10 Best Bike Racing Games for Android [Free Download]

Bike racing games have always given a thrilling experience to users. This is the reason for increasing eagerness for action games, shooting, Cricket, Car Racing, and bike racing games among young genres today.

Unlike the early days when bike games were limited to video game cassettes and T.V. only, the facilities have been drastically changed.

Nowadays internet facilities had made it possible to present racing games on Android smartphones.

You no need to do a huge set up of T.V., remote, play station, video cassette, etc. Everything is available in the android version of smartphones.

This helps a player to quickly start and end the game at their favorite place anytime anywhere. This has led to the increasing popularity of online bike racing games and teenagers are crazy about it.

It gives a realistic feeling of Free motorcycle games on just your phone that most teenagers love to play after downloading bike racing games of their choice.

Most of them are confused about which bike race free top motorcycle racing games to download and from where to download.

Top 10 Best Bike Racing Games for Android 2023

Racing Fever – Moto: [Editors’ Choice]

Racing Fever Moto

Boost up your bike race game excitement a new kick with Racing Fever: Moto app. The graphics are so well designed that one would not like to come out of the gaming zone.

The Bike game lover won’t be able to leave their phone until the last stage of the phone’s battery.

The interface is excellent and contains four different camera angles. This helps in controlling the bike and experiencing the fantastic race of the bike.

This bike racing games online gives the choice to select from 16 different unique bikes, four various ruthless gang leaders in 4 different regions. Also, there are ten varieties of racing types in the beautiful atmosphere of the racing path.

 Game features

  • Control your bike by tilting the phone
  • Race daily to win valuable gifts inside the game
  • The app supports 23 languages
  • Four different camera angles

So, break the rules and run away from cops in Racing Fever: Moto app.

Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic [Editors’ Choice]

Moto Rider GO Highway Traffic

I would say this bike game app is for courageous hearts. Experience the beating heart and breathtaking thrills, and you have never seen any motorbike games before.

Playing this bike racing game will teach you how to take critical decisions while racing in real life also. Enjoy the underground rivalry and gang battles each one chasing to be the brutal king on the road.

Explore the 4 unique locations: Suburbs, Desert, Snow, and Night City, each with its own look and feel. The motorcycles are easily customizable, ranging from badass choppers to fast motocross bikes.

You will enjoy the speed that cannot be stopped by anything less than a hard brick wall.

Game features

  • Select your favorite motorbike category: chopper, cross, or superbike!
  • Extremely smooth graphics
  • Enjoy extreme 3D visuals!
  • Customize bike with unique tuning

Traffic Rider: [Editors’ Choice]

Traffic Rider

This is one of the high graphics bike racing game for android.

The more you play, the more you will earn coins, and you will be able to purchase a superbike with those coins. Easy to handle the movement of the bike with simple tilt.

TrafficRider driving game is addictive and fun.

The animations are smooth. Unlock the higher level and choose the new best bikes to beat the missions in career mode. Tons of customizable options are present.

The path of a bike race is surrounded by beautiful places with day and night variation themes.

A wide range of bikes around 29 no’s are available to run for the mission.

Game features

  • Support 19 languages
  • First-person camera view
  • Career options with 70+ missions
  • Real motor sound recorded from real bikes.

Real Bike Racing:

Real Bike Racing

One of the highly downloadable bike racing game on android phone.

Racing bike on this motorcycle game app gives you a thrill and practical experience of driving. Just a tilt of your smartphone right or left makes the handle of the bike move in that particular direction.

The bike racing starts, and you play against other riders.

They try to knock you off the track.

There are different exciting levels inside the game you’ll find on as you go on unlocking higher levels. The max. speed goes up to 160kmph which suddenly accelerates with a good pick up.

Game features

  • 10+ types of superbikes
  • Rearview mirror
  • 3-D graphics with dynamic lighting effect
  • V R mode available

Furious City Moto Bike Racer:

Furious City Moto Bike Racer

Get the experience of riding in the city. This online bike games application provides unique facilities in gaming and has the best interface.

You can transport or pick up your passengers in between.

