Benefits of Effective Voice of Customer Research for Business Growth

More often than not, success is strategic. It is calculated actions that become what they become; success! This means there are measures to be taken to achieve it in any endeavour of yours.

You should know that the same applies to business. Doing well in business is something strategic. So, planning is very important. Speaking of planning, one of the important things business owners are expected to do is take research seriously.

Business research will help them understand the prospects of their products or services. This will in turn help them achieve success in the market. For more on this subject, you can visit:

Against this backdrop, the voice of customer research is one of the most important and result-yielding business researches that can be carried out. If done properly, it could take your company to all-new heights. This is why we advise you to keep reading this write-up as we discuss its benefit.

What Is Voice of Customer Research?

This has to do with understanding customer’s emotions about a product (or the possibility of one) and arriving at the right business decisions as a result. By customer’s emotions, we mean all sorts of feelings the customers have about a product or the possibility of one.

These feelings include worries, fears, reservations, expectations, wishes and fantasies, complaints… about a product or service. This information gathered will then help the goods or service providers make the right business decisions.

As with any kind of research, some questions need to be asked and answered. But to conduct a good voice of customer research, you need to understand:

  • What you are to ask
  • How you are to ask
  • Who you are to ask
  • What you are to do with the answers gotten

You should have answers to the above at least. This will give you a head start in carrying out a successful voice of customer research.

Why Voice of Customer Research Is Very Important

We have passively explained some of the importance of this kind of business facts-finding strategy. However, this cannot be overemphasized. So, here are some other benefits attached to properly conducting VOC research:

Helps You Know More than You Do

The last thing you should do is assume you understand how your customers think. Many companies that think this way have realized how wrong they were after carrying out VOC.

More often than not, service providers and customers are at two extremes. So, it would be wrong to assume you know all about what the clients want, and how they feel about your products or services.

This is why you should always be eager to learn about their perception. Well, VOC is a good way to go about this.

This will help you become aware of some information that can transform your business if used rightly. For instance, some of the information includes:

  • What the customers think about the quality of your service delivery
  • How fair your pricing is
  • How well you are doing among competitors
  • How professional your company is
  • The weaknesses of your company from a customer’s stance

Your analysis can even be right before this research. However, it is not complete or good enough without understanding the customer’s view. This is what it will help you achieve.

Customer’s Trust

There are some goods and service providers that have die-hard customers. We are talking about the kind that sticks with them every step of the way. Most of these companies have such because they return the favour.

They are always eager to learn more about how to please and satisfy their customers better. The good news is that this does not happen at their expense. It is the result of studies like the voice of customer research, that keep such companies up and running.

More Revenue

It is a simple thing. Understanding your clients better will help you know how to sell your products or services to them. Of course, this knowledge will help you go back to the drawing board and invent goods and services they cannot resist.

VOC is one of the best chances of achieving these. This is why we strongly suggest that you take it seriously. A successful VOC research will help you reach out to the right customers for answers. It will also help you make good use of the findings of the research.

When all of these happen, you will sell better to your target customers and see more revenues as a result. So, it pays at the end of the day.

Increased Brand Awareness

Social media marketing and all forms of marketing can do a lot. However, word of mouth marketing from your satisfied customers remains one of the most effective ways to increase sales.

You should know that this is one of the benefits of this business improvement strategy. It puts you in a position where clients are satisfied and do not keep quiet about it. Considering that the referral is coming from an unbiased source, potential clients will be willing to buy from you.

Prevents Loss of Customers

A goods or service provider starts losing the moment it starts losing clients. If you must lose anything, it should not be customers. This could even be a sign that you are not performing up to expectation or that the competitor(s) is doing something better.

Either way, it demands that you go on a fact-finding mission. This will help you understand the fears, reservations, worries, displeasure, and other negative emotions responsible for customer loss.

At the end of it all, you will be able to prevent further client loss and even win back your lost clients. For more on this subject, you can read this.


Many methods can be used to conduct effective VOC research. However, it is important to understand the purpose and benefits of this business improvement strategy.

This will even help you decide the right methods to be used. This is why the benefits have been discussed here and we advise that you take it seriously for the sake of your company’s growth.

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