8 Amazing Virtual Classroom Software During Coronavirus Pandemic

A lot has been discussed about virtual classroom Software in the various technology questions and answers available on multiple platforms.

Virtual classrooms are not a new concept. It has been adopted widely for remote learning. According to a recent study published in Aug 2019, the global virtual classroom market can reach nearly $20 billion by 2024, growing at an average CAGR of 16.24%. And with the growing coronavirus impact, this market is likely to grow even more profoundly.

COVID-19 is one of the biggest pandemics humankind has ever known. The resulting lockdown has changed everything globally. Schools and colleges are closed, and employees are forced to work from home to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. However, this doesn’t mean learning has stopped.

Companies and educational institutions are resorting to virtual classrooms to create an online learning environment where teachers and trainers can present the course material in a contemporary live setting, and students can learn sitting at their homes.

If you, too are, looking for the best virtual classroom software, here are your options.

8 Best Virtual Classroom Software Solutions in 2020

ProProfs Virtual Classroom Software

ProProfs Virtual classroom software is a great tool that offers you one of the easiest ways to create quizzes, online courses, and tests, available 24*7 for practical training of multiple learners. You can also choose from 100+customizable courses created by experts.

With the tool, you can create the teaching and learning environment that best mimics the face-to-face classroom environment.

This collaborative platform gives learners smooth access to the study material, presentations, and videos. They can communicate with one another, and work in groups from their convenient location.

ProProfs virtual classroom software works on all devices to efficiently train the teams and students anytime, anywhere. You can implement online assessment methods by embedding quizzes and surveys in the courses.

The software’s Integration with ProProfs Knowledge Base helps create FAQs to help learners have access to information all the time.


Learncube is an award-winning virtual classroom software made explicitly for online teaching/tutoring and is highly suitable for teachers and education institutions. With this tool, you get an effortless transition to a virtual classroom after the pandemic.

This tool delivers study material both in audio and video through the web-browser. The interactive digital whiteboard is best for real-time collaboration.

With this virtual classroom software, learners get instant access to saved learning materials, including videos, pdfs, Google docs, and more. The tools host some useful features for teachers, which helps them facilitate more efficient teaching.


Vedamo is an interactive virtual classroom and learning management system that makes online tutoring equally good as live classes. The interface of this software is easy-to-use and intuitive. It makes the task of organizing lessons, training, and meetings a cakewalk.

This tool allows you to create an online academy and courses. You can conduct unlimited live online classes utilizing face-to-face tutoring and presentations. The tool offers customization options to help create appealing teaching materials to enhance student engagement.

Vedamo is available at an affordable monthly price with no extra hidden fees.


itslearning is an online learning platform that is suited for the daily learning needs of students and teachers.

This LMS is a popular choice for k12 and higher education. They offer a mobile app that offers uninterrupted student learning.

Some of the prominent features are:

  • Personalized instruction
  • Curriculum and content management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Powerful integrations

The platform comes with fast navigation, smooth collaboration, and great functionalities, which makes this tool a must-have.


TalentCards is an awesome mobile learning app that uses a micro-learning approach to deliver training material to learners.

Through this medium, training and information can be delivered in small pieces, which can be easily retained. This way, learning always remains fun, engaging, and learners are more likely to finish the courses.


Touted as the number one choice among learning management systems, Tovuti is an all-in-one cloud-based authoring platform that helps you create interactive courses in just a few minutes.

You can white label the courses with your brand’s color and logos. Segmentation of the courses as per the department, clients, and branches is also possible.

The tool offers built-in virtual classrooms where you can share live videos, slide decks, native videos, and whiteboards in real-time.

To help learners track their progress, they are given access to a personalized learner dashboard with their courses, checklists, registered events, badges, and a leaderboard.


If you are looking for an easy to use yet powerful learning management system(LMS) and learning content management system (LCMS), eTrainCenter can be the answer.

With the tool, you get a host of integrated e-learning systems that can effectively support a business’s online training. Employing a user-friendly interface, you can efficiently develop and distribute courses to train and educate employees and customers.

Some of the significant components of this tool include online learning (LMS), assessments, course authoring, virtual classrooms, online quizzes, surveys, and more. Moreover, you get access to hundreds of ready-made e-learning courses to help save time and effort.

Brainier LMS

Lastly, Brainer LMS is a fantastic tool developed by taking the inputs of both trainers and learners who use it. The software is updated regularly.

Famous for its unique, custom-designed database, this learning management system and e-learning tool is well-equipped to meet the needs of companies of all sizes.

Some of the core functionalities of Brainer LMS include content authoring, certification, compliance management, and SCORM compliance.

Final Thoughts

Virtual classrooms and other online tools like Zoom, Google suite, YouTube videos, are continually helping businesses and education institutions enhance student and teacher engagement. They have played a vital role in bridging the demographic gap in education.

Needless to say, teachers/trainers can use virtual classrooms to teach from home with the necessary tools at their disposal.

However, it is crucial that before you plan and design the virtual classroom, access the needs and required conditions to provide a personalized learning experience to the students and select the best virtual classroom software.

For more information on choosing the best tools for teaching and training, it is wise to search for the best virtual classroom online.

To get answers on key questions for technology related to virtual learning, and online training from experts and peers, related discussion forums and Q & A forums can come in handy where discussions around the prevalent Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on e-learning can be easily understood.

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