Flymedia Network is your answer to Performance-Optimized Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is not new. It has grown into a significant medium for brands and businesses, small or big, for marketing and branding. Any company choosing a digital marketing agency should see its existence and experience in the industry along with the clientele. Flymedia Network has both. It has been in the business since digital marketing was in an infancy stage. The high-profile clientele of the company attracts our attention and so is this review.

What is Flymedia Network?

Flymedia Network

Flymedia Network is a digital marketing agency, offering all sorts of marketing services from brand management to social media automation. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Flymedia Network has evolved with the growth of digital marketing, upgrading the tools and techniques used in the marketing process of a business.

Flymedia is specialized in creating sales, leads, and managing brands online.

Services offered by Flymedia Network:

Flymedia Network offers various categories of services. They are divided as,

  1. Performance Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. 3. Programmatic Marketing
  4. 4. Social Media Marketing

1. Digital Marketing

A product or business is advertised promotionally through all channels of digital media to improve brand visibility, increase awareness of the product. Flymedia does with its cost reduction techniques and real-time results.

The purpose of this kind of campaign is to develop brand visibility on the web through SEO, SEM, paid marketing on social media and web, influencer marketing, and broadcasts. They don’t authenticate the reciprocity of the business.

This is an intelligent way of promoting the businesses when they are new in the market and they want more recognition.

2. Performance Marketing

Flymedia Network offers several performance marketing services where they charge their clients based on the sales, leads, clicks, and installation.

This form of digital marketing is results-driven and is flexible to approach businesses of any size. It is cost-effective by nature and promisingly affordable to the client. 

Terminologies involved in performance marketing:

CPS (Cost Per Sale): Flymedia charges the client based on the sales generated rather than a broadcasted awareness phase. This technique of marketing is beneficial to both parties when the brand is known to the public in the first place.

Flymedia Network charges a fixed marketing fee for each sale generated which would stay within the affordable budget of the client.

CPL (Cost Per Lead): ‘Cost Per Lead’ is another performance-based marketing service Flymedia offers at best. You will be charged per lead generated to your business by the company with a fixed cost per entry registered.

CPC (Cost Per Click): The client will be charged per clicks got on the product link as per this campaign. This type of campaign is useful for products that have an undeniable benefit mentioned on their product page. It performs better with confident products that need more attention and brand propagation.

Flymedia Network charges the client a fixed price based on the clicks the product has received. Its clear data analytics are provided for each campaign to take further marketing decisions.

CPI (Cost Per Installation): This type of campaign is useful to increase app installations through digital marketing campaigns.

Flymedia charges the clients based on the installations the app has got. The analytics will be gathered from the respective app store platforms through trackers to differentiate the normal installations and campaign installations.  

CPUV (Cost Per Unique Visitors): You will be charged for the unique visitors received on your target page through the campaigns run by Flymedia.

This is an authentic technique and has fewer chances of generating false reports as the unique visits will be based on the unique IP addresses.

Features of Flymedia Network Digital Marketing Services:

Preferring Flymedia Network services offers you the following as a cherry on the cake:

1. Real-time reporting – The data is displayed in real-time to allow the quick scaling decisions of the campaigns. Opportunities in the market are well captured through real-time modification of the campaigns.

2. Quality ROI – The quality traffic from content marketing, and media buying practices ensure the quality returns on investment.

3. Campaign Models – Different campaign models to choose from, for better results based on the business model.

4. Young professional teams – Flymedia Network is a team of youngsters with 10+ years of experience in digital space with creative thinking, energetic working spirit, and quality service.

Benefits for an advertiser:

FlyMedia #1 affiliate network in Dubai, as an advertiser with Flymedia, you will get the following benefits:

  • A dedicated account manager who will be your point of contact for all the associative marketing operations happening under your brand’s name.
  • Can increase your direct traffic and increase direct sales through the different types of campaign models.
  • No risk advertising with performance marketing models.
  • Only pay for what you are given – this approach is affordable to businesses of any size.
  • Real-time reports with sustainable results create opportunities for improvements.
  • Fraud management with reports through authentic data analytics.
  • Creates and develops communication between your brand and the customers.

Benefits for a publisher:

Flymedia Network has a rewarding premium publisher network through which it fetches quality traffic to the ad campaigns it runs. Registering as a publisher will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Best and top campaigns are given to promote.
  • Highest possible commissions for ad spaces.
  • Real-time tracking and reporting for your contribution as a publisher.
  • Dedicated account manager to handle your concerns a-z.
  • Net 30-day payment policy.
  • Incentives for good performers
  • Exclusive offers and coupons for optimizing the campaigns better.

Wrapping up:

Digital marketing is not an easy task for a business owner with less time to manage everything. It is better to hire an agency to carry out the marketing operations digitally.

Flymedia Network seems like a promising company with high-profile clientele, like Emirates, Qatar Airways, Edureka, AliExpress, and more. As the marketing campaign models are performance-based, you can give it a try with no risks involved.

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