Lock Apps and Block Websites on Mac effortlessly with Cisdem AppCrypt 4 for Mac

The web is full of information to consume. It is obvious to get distracted often from work and productivity is affected in the end. You also lose track of time with the attractive user experience you get on the websites. Cisdem AppCrypt 4 is a handy tool to lock apps and block websites on MAC.

You can set timers for apps or websites to control the time spent on Social Media apps i.e WhatsApp, Facebook, and other websites. After all, consuming information is necessary to stay updated with worldly happenings.

In this review of Cisdem AppCrypt 4,

I will take you through the process of how to block a website on mac blocking websites and apps on a Mac without any third-party software and how Cisdem AppCrypt 4 software, being one makes it easier for users to manage the blocking of apps and websites securely.

How to lock apps and block websites on Mac without third-party software:

The process of blocking websites and time-locking apps on macOS Catalina is different than on its previous versions. Parental controls have evolved into screen time lockers and digital well-being is taken seriously by Catalina.

Let’s take a look at how the blocking of websites is done through evolved screen time controls first and later we will see the relative benefits of using Cisdem AppCrypt 4 for the same.

Step 1: Go to ‘System Preferences’ and click on the ‘Screen Time’ icon.

System Preferences’

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘App Limits’ tab options, and turn in on if it is set to off by default.

App Limits’ tab options

Step 3: Click on the ‘+’ and select the app(s) group by category. You can either select the entire group or a particular app from each group.

select the app(s)

Step 4: Set the timings for each app or the group selected and click ‘Done’.

Native screen time app doesn’t give you much control except the app time limitations. Of course, the reporting will be good.

This is where Cisdem AppCrypt 4 gains an advantage over the native screen time option. Before we look into the user interface of Cisdem AppCrypt, let’s take a peek at the features of this software.

Features of Cisdem AppCrypt 4 for Mac:

1. One password access for all apps and websites

You can protect the apps and websites with one password. You can categorize them as whitelist/blacklist and set a password for all.

This will restrict the user to access certain apps and websites without a password. Unlike on Mac, you not need to use the lock screen password for the same functionality.

2. Customize the Encryption Schedule

This option allows you to set customized time schedules for accessing particular apps and games Websites.

This is a great digital parenting option that is a must-need for parents of the fast-paced technological era.

3. Auto exit inactive apps

Cisdem AppCrypt will terminate the apps that are running in the foreground when it detects the idle time and the Mac computer goes to sleep.

This adds additional privacy to the apps and the content when the authorized person is not at the desk.

4. Track login failed attempts

Cisdem AppCrypt 4 keeps a log of all login attempts with the date and time stamp along with the photos of the login attempt for theft-proof security.

You can review the login attempts later and find out who has tried to infiltrate your computer.

5. Invisible in task manager

This app works in the background and won’t be shown in the task manager.

So, there is no fear of restricted users disabling it from running in the background. Also, it won’t take CPU load while the system is idle.

6. Global shortcuts

It allows you to set global shortcut keys to hide or reveal the app running window. These global shortcuts can also be set to enable or disable website blocker when necessary.

How to lock apps and websites using Cisdem AppCrypt 4

After installing and opening the software, you will see ‘System Preferences’, ‘Activity Monitor’, ‘Terminal’, and ‘Console’ added to the restricted access list by default.

This is to avoid accessing advanced tools on the computer that can disable Cisdem AppCrypt 4 from running.

Step 1: Click on the ‘+’ icon to add apps or games to the list.

lock apps and websites using Cisdem AppCrypt 4

Step 2: Select the app you want to restrict access to. It will be added to the list on the left pane. You can remove the added apps by clicking on the app on the left pane and clicking the ‘-‘ icon on the top.

app on the left pane

Step 3: Click on the ‘WebBlock’ icon on the top right of the window and click on ‘+’ to add a list of websites you want to block. You can use this option the other way around. Select the ‘Allowlist’ to give access only to specific websites.

That’s it! Simple in just 3 steps, which is one step less than the native app blocker yet powerful and flexible.

Admin controls on Cisdem AppCrypt 4:

Go to ‘Preferences’ where you will find three tabs, ‘General’, ‘Password’, and ‘Schedule’ to control the software functioning.

General Options:

Show status on the Menu bar – This option shows the app running status on the Menu bar. It is better to opt out if you are parenting your child with this software.

Setting shortcuts – You can set global shortcuts to open the main window of the application or enable/disable the workbook.

Launch at startup – This option sets the application to run when the system starts.

Capture a photo with failed attempt – Captures the photo of the person who tries to log in to the app.

Quit all protected apps when Mac goes to sleep – This option stops all restricted apps from running as it detects the idle time on the computer. The detection of idle time depends on the sleep setting on the computer.

Password Options:

You can change the password to access the app from this option.

Schedule Options:

Turn on the ‘Enable Schedule’ option in the tab and click on the ‘Setting’ button. Select the days of the week and set the timings so that the AppCrypt 4 will start running as per the schedule without manual intervention.


Not that Mac has less secured options in its native screen time but it lacks some controls. Cisdem AppCrypt will provide that flexibility in restricting the apps and block websites for self for better productivity and family.

For the price of $30 per Mac, Cisdem AppCrypt 4 makes quite an addon for controlling the privacy on your computer.

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