[Find my Phone] How to find the lost or Stolen Android Phone

You might have recently lost your android smartphone or very much cautious about losing it – which might have let you land on this page. Are you worried about tracking and locating your android device which has been recently lost? Or have you been asking your techie friends, “Can you help me find my phone?”

Worry not! I can help you with it.

It feels very disappointing when your expensive android smartphone is lost or stolen. The other danger is losing your sensitive data and information which can be misused and can affect you badly.

But, don’t get stressed, we have various ways to track an android phone that is lost.

Mishappenings can occur with any person as life is full of uncertainty.

Presently, we can see almost every hand occupied with an android phone.

This is good as smartphones have made our lives a bit easier. But, if you are unlucky, an unfortunate incident is not far off and it may happen to you too.

It is easy to track and locate your android device.

People keep their expensive smartphones safe but, still, the bad times let your phone slip away from your hands.

Sometimes, it could be your carelessness too. But there is no need to worry much as we have brought various ways to find a stolen android phone.

How Google helps in tracking and locating your Android device?

Having a Google account helps us in many ways to locate the lost phone. If we talk only about lost phones, google account (hoping that the phone is linked up) will let you remotely access, let you control, lock, and erase all data permanently from the device.

Not only this but also Google android device manager helps in locating your phone hiding under the cozy couches or the pillows.

For your ease, we have compiled up the necessary steps to track and locate your android device through Google itself.

Make sure your phone is linked with your Google account.
Type in the Google search, “Find my phone” or else navigate to “android.com/find
It will take you to “myaccount.google.com”

find my phone
  • Choose your lost phone from the listed devices.
  • Authenticate your login with Google to ensure that it is you who is trying to access your stolen phone.
  • Thereafter, various options will be visible in the interface. Select your desired actions accordingly from the lists like a ring, locate, lock your phone remotely, sign out of your phone, erase data permanently, etc.
  • You can lock your phone and set up a new password remotely.

This helps in a great way to find a stolen android phone and control your device remotely. You can even play a sound on the lost phone even if it is in the silent mode – so that if the thief is nearby, you can catch him by the siren. You can even secure your phone so that the finder can’t access your home screen.

If your lost phone grabs the proper network it will give you its exact location too.

Thus, helping you in a great way to find a lost phone quickly and easily.

Using a third-Party App to Find my Phone

Apart from Google Phone Finder, there are other ways also to keep your mobile on track. One can understand the pain, stress, worry, and inconvenience caused to a person who has lost their mobile phone.

There are many apps available on the play store which helps to find a lost phone.

Few of the best selections among them to locate my phone are listed below:-

Life 360- Family locator, GPS tracker


This app is of great use, especially for families. This Android app helps you in making a closed group with the consent of everyone.

It will give you the location of each person in the group through small icons on the map and notify you regarding the arrival and departure of a particular person in the group circle.

Life 360 app ensures the safety of family members too outside the house. This app will allow you to find the real-time location of circle members of your group on a private family map and also to chat with them.

The app comes up with a diverse array of features and gives you multiple benefits. Through real-time location alerts – You will be able to track your phone in case it is lost or stolen.

The app will track an android phone on the map with the help of GPS sensors on the phone. This app is of great use to find a stolen android phone.

It works well on android devices as well as on iPhone.

Anti-theft-track my phone

Anti Theft

This is one of the best free apps to find a stolen android phone. It helps you greatly to track and locate your android device and adds up the safety. Download it from the play store to find a lost phone and also to prevent it from being theft.

You can trigger an alarm from your missing phone or when someone tries to use it. This app allows you to activate automatic pocket detection to trigger the loud alarm when the phone is taken out of your pocket.

You must have to set a security code in the app through which you can SMS the command and track the lost phone.

Suppose, you misplaced your phone and it is in silent mode, You just need to send an alarm command via SMS to trigger the alarm using any other mobile phone.

Some of the important features of this find my device android app to track an android phone are:

  • Remotely gets the exact location of your missing phone.
  • Displays a pop message on your lost phone.
  • Remotely triggers the alarm on your lost phone.
  • Gets the SIM information and IMEI number of your stolen android phone.
  • Triggers the alarm when the phone moves/earphone disconnected or the charger gets disconnected.
  • Automatically notify you with an alarm whenever a crook tries to steal your phone from the pocket.
  • The thief cannot reduce the alarm volume without knowing your password.
  • Can delete all data and applications from your lost phone.

Google Find My Device

Google Find My Device

This app is well designed and created by ‘Google LLC’ and has a good rating on the play store. It is used to track and locate your android device seamlessly.

This app is the essential tracking tool to locate a missing phone and so is my favorite google phone locator app.

It uses the GPS sensor of the phone and helps you instantly locate a lost, stolen, or missing device. It kept me updated with real-time location and helped to locate my phone.

I always check if it’s turned on in my journeys.

The cellular companies give the info of distance range from cellular towers. This app secures this data and displays the whereabouts of your cell on the app’s map.

From there it is easy for you to track and locate your android device.

Various features of this find your phone app to track an android phone include:

  • Customize your missing phone’s application remotely.
  • Getting real-time location and tracking features of your lost phone
  • Erase the device or lock it.
  • Navigate to your device with Google Maps

This phone finder app is available on Play store to download for free and helps impressively to track and locate your android device.


A smartphone is more than a mobile phone for an average individual. It carries all our information and money either.

The increasing size of the smartphones is giving no scope to carry them in pockets but in hand.

This form factor has increased the risk of losing it easily.

However, to compensate it, smartphone companies are trying to bring the best security features to keep them safer.

It is advised to take a personal interest in the safety of your devices.

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