10 Best SmartWatch Brands in India

Soon after smartwatches are becoming popular in India, there are many brands frequently introduced smartwatch models with different features and price ranges. So, there may be difficult to find the best smartwatch brands in India among all. To sort out the difficulties, here I am writing a blog post on the 10 best smartwatch brands in India.

Smartwatches don’t just tell the time. Apart, there are so many benefits of using a smartwatch in India. Here are some of the best benefits of using smartwatches.

  • You can locate your key, phone, or any other devices with your smartwatch
  • Smartwatches are best to send reminders
  • It’s too compact and comfortable to wear
  • You can seamlessly receive your social media notifications
  • You do not need to take out your phone every time for checking SMS and call alerts
  • It can be your best fitness tracker
  • You can answer calls via your smartwatch
  • While traveling, you can use Google Maps with your smartwatch to reach the destination
  • It can count your steps, distances as well you can check your pulse, heart rate, and more

I have listed only major benefits and there are so many benefits of smartwatches to list that I may write in a separate blog post.

So, without further discussion, let’s get started with the name of the 10 best smartwatch brands in India.

Best Smartwatch Brands in India (Top 10 for 2023)

The smartwatch brands listed in the blog post are according to various factors such as best user reviews on Amazon, brand ratings, the brands that offer affordable price ranges, and brands that are offering durable and feature-rich smartwatches.

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fire-boltt smartwatch brand

Fire-Boltt is undoubtedly India’s No.1 smartwatch brand that offers a wide variety of smartwatches exclusively for Indian users.

At present, on the Amazon marketplace website, 20+ smartwatch models have been listed by the brand itself. Fire-Boltt sells smartwatches in a price range starting from 1500 and a maximum range of up to 3800 INR or more.

As you see in many advertisements, popular celebs like Kiara Advani, Vijay Devarkonda and Virat Kohli have been in their advertisement campaigns.

The battery backup is one of the best things about the Fire-Boltt smartwatch brand as the watch can offer the users a solid 8-day battery life that can be the finest solution for those who travel regularly.



You may not have heard about the brand EDYELL yet. Even if it is not a very popular smartwatch brand, it’s one of India’s fastest-growing brands. Tech experts believe that the brand will create some buzz in the first quarter of 2023.

EDYELL S37 High-Resolution Bluetooth calling smartwatch is the only smartwatch currently available under the brand name. The smartwatch offers some extraordinary features to users in India. 

The brand EDYELL has offering a wide variety of neckbands and wireless earbuds. Recently, they entered the smartwatch industry. The EDYELL S37 has received positive responses and reviews from users. 

And so I hope the brand may introduce a few other smartwatches sooner in India



The smartwatch brand Maxima uses SPO2 to offer accurate readings and counts for health tracking.

I have gone through the ratings received by users for the different Maxima brand smartwatches, I wondered as the numbers are just amazing. Most of the users are given 4+ star ratings.

The brand does sell smartwatch collections in affordable ranges starting from as low as 1600 INR with some better features.

The finish and designs handled in all the Maxima watch look premium, stylish, and more sleeky. Indian girls and boys would love wearing smartwatches in such a stylish look.

Maxima features a smart Bluetooth calling function with a dial pad on the watch screen to help users to make calls quickly with the smartwatch.



The brand is currently selling rich-in-feature smartwatches and soon launch laptops and tablets as well.

The brand Novita has recently launched a smartwatch model name called Novita Wristio 2 which is one of the smartwatches with an industry-leading HD display. The display comes in 1.9” in size.

The battery used in the smartwatch brand is just excellent as it gives a solid 30 days standby and lasts up to 4-6 days while in usage.

Novita Wiristo 2 comes with wireless charging, that’s a great feature added in the smartwatch under 3000 INR budget range in India.

The best smartwatch brand in the country to remind you to stay fit and healthy always with the health tracker sensors.



One of the best wearable smartwatch brands in India does not need more explanation to prove the brand. The product categories under the brand are huge such as AirDopes, Rockerz, Stone Audio, BassHeads, and SmartWatches.

There are almost 35 different models of smartwatches for Men & Women that the boat brand currently sells on various platforms. Starting from 1299 INR up to 4999, boAt smartwatches are a great choice of consideration for users with all budget segments.

Even on its basic-priced smartwatches, boAt has used an advanced dedicated Bluetooth calling chip which makes the call quality better and smoother.

There are even some smartwatches in boAt with Alexa built-in features and AMOLED displays as well. You can choose one from boAt according to your budget.



One of India’s biggest electronics brands, Zebronics sells a vast variety of Smart Fitness watches to users globally.

The company recently launched a smartwatch with an AMOLED display and built-in games. 

As the brand is big and many Indians feel like Zebronics sells smartwatches at high prices. No, that’s not true and Zebronics sells high-feature-enabled smartwatches for just 999 INR in India.

The watches in 999 INR range from Zebronics brand features so many highlights such as sports modes, waterproof, stylish premium look, and lots more.



In the list of Fire-Boltt, boAt, and Zebronics, Noise is also a well-known brand in India. The models are just huge with the brand as Noise sells currently 50+ different styles of smartwatches.

Unfortunately, there are no smartwatch models from the Noise brand under 1000 INR as the price range starts from 1499 INR and up to 4499 INR.

The features in the smartwatches are just amazing and best for Indian customers. The round-shaped display watches are very less under the brand. I think there are only one or two models that come in a round display and other models are in square-shaped display.



Initially, the brand Helix sells men’s watches, women’s watches, and digital watches as well. Later, they introduced smartwatches.

Bluetooth calling, temperature sensor, heart rate sensor, and SPO2 monitor are the standard features used in almost all Helix smartwatches.

Helix Smart, Helix Smart 2.0, and Gusto 2.0 are the three different categories from which there are many watch models currently selling under the best smartwatch brand name Helix in India.

10 different sports modes are offered by the company and the ranges are too affordable as you can buy a Helix smartwatch for under 1000 INR in India.



You may wonder why one of India’s most promising watch brands is No.10 on the list, Am I Right? Firstly, I have not curated the blog post list from 1 to 10 using any particular criteria as I just listed the top 10 brands.

Fastrack is undoubtedly the best brand. But, in the smartwatch segments, Fastrack needs more improvement. The company currently offers 20+ smartwatches with some great features added.

The thing is that it won’t fit well for all budget segments. It’s costlier. But, if you have enough budget, you can try one for sure from Fastrack.


The most affordable smartwatch brands in the list of 10 best smartwatch brands in India. If you are looking to buy a smartwatch for less than 600 INR budget in India, MATTSPY is the brand that you all need to look for.

The company does sell a wide range of smartwatch models, most of which are below the 1000 INR range. So, the smartwatch brand is the best choice for those who want to buy smartwatches in affordable ranges.

The ratings and reviews are not what I expected about the brand. There are mixed reviews I studied about the brand.


There are even other brands such as Amazefit, Oppo, Realme, Fossil, Honor, Apple, Samsung, and a few more offering great features in their smartwatch models. If you are not fulfilled with the said 10 brands, you can even try these brands as well.

Wearing a smartwatch offers so many benefits as listed in the beginning. So, you can start wearing it by referring to the best brands list.

If you are already using one from the brand that is not listed and wants to buy a new one with some good features, you too can refer to the post and get one for you from the brand.

Finalize your budget first and then choose one that suits best of your choice.

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