How To Select The Best Application Modernization Services Provider

In our world, today where everything is digital, having an out-of-date application could be the biggest challenge to your business’ growth. As your business adapts to the new technological advances, its applications must evolve as well. While most enterprises have recognized how crucial app modernization is, they sometimes start the journey without having a detailed roadmap. They fail to see the bigger picture from the beginning and this ultimately leads to several pitfalls later on during the Application Modernization process.

This is why you need to select an application modernization services provider that will be the right match for your needs. If you are currently considering cloud application modernization services for your business but don’t know how to go about choosing a provider, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will be discussing some factors that will help you in your decision-making process.

How To Select The Best Application Modernization Companies

1. Technical Capability

One important factor that shouldn’t be overlooked or brushed over when selecting this type of provider is technical capability. When choosing an agency for this job, ensure it has a competent and dedicated team that has the right technical skillset to provide customized and innovative solutions that will improve the capabilities of your business.

While considering their technical capability, also evaluate the provider’s technology areas of focus, operations scalability (this will help you figure out whether they are an ideal match for the business or not), and workflow models.

2. Experience

The last thing you want is for your project to be handled by an inexperienced provider. This is why the provider’s experience and expertise in handling projects that are similar to yours is one factor that shouldn’t be overlooked.

When we say experience, we don’t necessarily mean how long the agency has been in business (although this should be considered also), but we mean evaluating their track record. Having a high success rate means that they have the expertise to handle the job.

3. Sharing Goals

The provider you select will be your business partner when it comes to the application modernization aspect of your business. This is why your business and the provider must have the same qualities that business partners have, including sharing goals. Their working model, processes, priorities, and thoughts should match that of your business.

Both the provider and your enterprise must have common goals for the modernization process from the get-go. You can visit to find out more things a great business partner must possess.

4. Organizational Footprint

Most enterprises think that the modernization provider’s organizational footprint does not have anything to do with their modernization project. However, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Trust us, you will find so many companies offering this service once you start checking for one. This will make your decision-making even more difficult. But understanding the engagement models, strategies, infrastructure, capability landscape, and organizational structure of the companies you are considering will help you streamline your options.

When you evaluate the company’s organizational footprint, you’d better understand its business structure and model.

5. Process

Modernization projects’ success is often largely hinged on the execution process. So, you need to be sure that the company you choose has a detailed map for the whole project.

The plan must contain key components for the project. Your responsibilities and roles should also be clearly stated so that you’d know what your contributions are. They must also be transparent throughout the entire process.

They should make sure you fully understand the project plans, costs, project timeline, resources involved, and the entire process.

6. Cost

Some modernization projects fail because enterprises choose low-cost providers. You may find a cheaper provider more attractive at the beginning of the project. But as time goes on, you’d be disappointed in how poor their services are.

Likewise, some enterprises choose some companies offering these services because of how expensive they are. For people like this, expensive is better; sadly, this isn’t always true. Read this article to learn the psychology behind why people like expensive things. Several companies will have affordable costs and still offer you good services.


We believe you now know the important factors that you have to consider when selecting an application modernization services provider. All of the factors discussed in this article will significantly contribute to how successful your project will be. So, make sure you properly consider each before you make your choice.

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