7 Best Mobile Apps for Architects and Architecture Students

In the modern world, the buzz of architecture and structural engineering is expanding and growing at a high pace across the whole world. This article will mention the best apps for architects that make every complex model into a simple and creative one with the sparkling features of applications.

Besides, advanced technology has a tremendous helping hand behind the success and growth progress of the field of engineering. The advanced technology completely changes the image of architecture by replacing touch-screen drafting boards with 3D printing.

Since the advent of smartphones was introduced in front of people, mobile architecture apps‘ buzzes are also elevating among engineers.

These architectural drawing apps are proving one of the best and most effective tools that represent how creatively professional work has been done in both studios and construction sites.

Apart from its incredible creativity and aesthetic drawing features, this is amazingly exciting to use just by swiping with your fingers. 

Here are the lists of some top-rated and highly used architectural applications given below which will offer you excellent work with exciting experience:

7 Best Mobile Apps for Architects and Architecture Students

1.    AutoCAD DWG Viewer & Editor

AutoCAD DWG Viewer & Editor is one of the latest and recently updated apps for architectures with incredible features.

You can measure while you are on the site, annotate architecture sketches with images along share those designs with your other teammate directly with the help of your Smartphone. 

However, the pro version of this application comes with excellent features and unbeatable editing capabilities currently on a reasonable price range of about $4.99 per month.

Download AutoCAD DWG Viewer & Editor from Google Play Store | App Store(iOS).

2. Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express is another creation from Autodesk that presents exciting features. It is a totally free photo editing tool that is designed with robust features that will not ever experienced before.

Moreover, those individuals can’t use this application with standard software in their Smartphones because it is a top-notch application that requires an updated version of the software and smooth running.

The fantastic feature of overlays and masks will offer a professional touch to the usual architectural drawings. 

With the assistance of its Focal Blur and Color Splash, you can add an eye-catchy style in the photographs. 

Download Pixlr Express from Google Play Store | App Store(iOS).

3. Room Scan Pro

Room Scan Pro is an incredible app in which all your need to create a floor plan in your Smartphone.

Generally, it is an application that offers you the creation of a floor plan of the entire room within a couple of minutes just by using a Smartphone. 

Locometric presents this application for providing the best experience to architectures.

The best part is that it is designed with simple to use and user-friendly features by which anyone can create a floor plan by just tapping on the phone to every adjoining wall showing on the screen.

However, every update of this application includes incredible features in which you can draw stairs, exterior along a garden.

Download Room Scan Pro from App Store(iOS)

4. Magic Plan

MagicPlan is one of the robust rivals of Room Scan. It is also designed to draw interior building sketches, but the thing that makes it different from other apps is that you can use its procedure only with the use of pictures. 

Under this procedure, you don’t need to place your phone on walls for measurement, rather simply, you have to stand in the middle of the room, and the device will detect the measurement of each corner, window, door, and finally provide a plan.

However, the pan provided by the application will be 95% approved by professional architectures.  It is an ideal app for architects that offer them quick feasibility and complete accuracy.

Download MagicPlan from Google Play Store | App Store(iOS).

5. ArchiSnapper

ArchiSnapper is an amazing architecture design app that is highly used by people across the whole world. As we know, creating a report of fields after visiting is quite a boring and time-consuming task.

At that moment, ArchiSnapper comes with incredible features that offer you an intelligent way to get field reports. 

It is highly a time-saving application for architecture along with getting professionalism in work. 

This application allows you to insert a photograph, drawing, annotate, or direct comment on the Smartphone, and then just with one click, you can get a complete field report with an accurate analysis.

This application will provide you with accurate digitizing, organization, and classification of data and then sync it to the cloud.

Download ArchiSnapper from Google Play Store | App Store(iOS).

6. Sun Seeker

SunSeeker is an amazing application for identifying the perfect direction for new site structures.

The feature of ozPDA’s smart solar path procedure allows you to analyze the accurate position of the sun and direction for the existing location with the help of a magnetometer and GPS.

Moreover, this application is widely used for remote areas to analyzing the solar path of the spot-on Earth and even at any time of day.

The best feature of SunSeeker is its selection of augmented-reality camera and flat view compass to experience the 3D view of the sun’s direction.

Download Sun Seeker from Google Play Store | App Store(iOS).

7. Homestyler Interior Design

Homestyler Interior Design is a simple, but incredible application for analyzing furniture and finishing combinations for the interior. 

This application is utilizing a large database of the top-notch model with a 3D feature that can be positioned within your rooms.

Whenever you start by clicking a picture of any place within your premises, you will experience how differently light fixtures, chairs, tables, sofas, bookshelves, and carpets would seem together.

Download Homestyle Interior Design from Google Play Store | App Store(iOS).


Consequently, these are some of the best and top-rated architectural applications used across the whole world.

Apart from all of these Apps for Architects as mentioned above, there are also several other versatile applications like Paper, Morpholio trace 2.0, and many other are available over the internet that offers an incredible experience of building plan drawing, and all other work of architecture.

With the advent of these incredible and highly advanced applications, the architectures work smartly, neither hardly.

Moreover, it is one of the best options that offer professional work along with saving a lot of time.

So, if you also want to create a captivating design for your building, then made a selection from these impressive applications and enjoy professionalism with perfect work. If you feel like we missed any good application in the list, do mention it in the comments below.

We will update the content with it.

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