7 China Travel Apps to Make Your Trip Hassle-Free

If you are in China for tourism, then the trip is going to hassle for you if you didn’t plan. Everything in China is integrated with technology, and if you are not handy with technology, then you are in trouble. Many applications have been designed purposely to assist while traveling, and the apps are beneficial. China Travel Apps for both Android & iOS users can help you in several things, for instance.

How Can China Travel Apps Help you?

Language understanding, speaking, and translation – People in China do not speak English. In most countries, it has been seen that travel guides can speak multiple languages, and you both will find a common language to express your thoughts but not the same in China. Only a few people can understand and speak English. In this regard, Chine Travel Apps can help you a lot.

Communication – Communication in China is using high edge technology. All kinds of communication can be done via computers and phones with extreme ease. They use different communication apps to talk to one another for free.

Traveling Around – If you want to roam in different historical and beautiful places in China, then you must know how and where to go to get there. Because the busses, trains, and other modes of transport in china are not self-explanatory. Undoubtedly, China is a challenging place for tourism. That’s why China Travel Apps can help you a lot while moving from one place to another location in China.

7 Best China Travel Apps to Make Your Trip Hassle-Free


FluentU is one of the best China Travel Apps that can assist you in learning and speaking the Chinese language. It offers several appealing ways of learning a language without physically participated in the bore classrooms.

You can learn Chinese through interactive videos, music, news, debates, and other sources. You will learn the Chinese language as it is speaking in China. While exploring different interactive videos, you will also learn about Chinese culture. It is fully equipped with Chinese Drama, TV Shows, TV Ads, & music. So, as a whole, you will have a lot to explore.

The user interface of the application is well designed, and thus it makes the app easy to use. You can easily navigate through different options of the application with no hassle.

You can explore vocabulary, the pronunciation of a word, translation from English to Chinese, and Chinese to English.

Last but not least, you can explore different quizzes to check your speaking, listening, writing, and reading capabilities of Chinese.

Baidu Maps

Google Maps play an important role in travel and tourism, but most of the time in China, it doesn’t work even though you are using a reliable VPN. In China, Google Maps leads you to such places that do not exist in reality.

That’s why Google Maps is not a great choice in China.

You can use Baidu Maps. Baidu is a search engine just like Google but for Chinese. The majority of the Chinese use Baidu Maps to move from one location to another location in China. It is highly accurate, up to date, and highly reliable for China Maps.

But the language is the barrier here too. You can only operate Baidu in Chinese, unfortunately not in English.

Note: Drivers in China can’t understand English that why don’t you need an app that can translate your language to Chinese.


Who is not familiar with the WeChat App. It is one of the most popular applications in China. The Government of China has officially blocked the WhatsApp and Facebook, and the WeChat offers the same functionality for the Chinese. You can send text messages, audio/video messages, and even though you can call your friends and family by using this application.

Another appealing feature of WeChat is “live location” you can share your live location with your friend who is going to visit you. With the help of WeChat you can also order your meal, can go shopping, can arrange a taxi, can easily buy a bus, train, or plane ticket, and also can do so many other things.

For Chinese people, WeChat is a digital wallet and a primary source of payment for them. They don’t carry cash with them. WeChat is free to download & use.


Ofo is for traveling around on the bike. It’s a tremendous bike-sharing application for Chinese people. Very soon, you will see in the yellow motorcycle everywhere, and these yellow bikes are Ofo bikes.

To avail the bike, all you need is to launch the Ofo application, scan the QR code available on the bike, and you can rent that bike for just one CNY or $0.15 /hr.

Once your need for bike comes to an end, all you need to lock the bike and then money will be deducted from your Ofo account. How cool & convenient it is!

The only problem is that you need to integrate your WeChat wallet with the application to proceed with the payments.

Note – Ofo is 100% free to download & install, but it costs your rent of the rental bike.


Here comes the most excellent English to Chinese Dictionary you can use. If you are struggling to learn Chinese, then you must try this amazing application. With this application, you are at liberty to save different words and their definitions and can also categorize them. Based on your classification, you can set your TEST Mode.

It also comes up to an amazing & highly accurate voice translator. You can translate any word you don’t know simply by holding the microphone near to their mouth. After successful translation, you can place those words in your flashcards.

Another appealing feature that makes this application unique and stands it out among other competitor applications is its character scanning functionality. It has a database of Chinese style that mainly use in china, Taiwan, and Singapore.

It is free to use but with limited functionality. To enjoy the premium features of the applications, you need to purchase the subscription of the application. The basic features of this application are available in 29.99$, but premium features are available in 59.99$. And it is an onetime payment.


CTrip is another great China Travel app. If you want to buy tickets for a bus, train, or plane, you can buy with Ctrip. Moreover, if you are relocating to a new place for a few days, then you can find suitable hotels and can easily make reservations. The application is integrated with a number of other online travel portals that are offering the best deals in China.

As far as payment methods of this application are concerned, you can use several different payment methods. Undoubtedly, it is great for foreigners as it has multiple payment gateways.

CTrip is free to download & use.



VPN is the primary technical application you require while traveling to China because the Chinese Government has ban social media applications like Google, FB, and WhatsApp.

VPNs keep you safe & secure while staying online. There are several VPNs available over the internet for Android & iOS devices, but we highly recommend to download VPN the RUSVPN. RUSVPN is offering a highly secure encryption mechanism, fast connections, and available at highly affordable rates.

It is equipped with several VPN Server across the globe. You are at liberty to get connected with any of the servers. Depending on your plan, it costs only 9.99$ a month.  So, Travel to China with RUSVPN to unblock all the social media applications.

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