Application Performance Monitoring- Indispensable for your Business

Monitoring in Information Technology is a term which used to denote the monitoring of network devices, servers and complete IT infrastructure to ensure a ceaseless interface between different terminals.

In today’s world advancements in IT department has ensured innovation, speed and change have infiltrated in the organization to give a delightful user-end experience as the top priority.

Customers access to the web applications, SQL database, application servers and other such complex and distributed framework require end-to-end management in real-time.

No matter what the features of the application mapping and transaction profiling, baseline testing are key to know how different applications perform and easily helps to compare it with its previous performance.

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) comes with all the said features typically based on Cloud or Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Application Performance Monitoring Engine – Core Component to Combat Challenges

Application Performance Monitoring Systems give you complete, real-time visualizations of every customer’s journey into your business and other complex transactions that take place on your server platform. IT professionals face many challenges in running different applications on the server or on the cloud platform.

Managing both local and remote servers can be a tedious task, depending on the amount of data requested from all managed servers. As a result, users end up experiencing slow responses when the computer resource capacity reaches the maximum limit.

The other challenge is to manage virtual servers running on one physical server. There may be multiple servers running on a single server to enable different virtual environments, these virtual environments are dedicated to specific services and are isolated from the main servers.

The old denotation such as managing CPU, memory, disk management seems to be invalid in cloud computing where all the major applications run on a cloud platform.

Thus monitoring huge and complex applications on cloud infrastructure will be a daunting task for IT professionals. Cloud servers are continuously kept busy by adding more features that increase the complexities if not managed efficiently. The health of these servers should constantly be assessed for maintaining efficiency.

Application Performance Monitoring Engine gives you complete monitoring solutions whether your company servers are running standalone servers or on cloud infrastructure.

Application Performance Management with monitoring engine help increase the troubleshoot performance and eliminates the dependency on manual and guesswork. APM provides control over the performance of all the applications that help the management take sound decisions towards achieving business goals.

Application Performance Monitoring Engine Unlocks Complex Bottlenecks

It is not feasible for organizations to hunt for different software that can look at different IT infrastructures. To set up stand-alone application separately to monitor Network servers, database service engines, web servers, dedicated cloud server environments lacks in-depth analysis and fails to give integration that helps address the issue in broader angle. It only overloads the work of the IT managers rather it should act as support systems.

The complexities can be addressed only by a tool that gives IT professionals the big picture of which application requires most attention to attain benchmarks constantly. Thus Installing Application Performance Monitoring Engine not only becomes an integrated approach but positively affects the overall productivity of the organization.

APM for Various Programming Platforms

Effective application performance management can deliver superior dynamics on various programming platforms that are dedicated to performing specific tasks, particularly the applications that are coded using Java, NET, and PHP.

Java applications provide robust application performance. Hence visualizing the application performance in real-time gives the IT manager the necessary insights to maintain the crucial process of End-User experience.

Windows-based apps and Web-based apps that are built using Microsoft .NET framework offer safe execution of codes. Scripting, code-level diagnostics in the most complex and distributed environments are monitored by APM engines to give an ideal user experience.

Applications that are programmed using PHP offer agile, responsive and dynamic design. APM engines monitor such applications with ease and give the much-needed support to the IT managers in rapid issue identification and resolving techniques.

APM – Ultimate Solution for Your Company

Finding a solution to the problem may not be difficult but to find the root cause and assess the application performance at a given time is feasible only with the installation of APM in your company. It monitors and alerts the slowdown of your various applications even when you are not on the desk.

With APM installed, you may not require waiting for the complaints raised by your users to act on specific applications. You will rather proactively detect the anomalies through smarty installed APM and boost application performance before it reaches the threshold level.


APM gives you the clear picture of all your application’s behavior, slowdown, failed response, the level of impact it had on users during anomalies are easily visualized, and the issues are resolved quickly and more efficiently to keep the fame of your business operations unaffected at all times.

The bottom line is if you are considering the ways to improve your business solutions, installation of APM is the first choice to move forward, and together your business operations will continue to flourish and expand.

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