The city map is presented with stunning graphics.

It covers bridges, terrain, beautiful roads, hilly regions, etc. 21 unique colors and different varieties of bikes are available to choose from.

You will meet lots of challenging game missions during the play, along with many excellent features.

Game features

  • Upgrade your moto vehicles by unlocking levels
  • Superfast bikes were achieving max. speed soon
  • carrying girl passengers

Give this a try and drive the moto bike like a king in the beautiful stunning furious city.

Motorcycle Rider-Racing of Motor Bike

Motorcycle Rider

The realistic feeling of a driving motorcycle can be well captured from this app.

It provides you with the different modes of playing and racing with others.

There are many new adventurous racing tracks with an ideal scenario.

Before choosing your favourable Motorcycle, You are given a choice to review it completely.

Choose the sporty, smart bike from the huge garage, check the engine and accelerator to clip along the road.

This bike online games app gives complete freedom to rush, Gallop, speed up, crash, and experience the drive like a crazy monster.

This is totally an addictive game and can prove to be the best entertainment source while traveling or in your leisure time.

Game features

  • Realistic 3-D graphics
  • Three game mode: Career mode, Time trial, Endless mode
  • Rich tracks and varying Scenes
  • Coins collecting and making scores

Trial Xtreme 4: Extreme Bike Racing Champions

Trial Xtreme 4

Have you ever dreamt of going adventurous tour with your own real bike?

This app is somewhat likely going to make you realize the same.

The bike racing with various types of challenges, exciting, fun obstacles, excitement through the way, and leaving behind the competitors in the race, can give a thrilling experience.

This will increase the cravings to play more and more.

This is a skill-based racing game, unlike the ordinary competition. This is specifically designed for the best motocross PVP where your mission is to become champions by competing players all across the world online.

One of the best graphic designed 3-D online bike racing games.

Game features

  • Challenge your strategic thinking to win the bike race.
  • 3-D graphics with challenging levels and path
  • 200 awesome customization gear items
  • PVP game to complete online.

Bike Race – Motorcycle world:

Bike Race Motorcycle World

With the Motorcycle world app, you will experience a beautiful tour on a dangerous road. Watch the obstacle coming in your path and race along the horrible road path.

This app gives the flexibility to choose your favorite camera angles of your choice. The graphics are fantastic with beautiful deserted maps and smooth narrow roads.

Help the people by giving lifts in your path. As the level increases, you would be able to collect and unlock better bikes. You can even enjoy performing stunts also while on a bike race mission.

The experience of a bike race is mind-blowing.

Game features

  • Perform climber stunts.
  • 4×4 road motorcycle driving simulator
  • EPIC off-road track

Moto Racing 3D:

Moto Racing 3D

Moto Racing 3D is a fun and challenging bike racing game.

This 3d bike racing games prepare you for the ultimate race. It has fantastic graphics discovering realistic race bikes and maps, which is very pleasant for the eyes.

The graphic path map contains the city, the desert, the village, and the winter look theme gives an eye-catchy look.

The game offers unique challenges along with multi-colour motorcycles to choose from. The controls are comfortable, and the game mechanics are also impressive.

Enjoy the customized riding experiences by choosing the steering wheel, gyro controls, Joystick, etc.

Game features

  • Breathtaking 3-D graphics
  • Ten different motorcycles
  • Four game modes:- One way, return, against time, free ride
  • Customizable paint, trim, and vinyl

Bike Racing 2023:

Bike Racing 2019

This road race game comes up with an excellent map of the mountain valley and running clouds in the sky.

The overall graphics are fantastic.

The bikes can be controlled straightforwardly. The real adventure of racing can be beautifully experienced on this platform.

Leaving the competitors behind one by one gives a feeling of the superior king of a bike race. With the increasing levels, one can upgrade his bike for high speeds.

The interface contains multiple precarious tracks. Start with the stunning adventure race of a lifetime.

This bike race video game is full of unique missions which you will love to try again and again.

Game features

  • 3-D graphics experience
  • the smoothest control ever saw
  • game tournaments
  • Upgrading bikes

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