6 Ways In Which 3D Printing Technology Can Save Lives

Many of you might have heard about 3D Printing Technology.

3d technology help to create a physical 3d object with ease. Not only this, you can create them with a much faster rate and 100% accuracy.

The 3d pen can be helpful in saving human lives. Recently a child named Lucy Boucher was the first of its kind to have a successful kidney transplant through 3d technology. The medical field has seen tremendous advantage of 3d printing technology.

There are many another field as well in which 3d technology is bringing revolutionary changes. Let’s me tell you about some sectors in which 3d technology is creating wonders.    

New Discoveries Underway

3D Printing Technology can help us to create dummy models for creating various experiments for research. Let’s take the example of cancer treatment. Doctors need the patient to experiment with things. It is quite risky to test things directly on real-world patients as consequences can be harmful many times.

So 3d technology can help us to get dummy patients for cancer treatment. It can create an exact replica of real-world patients. It will certainly make faster the medical research and can help doctors to come up with the best solution in a shorter time ultimately saving more human lives.

New Levels for Medical Images

3d technology can vastly enhance medical images. Doctors can take help of MRI, city scan or X-rays for giving input to the computer mapping. These mapping can then be given to the 3d printer. 3d technology can create plastic models of patients for better assisting. 3d technology can give medical images to a new dimension.  It can help the doctor to understand every case with more precision. This will lead to more success rate in surgeries and cure.

Betterment in quality Education for the coming generation

As we can create dummy plastic models for literally anything, this can be helpful in educating students. Often teachers need to explain a complicated structure.

If things can be explained using a 3-dimensional model then students can get a better idea of the topic. Students can also make use of different type of 3d pens.

They can decide and buy the best 3d pen available on the market. This will really help students to making practicals. Students can get dummy patients and experiments. It will lead to having more chances of success while making surgeries on real-world patients.

3D Body Organs For You

You might be surprised to know that 3d technology is now able to create working body organs for you.

It only needs mapping instructions from the computer. This thing can be a blessing for people who are having some complexity in their organs or other body parts. 3d technology can design organs specifically by keeping those individuals in mind. They will fit exactly on that particular person.  

Riding will be safer by 3D Printing Technology

Manufacturing companies can come up with 3d printing production for all of their parts. Companies can produce their products at a much faster rate than ever. If they can make good riding parts at cheaper costs than more people can spend on those without giving it a second thought. Airline companies can also make great use of this technology.

They can make air travel less costly and also much safer. More people will be able to travel through the air, ultimately leading to more profit for airline companies. Not only these companies but also other sectors companies can make creative use of this technology.

3D Casts For Broken Bones

Broken bones are the last thing which you would like to see in your life.

The pain, the wasting of time, spending money and many other things which you cannot take much time.

It takes for everyone to gain full fitness after such tragic incidents.

3d technology can be helpful in these scenarios.

X-Rays and ct scan results can be used as a reference and we can create a model for the patient. One of such example is Cortex exoskeletal cast. This is much better than the traditional exoskeletal cast. Moreover modern cortex exoskeletal is recyclable which is a big advantage.

3D Printing Technology is really enhancing and making our lives better. Soon we will find the presence of 3d technology in every field of our life. 3d technology can lead to many people losing their job. Because this technology makes all things on automation. However seeing its many advantages, it is quite unlikely that we can ignore this technology for a long time.

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  1. Hey Saurabh,

    I didn’t know these many advantages of 3D Printing technology.

    Working body organs, I mean, wow! That’s a real advancement in technology. Great to know about 3D Casts too.

    Thank you for sharing all these information here. Take care and have a great weekend 🙂

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