How to Find the Best Skins for Your iPhone

Our phones perform several functions that make our daily lives and jobs easier. We are talking about taking photographs, saving schedules, making notes, video recording, and more. In addition, we can transfer data from one user to another with ease.

With innovations in the mobile phone industry, we are ready for a new revolution. For instance, earlier mobile phones had heavyweights and antennas. But now, companies like Apple are coming up with fantastic iPhone designs that are lightweight, sleek, minimalistic, and carry more advanced technology. However, the smooth nature of such devices makes them prone to falling off your hands.

Accidents are inevitable. So, no matter how careful you might be, there is still a possibility of losing your phone to the cruel floor. Therefore, you should have basic protection for your phone – case or skin.

There are several cases and skins for your iPhone. However, not all of them might fit your need. Therefore, as much as there are temptations to go for fancy, you also need to consider some factors. So, we will discuss some categories of iPhone skins and what you should consider when picking one.

Categories of iPhone Skins

There are several skins for iPhones. However, most of them fall under three categories – Carbon fiber, wooden, and plastic cases. Below are the three categories of iPhone skins.

The Plastic Cases

The low cost of manufacturing these makes them very cheap and a choice for several iPhone users. Though they usually come with beautiful designs, there are a few disadvantages.

The first thing some users complain about is the lack of durability. This means that plastic skins do not stand the test of time. So, your fancy and shiny plastic skin might start turning yellow over time and making your phone look grimy. And this is a no, no for some iPhone users.

The Wooden Cases

This is a more sustainable option compared to plastic skins. However, they are more beautiful when you engrave customized designs on them. In addition, they have an easy grip that can enable you to hold them safely.

However, one major setback of using wooden skins is their vulnerability to liquid. So, liquids like water can weaken the wood or damage it. 

Also, some wooden cases are not durable and might scratch easily. For instance, accidentally dropping a pen on a wooden case might leave an ugly mark on it and ruin its beauty.

Carbon Fiber Cases

These are some of the tough skins available in the market. This is because carbon fiber materials are highly invulnerable to corrosion and heat. Also, its lightweight is one of its top benefits. So, if you love futuristic looks, this might be your best option.

However, as with most things, carbon fiber cases have their setbacks. The durability, quality, and strength of the material make it an expensive option. Secondly, carbon fiber has high conductivity and might block your cell tower signals.

Also, carbon fiber cases come in limited colors. You can watch this video to learn more about carbon fiber and its properties.

How to Find the Best Skins for Your iPhone

Everybody has a unique taste. Therefore, what may be best for others might not fit your needs. So, it is best to understand what you want when looking for a phone skin.

For instance, if you are careless when handling things and have recorded more success with dropping things than holding them, you should consider getting tough skin. Nevertheless, if you are a very cautious person and hold stuff well, you can go for any fancy and sleek skin.

Understanding your goals is a top step in your selection. However, there are several qualities you may want to look out for before picking. Below are some of these qualities.

Camera Lens Protection

One of the top features of the iPhone series is the improvement in the camera quality – almost next to none. With the ultra-wide and dual-camera technologies, Apple is ready to take smartphone photography to a whole new level.

As good as this might sound, it calls for some extra care on the camera lenses. This is because handling the device exposes the lens to scratches which might affect the quality of our images. So, how do we protect them?

When choosing a skin for your iPhone, it is best to check if it has a camera frame. Though there are other camera protective options like filters and a lens protector, purchasing a skin with a camera protective frame is more economical.

Pick a Durable Material

Some iPhone models like the 11 series have glass back covers. Though they are beautiful, they are also brittle. So, to prevent smashing the glass, using a phone skin is necessary.

Generally, phone cases function as a protective cover for our phones. However, not all of them can protect our phones in some conditions. Therefore, there is a need to get a durable one as the case may be.

Before purchasing an iPhone skin, you should know what material it is made from and if it meets your phone needs. For instance, if your phone has a fragile case, it is best to get tough skins, like skins made from Aramid fiber.

Best Texture for an Easy Grip

iPhone processors make them best for fun activities like gaming, photo editing, and video streaming. But imagine if the phone slips from your hands during those activities. Therefore, a case with a good texture for grip is vital.  

So, while you search for a skin for your phone, ensure that it has a suitable grip. Also, ensure that the texture is non-slippery unless you are comfortable with your phone slipping off occasionally.

Beautiful Designs

This is one of the reasons for using a phone skin. Phone skins come in various colors, patterns, and designs and fit any purpose. For instance, you can choose a skin with the matching color of your favorite dress. Also, a stunning design can make your iPhone stand out in the crowd.

Before getting a skin, you should check your goals and understand what colors or patterns you prefer. You can also do a quick search on Google for suggestions. And if you are a minimalist, there are several cases with less design that you can pick.


Our devices are precious and delicate. Therefore, there is a need to protect them using cases. Asides from protection, there are other benefits of using a phone skin, like aesthetic appeal. However, before choosing a skin, ensure that you understand its main functions.

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