5 Best GST Mobile Apps for Android and iPhone

GST stands for Good and Service Tax. Of course, you know that! Goods and service tax (GST) starts in India from 1st July 2017. The biggest tax reform which replace around 18 indirect taxes. What you don’t know is how it will affect your and my day to day life. Let’s quickly check out some GST Mobile Apps which will make your GST calculations simpler.

If you are not a salaried person yet, don’t think that GST won’t affect you. Almost all of your outings will now be costlier. The Government has increased the tax on luxury items.

For example, let’s say you went to eat out in a restaurant. You will be charged 18% of it as GST – half of it will go to State Government and another half will go to the Government of India.

That’s enough to give you a rough idea about GST.

GST Mobile Apps: Top 5 GST Apps for Android and iOS

Karvy GST

Karvy GST

First of all, this app is exclusively available for Android. It is as small as ~3.75MB, but the size will gradually increase once you start using it. If you didn’t understand anything which I said above, this app is the best option for you.

If you haven’t registered for GST number, you can do it via this app. The app has sufficient information about the developers and how to connect them.

You can easily find details about the latest New about GST, GST law, various forms, and GST Registration process.

Features of Karvy GST

  • GST Android App
  • All important links listed
  • GST invoices,GST Bill and GST Calculator
  • All GST related theory mentioned
  • GST Enrollment (Including HSN Codes, SAC codes and Registeration)
  • Key highlights of the Model GST law
  • Easy navigation
  • Added content available in ‘Latest News’ section in the middle of the home screen
  • All GST-related news available in the news section
  • Overview of all the sessions held till date from the first day
Android App  iOS App

Deloitte India GST Connect

Deloitte India GST Connect is a tax estimator app which has been developed by Deloitte India Development. The Android version is ~3MB and the iOS version is sized ~MB.

This app requires every user to register. Unfortunately, there is no way of bypassing it. There is a What’s new section which will give you freshly grooved content every time.

Features of Deloitte India GST Connect

  • GST Android App
  • Offline app
  • Get indirect tax news
  • Read Indirect Tax or GST Newsletters
  • Read articles written by Deloitte professionals on this topic.
  • The search button in the app comes handy to search anything
  • Read Dbriefs Webcasts from a special section
  • Register for upcoming DBriefs
  • Give the developers a feedback
  • Invite others to join the app
  • Not so much user-friendly interface
iOS App Android App

GST Rate Finder

GST Rate Finder

GST Rate Finder is the only tax mobile app developed by Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC). The Android version is only ~6.34MB and the iOS version of the app is yet to be launched.

This app is from the Government of India. Looking for the developer of the app, you can very well conclude that the app is trustworthy.

Features of GST Rate Finder

  • GST Android App
  • Details of tax levied on every goods and service listed
  • Check out the corresponding goods for every tax percentage
  • Check out the corresponding services for every tax percentage
  • Quick Search button lets you reach any tax article in the app
  • Information page takes you directly to the official website of CBEC
  • Simple UI

iOS is Coming Soon!
Android App

GST Helpline

GST Helpline

GST Helpline is developed by SAG Infotech Private Limited. The Android version is ~17.14MB and the iOS version is ~30.6MB.

This GST app contains an offline module which has Draft Act, Draft Rules, Draft forms, Final Rates, HSN/SAC Code. This app is the best app and has everything in it. Once you get accustomed to it, it will be your on-the-go app.

Features of GST Helpline

  • GST Android App
  • Easy to navigate
  • News
  • Forums
  • Forum monitored by experienced CA
  • Articles
  • The calculator helps you calculate the new tax depending on transaction type and transaction percentage
  • Flowcharts for giving a better view
  • Draft Laws and FAQs
  • Play Quiz on your knowledge acquired
  • Important links
  • Available in English, Hindi, Bengali, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi
  • Highest rated app at the Play Store
iOS App Android App

GST Bill India Hindi

GST Bill Hindi

GST Bill India Hindi is developed by Nilesh Vavdiya. As the name suggests, all your related queries will be solved and attended in Hindi.

The size of the app in the Android version is ~5.32MB. From applying for your GST to calculating taxes for items, you can find all of them in your language in this app.

Features of GST Bill Hindi

  • GST Android App
  • All theory explained
  • Tax Filing
  • Check the status of an application
  • Digital Signature Certificate update
  • News update (only online)
  • Pay taxpayer and practitioner (ex. CGST, SGST, IGST) online
  • All rules and laws
  • Manage and pay all taxes on the app
  • Goods and Service Taxes on different items
  • Creating challan and payment tracking available
  • All payment gateways to government websites
Android App

That was the list of GST Mobile Apps for Android & iOS which will help you understand and calculate GST. These apps were the best tax apps for 2018. This list was more inclined towards Android app.

You can download any of the above GST mobile apps besides the first and last apps. Let us know how the Gst Mobile apps worked for you.

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All the above-mentioned apps are rated 4 and above.

All the above-mentioned GST Mobile Apps are free.

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