How to improve your SEO with Do-It-Yourself SEO Frameworks

Building your own website is an exciting venture. You get to create the perfect place on the internet to market your brand and sell products. However, one thing that always takes time to create is content.

Without content, websites don’t rank and can’t get the same visibility as competitors in search engines.

That’s also why SEO is so important.

Search engine optimization continues to be the best way to gain organic traffic and market your products without having to shell out huge amounts of money to advertising networks. This is why it’s so important to find the right SEO guide and checklist that can supersize your website and help you rise quickly to the top of Google.

How an SEO Checklist Could Help Your Website

Still, creating content and understanding SEO strategy take time. That’s why keywords like SEO checklist are so popular. Everyone wants the quick way to build their content so that search engines will find it and rank their website on the first page.

When looking through all of the SEO guides and checklists out there, one common thread is easily pulled: these are older guides that aren’t updated for current search engine algorithms–except for one.

The SEO Buddy SEO checklist and SOP package certainly saves business owners and entrepreneurs a ton of time and money. You get over 100 SEO action items, as well as step-by-step instructions and over 60 standard operating procedures for training employees on SEO strategy, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, content, technical markup, and backlinking opportunities.

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The experts behind SEO Buddy also provide support and update the checklist every time there is a Google algorithm update. This helps you maintain your website with the best content that’s most relevant to your audience, while also gaining ranking signals necessary to rise up in SERPs.

Whether you or your team need to implement new content and SEO tactics, this checklist has literally everything you need to improve every page on your website, including technical markup that helps search engine crawlers categorize and match your website to user intent.

What’s Included in the SEOBuddy Checklist?

What if SEO could be simple to understand, easy to implement, and actually fun to track? 

When you’re not hunting down all of the latest tips from articles across the internet, you have a lot more time to optimize your website. That’s exactly what SEO Buddy wanted to create.

This checklist is super helpful because of its layout and instructions. Not only is each action item listed in a simple Google Sheet, but it comes with separate instructions for each step. Many guides on SEO claim to offer the same clarity, but they rarely do, which can lead to incomplete content that won’t ever rank on the keywords you want.

Take a look at the features of this checklist and compare to some of the others out there:

  • Over 100 SEO guides with step-by-step instructions
  • Multiple on-page SEO action items with detailed implementation instructions
  • Off-page SEO guidance with detailed steps on building backlinks
  • The Link Chest with 761 easy-to-win backlink opportunities
  • 60+ standard operating procedures for businesses in need of training and processes
  • Content distribution guide and list of best networks
  • Trello boards for easy setup and implementation
  • 52-Week Content Planning Calendar
  • Updated frequently, resolving many issues with Google algorithm changes

While the checklist is a huge part of why this package is so successful, business owners really benefit from all of the guides and SOPs. If you don’t have the time to implement SEO on your own, it’s easy to use this checklist and documentation to understand what your website should have without hiring an agency or taking an online class.

You can also pass this SEO Buddy package to your team, and they’ll have the same knowledge that SEO experts have learned from over 15 years of search engine optimization expertise.

You’ll also learn how to conduct SEO audits and what tools are best to help you track and monitor search engine performance.

Plan Your Content Wisely and Publish on All Channels

SEO Buddy also has multiple content guides, allowing you or your team to develop comprehensive content strategies and calendars that span multiple weeks.

You can plan an entire year of content using SEO Buddy. The package includes instructions on the best keyword research, topic ideation, blog scheduling, monitoring tools, formatting tips to increase readership, and an entire list of content distribution opportunities.

In addition, the Link Chest is a special feature of SEO Buddy that gives you every single backlink opportunity. In fact, there are 761 backlinks with instructions on how to win each opportunity. That’s invaluable for many businesses that have stagnant SEO performance and want to rank up quickly on Google.

Do DIY SEO Frameworks Really Work?

The SEO Buddy checklist is actually a thorough framework to help self-motivated marketers, business owners, content strategists, and website-building entrepreneurs get an optimized website without hiring an agency or entire content team.

You can use the framework to create new content, optimize your links, and even use the linking guide for over 760 backlink opportunities. It’s worth it just for this feature alone. Only SEOs typically know these tips and tricks, which is why it’s quickly being implemented within small businesses.

With detailed documentation, content distribution tips, and SEO training processes, anyone can use this checklist to improve their rank in Google.

How the SEO Framework is Structured

There are 10 columns in the SEOBuddy Framework package. Each column offers helpful information about each action item.

  • Column 1: Lists the SEO action item
  • Column 2: Tells you why this item is important and how it improves your SEO
  • Column 3: Status check for you or your team to update progress
  • Column 4: Level of difficulty to implement the SEO action item
  • Column 5: Explains the impact of improving your website with this particular step
  • Column 6: Estimated expense if additional tools are needed to implement
  • Column 7: Lists the tools necessary to complete the action item
  • Column 8: Lists the SOP links to further guidance and training for your team
  • Column 9: Provides video instruction if available
  • Column 10: Additional resources to clarify any confusing steps

Additionally, SEOBuddy provides support with all of its products. You’ll get expert guidance with step-by-step instructions to clarify all implementations, as well as tips from the SEOs who have ranked up clients in all industries for over 15 years. It’s an incredible resource for any business, start-up, entrepreneur, or marketing team looking to amplify their search presence.

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