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Development of artificial intelligence and solving global problems with the developments of the Lifeasapa Foundation

In the 21st century, the line between fiction and reality disappears; artificial intelligence enters everyday life, optimizing its quality. The Lifeasapa Association of Scientists fairly believes that Al-technologies are capable of changing the level of development of the world and raising humanity to a new, higher level. Besides, there is an opinion that AI will help our planet survive and solve almost all the problems of the globe.

The Lifeasapa Foundation has over 10 years of experience in the international market and from its own experience can claim that artificial intelligence has a huge impact on technological progress. Scientists – innovators from all over the world were involved in the development of the project.

The main mission of Lifeasapa is the development of innovative systems using AI for a new, perfect life for humanity.

What problems can AI solve?

The integration of artificial intelligence into human life happened a long time ago. Lifeasapa Foundation members conducted research that showed that AI not only makes our lives easier but also contributes to solving global world problems.

  1. Hunger – this problem has affected more than 900 million people around the planet. Every day people struggle to survive. How can hunger be defeated?
  2. Oncology – the number of people with cancer is growing inexorably every day. The disease affects the inhabitants of all countries, regardless of the state of the economy and the level of medicine. How can environmental problems affecting human health been solved?
  3. Ocean and sea pollution – they have turned into a world dump a long time ago. How to cope with the pollution of the Earth’s water surface?
  4. Global warming has become a problem that is changing the way of people’s life around the world. How to resolve one of the most dangerous environmental disasters?
  5. World inequality – this problem could not be solved even by the seemingly flawless Wren-Meidner model. How to overcome material and social differences?

All of the above-mentioned problems and many others can be solved by a modern theory based on artificial intelligence, which has already optimized plenty of activity areas.

In the process of fulfilling various commercial orders, Lifeasapa has introduced many innovative developments in various business areas, thereby significantly improving work processes. At this time, robotics is used in various enterprises, and the human factor fades into the background. Agriculture is becoming automated: the land is cultivated on its own, as well as the machines do harvesting.

A few years ago, 3D printers were an innovation, now their development has taken such a step forward that an entire residential area has been rebuilt in Mexico using this technology, which allowed people to find a shelter.

Vertical air taxi is the goal of many corporations today. Nowadays scientists are working on this project.

To be able to easily and quickly travel from one city to another or move between countries, magneto planes were invented – which are magnetic levitation trains. They can reach a speed of up to 600 km/h, which is as close as possible to aircraft. Moreover, Elon Musk decided to step even further. He is confidently moving towards the creation of a vacuum hypersonic train – a gyre-loop, which speed will reach approximately 1200 km/h.

Autopilot will make traveling safer and reduce road accidents, mainly because of the usage of magnetic fields. Now a Level 5 drone that does not involve a human factor is a reality in world laboratories.

Alternative sources of heat and light will replace oil and gas. The reason lies not only in the fact that oil resources are running out and polluting the earth but also in the fact that the energy of the sun, wind, and the ocean is inexhaustible, environmentally friendly, cheaper to produce, and does not require operating costs.

A World Public Library, where not all information resources and technologies have one owner, is also not a myth, but a reality of the future.

A new level of medicine – the procedure for rescuing patients with chronic diseases, such as asthma, diabetes, various allergic reactions, will become automated. Patients will receive first aid even before the doctors arrive.

The global problem of water scarcity and the ecology of the oceans is being solved with the help of special domes. They will cover the surface of the water and collect condensation. Moreover, in the ocean itself, there will be special floating structures equipped with robots that will purify the water.

Humanity must understand that artificial intelligence is not a fantasy, but a reality that can expand opportunities and change the world. Asapa works every day to improve the technologies that have become firmly embedded in our lives, improving its performance and taking care of all life on the planet.

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