Editpad Review: Online Text Editors Are Helpful for Bloggers and Writers

Blogging and writing is multidisciplinary work, in which you have to write on any topic whether it belongs to your field or not. You have to go through a number of different types of literature, in addition, to write considering different cultures.

Regardless of whether the content you need to create is a question, a book, or have to write for newspaper, magazine, or commercial advertising, it needs to be free of error and plagiarism. Though writing is certainly a professional practice, you’re not just putting words and keep on adding to reach the required word count.

Writers should make their writing interesting, insightful, intriguing, and catch focus. Highly focused writing includes considerable attention to detail, an understanding of a range of subjects, as well as the ability to edit simply and accurately.

It may sound like a daunting task, but a good online text editor is highly useful in achieving this goal. This article, is given a review of Editpad

Editpad Review – How it can help writers and bloggers.

No Downloading/ Installation

It is a difficult and time-consuming task to download and install applications because of the large download size and also occupies large storage spaces on your device. Being a writer and blogger is all about working on the go. The moment you need to write or edit something you have to do it without wastage of time.

Instead of wasting time and your storage space on downloading and installation of tools for editing, an online text editor is the best option. No doubt Editpad is quick to use because there is no need for any kind of downloading and installation to use. 

Just have an internet connection and it’s available to you. Editing and creating documents become less of a headache having no installation process required. Moreover, the space that could be occupied by heavy software could also be available for your documents instead.

The other major helping point of this plain text editor is that it can be used on any device, from your desktop or tab or mobile phone. This allows authors and bloggers to edit or create notes on the go as there’s no need for a computer to use it.

No Registration

As soon as writers need to edit any document or note their thoughts somewhere, they want to do it rapidly so that the ideas in their minds are not lost. While using online text editors available on the web, they have to register, log in or sign up to use the premium features. Well, that’s annoying and takes a lot of writer and blogger’s precious time.

To avoid this wastage of time and loss of ideas during the process, Editpad is available to them without any login or sign up requirements. Whether they need an online text editor from their working space or from anywhere in the rest of the world they can use Editpad without registering or signing in. 

There is no need for bloggers to use the service by including their email address or contact information. All they have to do is open the tool and start writing or editing down to complete their task without distractions.

No Charges

Most of the text editing sources require subscription charges to enjoy their services. It’s sometimes become too hefty for the writers to pay for tools that they use seldom. Bloggers and writers are contributors to the knowledge available to us for free. Then why should they have to spend in order to provide us with information?

Among the online text editors, the Editpad is the most notable and amazing tool that is available to authors free of charge and as mentioned can be used without an account. This tool’s free text editing allows writers to edit posts or content without spending any money on high-end writing software.

Whether they use Microsoft Word or a high-quality word processor, they have to buy the full version of the software to access text editing, but with Editpad they can use the basic version of text editing for free.

Even Microsoft’s software is, to some extent, now beyond the reach of content writers as they are becoming too expensive. And therefore, they don’t have to spend any money subscribing or for trial purposes using an online text editor.

Upload File

Due to the freedom of editing text, whether by creating your content or uploading file, the best approach is to use the online Editpad. All you have to do is open the URL and choose from the options “create new text note” or “upload file from local device” and you can start editing and updating them as needed.

Regardless of the file format in which you would like to make changes, whether TXT, DOC, DOCX, or PDF, Editpad allow you to open these file formats and edit your texts without worrying.

It works great on documents that need to be efficiently and instantly edited. Using an online editor is a better choice than opening or downloading the required file in an application first to paste its content on a tool. 

Character/Word Counting

Being a writer and blogger you must be aware of the importance of word count in your writing, especially in blog posts. Some webmasters are highly particular with word count and require the content within the defined limit.

Concerning the importance of word count in the content Editpad comes with word as well as character count facility. With this feature, you can know the number of words in your text and you can increase or decrease the final count according to your preferences.

So character and word count feature of this online text editor is a plus point for authors and writers who have to write their posts within the specified limits.


