Android 9.0 Release Date, name and Expected features

Is it early to discuss the Google next Android update called Android 9.0 P, Not actually, as we already have seen Google takes one year gap to launch every update of Google Android OS.

So it had gone one year when the company launched the Android 8.1 Oreo, So then there is not too much time remained in the next android 9.0 update.

Still, the android Oreo update does not roll out many of the popular devices, but again, Google starts working on the next update, the smartphones like OnePlus 5, Oneplus 5T, Xiaomi Redmi Note4, Motorola phones oreo update and many other famous smartphones started to getting the android Oreo update just now.

So it will be interesting to see when the next update will roll out by these smartphone makers.

What is Android 9.0: the next update of Android ( A google based Android OS)

When It comes into existence: August 2018

What it will cost to install: It is will be free to update

What Android 9.0 will be called (Expected name)

Google developer started to work on the next Android update 9.0, as we all know all the Android updates launches alphabetically like Android Ice Cream Sandwich, Jellybean, Android KitKat, Lollipop, android marshmallow, android nougat, Android Oreo and next will be Android P.

But it is not confirmed what will be the next dessert on google android list. All android updates named on the desserts so off course next Android update will also call as a dessert, If we go on the rumours the following android updates can be called Android 9.0 Pie, but it is not confirmed, the exact name will come to know about the official launch of Android p

Android 9.0 expected release date

If we see the past trends of Android launch dates, the next Android 9.0 P updates could be launched in March 2018 as a developer preview. After that company begins the beta preview of the update in August 2018 and a final preview of the Android update can come into existence in September 2018.

But all these details are expected still Google didn’t confirm the release date of Android 9.0. Google start the update roll out from Google pixel and nexus devices as always because these devices are Google’s manufacturing. Another smartphone maker will get the update later.

Android 9.0: Expected features

  • The next android Updates will be quite easy and faster to update; we experienced the past Google updates takes a long time to roll out the devices, still, a smartphone running on the marshmallow and nougat update. But in Android 9.0 update you will not face it, the update will be rolled out to more and more devices, The updates will be in the hand of smartphone manufacturers up to a limit, Google will just help in it. The google is working on features of the next update that will take very less time to update the device by the manufacturer.
  • Every update of Android comes with multiple changes in the layout of the home screen, menus, navigation, and design, In Android P update you will see a Movable search bar and date widgets. You can move the search bar and date widgets in the next update. In current android Oreo update, the date widgets are fixed on the bottom and top of the Home screen, but some people want to move them anywhere so in Android 9.0 you can expect the features.
  • In every android update Google provides more customization features than the previous one, In android P you can see the newly launched features like customize gestures, screen transitions, and many others.
  • In Android 9.0  update the Pixel Launcher will be available to third-party devices. So as the update will be available for your devices, you can update it on your devices via Google and of their device’s manufacturer. Google Pixel is available to download on Google play store, but it is available online for Google-owned devices like Google Pixel, Google pixel2, and other Google phones. But after launching Google pixel launcher for all devices, it will become easy to download the update to other smartphones.
  • Picture-in-picture is one of the most popular features of android Oreo, but it is not available for all the apps, some apps do not support this features, In Android 90. P update you can expect this features for all the android apps.
  • In last updates we have seen Google is not giving much assistance on tablet focuses experience, Apple launched iOS 11 which is table focused, So google can also start the new update with a focus on tablet., The benefit of this feature will be you can add the tablet apps to the devices.
  • The Android 9.0 updates are expected to launch with more advanced features like more safety and more efficient battery life.

So these are the expected features of Android 9.0 update that you can experience on your devices after installing the update. However all the info we provided about the next Android updates are just expected, The actual result will come to know after the official launch in March or August 2018.

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  1. Hi Saurabh,

    The Picture-in-picture mode is the only feature I loved the most in recent releases of Android. It takes multitasking to next level.

    People used to buy Samsung smartphones specifically for this feature.

    Still as most apps don’t support this feature yet, it makes it a little less usable.

    So, I would be eagerly waiting for More apps to be supported in Latest Android P 9.0.
    And coming to its name, as Sudar pichai said, isn’t it going to be named after Indian dish?

    Keep writing great posts

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