be significantly slower, affecting the website speed and your business.

There are very few hosting service providers that offer this service. Verpex hosting lets you choose the server location according to your preferences. Depending on the location of your customers, you can pick from 12 servers located around the world so their website does not lag.

Website Performance:

You know that your reselling business will be in danger if your customers are not satisfied with the speed and performance. So it is really important that you should choose only the best hardware for the servers of your hosting business.

With Verpex hosting, you get the latest cloud servers and superfast SSD storage, so your customers won’t have anything to complain about. Furthermore, Verpex hosting provides unlimited bandwidth for blazing-fast performance, even during high traffic periods.

Website Migration Option:

Other hosting service providers charge you a fee to transfer websites from another platform to theirs. When you have one or two websites, the fee isn’t outrageous (some provide free migration). But for reseller hosting, the fee becomes huge as you will be transferring at least 30 websites at a time.

 Interested in transferring your service to Verpex, but worried about fees? No worries.

Verpex hosting does the job for free! Yes, they provide website migration at no cost for as many websites as you want.

Free SSL certificates:

An SSL certificate is a much-needed service that you should have to maintain the authenticity of your client’s websites and establish a secure connection with the webserver.

Verpex hosting provides SSL certificates free of cost for you and your clients. Also, they are automatically renewed, so you don’t need to worry about it. Additionally, it is also a money-saving deal for you since most hosting companies charge high fees for SSL certificates.

Verpex uses Softaculous, a library that can be used to install over 300 commercial and open-source softwares related to web hosting like WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, cPanel, etc., with just one click.

So with Verpex hosting, you can install all the software required for your business without any headache.

Advanced Security features:

In today’s world, web security is one of the main concerns for all website owners and it must be a top priority while choosing a hosting service for you.

Verpex hosting provides Imunify360, an advanced web-based firewall for all its websites. They also provide spam and malware protection and do server monitoring to protect websites from any potential cyber threat.

Daily Backups:

A good backup service is really important so that you don’t lose your website data in case of a malware attack or data breach.

Verpex Hosting offers daily backups with all its reseller hosting services. The best thing is that backup is done 2 times a day. You can also access all your backup files within 30 days of the backup.

Customer Support System:

Verpex hosting has a great customer support system that resolves all your queries related to hosting. They are available 24/7 via email, live chat, or phone. One of the best things about their hosting service is that their support staff is available beyond normal business hours. Even if you face a problem in the middle of the night, Verpex hosting is there to assist you.

I just want to let you know that their support team has a case resolution rate of over 99.9%! I think that figure speaks for itself.

Now that we’ve covered all the details of Verpex reseller hosting, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of their services.

Pros of Verpex Reseller Hosting Services:

Pros of Verpex reseller hosting services
  • Free domain registration/transfer for the first year
  •  Up to 100 cPanel accounts
  • All plans include unlimited bandwidth
  • You can select the server location according to your convenience
  • Custom nameservers with all plans
  • Free SSL certificates with all plans
  • Unlimited website migration for free
  • Advanced web-based firewall for all websites
  • Daily backups, twice a day
  • 24/7 customer support via call/mail/live chat
  • 60 days money-back guarantee

Cons of Verpex reseller hosting:

Cons of Verpex reseller hosting
  • Domain transfers are not free with monthly plans
  • Backups are stored only for 30 days on their servers
  • They only provide 2 GB RAM and 2 VCPU, even for their most expensive reseller hosting plan
  • When there is a lot of traffic, services can sometimes falter

Based on the pros and cons listed, Verpex is a reliable reseller hosting service provider, except for some minor problems.

Now that we have discussed all the features in detail along with the positive and negative aspects of Verpex reseller hosting services, let’s take a look at the pricing of the plans for reseller hosting and what features they come with.

Plan Pricing for Reseller hosting:

Verpex hosting offers 3 plans under their reseller hosting services with a yearly and monthly billing option.

For Christmas, Verpex hosting is offering 90% off its reseller hosting plans for the first month.

START-UP RESELLER15 cPanel accounts 50 GB disk space Unlimited bandwidth Instant setup Litespeed servers$1.80/$18.00$12.00
PRO RESELLER50 cPanel accounts 100 GB disk space Unlimited bandwidth Instant setup Litespeed servers$2.50/2$24.99$17.50
UNLIMITED RESELLER100 cPanel accounts Unlimited GB disk space Unlimited bandwidth Instant setup Litespeed servers$4.00/$39.99$28.00

For more detailed information about the features offered with the plans, you can visit the pricing section of Verpex reseller hosting.


Are you thinking, Can I run a hosting business without expert knowledge?

It’s not necessary to be an expert in hosting technology to run a hosting business. You will be able to resolve all major difficulties through the Verpex hosting team as you are reselling hosting. So having basic hosting knowledge is enough.

So now the question is: is Verpex hosting the right choice for your reseller hosting business? For me, the answer is yes! Verpex hosting is very affordable and offers a lot of good features. I was particularly impressed by the fact that they offer free migration for unlimited websites and offer two daily backups. For your reseller hosting business, Verpex hosting reseller hosting plans are definitely the way to go.

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