Hidden Best Snapchat Hacks, Tips, Tricks,

Snapchat is a different kind of app in the market. Nowadays, we see most of the social networking sites/apps having almost similar features. But, this app came up with something different and unusual thing, which got a big hit with time. Snapchat is a popular app among all age groups. People have been using this app and clicking their snaps and adding different types of filters and taking the app’s advantage to the fullest. But, that’s not the case with all people. Many things are hidden inside the app, which is not founded by many people. So, today we will help you guys and present to you some fabulous Best Snapchat hacks.

Hidden Best Snapchat Hacks, Tips, and Tricks

Resize Your Text To Make It Fit Into One Line Or As You Like It!

So, you have taken a snap, and you want to add some text, but you want to fit in one line or fit it according to your need! Even I don’t like long texts conveying just a small thing but covering up almost half of the screen. So, many times we want to resize the text that we have added! So to do this follow the below steps-

i) Go To Your Snapchat

ii) Take Your Snap

iii) Once you have taken up your snap, click on the “T” icon which is located at the top right-hand corner of your device’s screen.

iv) This will take you into the text editing mode, now here comes the resize part

v) To resize your text, use your fingers to pinch-to-zoom and resize it according to your need!

Add More Than Snapchat’s Text Limit

A few months back, Snapchat had made an update to their text limit by extending it to 33 characters. But, somehow that’s also very less for people.

But, there’s a Snapchat hack trick going around the internet for more than a year now.

This Snapchat hack uses Notes App (only for iOS) using which you can extend the 33 character text limit.

So the trick is very simple! All you need to is just open up the Notes app and write out your long text/message.

Once that is done, just copy it and then open up your Snapchat’s text field and paste it up there. That will do your work!

Add Some Cool Music To Your Videos!

So, music/sounds are an imperative part of our life. Even most of the time when we are using Snapchat, we have our headphones on, so the videos are being watched with the sound on.

You can also take advantage of this habit of people’s, and you can also add some amazing sounds/music to your videos.

Even I have heard many Snapchat videos with music. So how do they do it? It’s not that hard to do it. It’s pretty easy actually! Just follow up the below steps-

i) Go To Your Snapchat

ii) Now, select any one of your favorite music players. You can use any built-in one or any 3rd party music app. It totally depends upon you. For, e.g.,- Sony’s Walkman App, Spotify, iTunes, etc.

iii) Now, select any song and start playing it.

Iv) Now, start recording your Snapchat video also, and the music will also get included in the video. It’s all automatic! Just enjoy!

Turn Your Videos Into Slow Motion, Fast Forward, Or Rewind It!

A few months back, Snapchat had added a fantastic feature in its updates for videos. Using this Snapchat secret trick, you will be able to make your videos go in slow motion, fast forward, or you can also rewind it.

Now, to perform this Snapchat hack trick, you don’t need any expertise, it’s similar to selecting a filter, just follow the below steps, and you will understand it –

i) Open up the Snapchat app

ii) Record your video

iii) So, once you have recorded your video, just use your finger to swipe sideways.

iv) Now, as you are swiping sideways using your finger, you will find three different types of icons-

1) The Snail icon represents slow motion

2) The rabbit icon represents fast forward

3) The three left side facing arrows (Backward facing) represents the rewind option.

Source: http://goshencommons.org/

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    It is really very informative post and I’ve noticed you always comes with some innovative ideology regarding subject. There are a whole lot of cool things you can do with Snapchat that you may not have known about.

    But before we jump into them, it’s important that you know the basics. I’m also using Snapchat but I dont know its whole application and tricks but after your post many things I’ve learnt from you and it can be very helpful for me to use snapchat smoothly. Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy thought with us.

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