Whether you’re writing for your blog or creating content for a webmaster, one thing is universal, it should be free of grammatical errors. Before submitting or posting your work you must make sure there are no grammatical mistakes to keep it easily readable. 

Online text editor provides grammar check functionality, thereby avoiding errors in your existing content. This tool will show you real-time alerts to fix all kinds of spelling and even

grammatical errors. Editpad can assist you in your grammar whether you are not a natural writer or you’re writing in a foreign language.

Plagiarism Checking

Plagiarism is a great liability nowadays and writers have to suffer a lot if their work proves to be copied. To avoid the penalty of plagiarism bloggers and authors try their best to create original and unique content. As nothing is new under the sun, they can’t generate whole of the content all through their minds.

They have to take ideas and inspiration from other writers work to create informative content, that’s where the need for plagiarism checking tool arises. There are several online plagiarism checking tools available to cross-check your work before submitting it.

Spending on a tool with plagiarism detection is an extra expense, instead, the amazing feature of Editpad spare you from being penalized due to plagiarism offering free plagiarism checker.

With this tool, you can check plagiarism during editing and without navigating anywhere else. As you can edit as well as assess originality when you use an online text editor, you can concentrate on the things you are working on. And you are free from the thoughts of being penalized due to plagiarism.

Ø  Rich Text Mode

By default Edipat opens in a simple and plain editing text mode, but if you want to edit your work in a customized way you can switch to its “Rich Text Mode”. This mode allows you to use all the formatting options available as in MS Word.

You can edit your text in any format and style you need, as this online text editor comes with a lot of options. You can choose your text alignment inline text and even modify text styles. Moreover, you can also insert bullets and numbering in any of the formats your document requires.

Using the rich text mode of Editpad you can insert tables, images, links, media template or any kind of special characters. In short, there are numerous editing features available in this mode without any charges.

Ø  Download and Autosave

It is one of the best things about the Editpad that you can download your text files as soon as you are done editing them. You can download your document in .txt format or even PDF or Docx (rich text mode). 

This is particularly beneficial for those writers who want to access their files offline since it allows them to do so easily with a single click on the interface. Moreover, if you don’t want to download your files they are readily available to you in the app.

During editing your text they are auto-saved in the online text editor in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about the loss of your work. Autosaving and downloading of files make author work more secure and safe for future use.

What writers do not like in Editpad?

Some writers find difficulty while using this tool because of some factors. You would also read them to get in-depth information before accessing this tool.

Ø  Screen Size

Many tools over the internet provide a direct full-screen feature. Editpad has a short screen size as compared to other editing or grammar checking tools. Many bloggers find it difficult to look at the words they have written.

No doubt, a user can change the screen layout and make it a full-screen tool, but it is annoying for some writers. They do not want to invest their time to go to settings and change the screen layout. That is why it restrict some users to come again for its usage.

Ø  Annoying Ads

Many tools on the internet will show you ads while working. Editpad is one of those tools that allow the ads to pop up on the sidebar of your screen. Sometimes, you will get those ads in the place of the menu bar.

It is annoying for a writer to get ads during work. In such conditions, he might lose his intentions related to his work. For a writer, it is essential to focus on the work. This factor may lead them to leave the focus on the work.

Ø  No Menu Bar

Editpad has no visible menu bar. Yes, a writer would not be able to add bulleted points, change font size, and do other actions with simple steps. It would be difficult for many writers to visit the original document again while working on this editor.

So, they do not use this tool for their document editing because of the unavailability of this feature. They do not find a menu bar to access all its features quickly and efficiently. It means that you would have to change the format after downloading the document again.

Final Note

Editpad is the best tool if you want to do editing in your document. It will enable you to use multiple tasks under one site. You can easily check grammar mistakes, plagiarism content, word count, and much more.

The site will also give you an efficient way to paraphrase your content if you find some problems. All these tasks are simple for writers to do. You should use this tool if you have no problem with the formatting of your document. It is because you will do everything instantly and efficiently.

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