6 Free Best Note Taking Apps Android and iOS

Our Smartphones are smarter than us, in every which way. How many items did you forget to purchase at the general store every time your mom puts you on domestic work? How many to-do tasks do you overlook after a meeting with your boss? We don’t use our brains as much as we use smartphones. Coming to the point, why do you have to remember everything when there exists plenty of Best Note Taking Apps in the market?

Yes, stop relying on your heavy brain and kick-start using the best free Note Taking app.

The prime motive for penning this piece of writing is to present you with the best Note-taking apps for Android and iOS platforms.

First things first, Ever-note is a smart worksheet. Instead of carrying a pen and a sheet of paper to conference rooms or grocery stores, you can always have the Evernote app on your smartphone or on your laptop.

It is a simple replacement for pen and paper.

With Evernote installed on your device you can always organize, capture, and share work noted from literally anywhere across devices so that your instinctive thoughts never leave you.

Best Note Taking Apps 2022 – Evernote Alternatives for iOS and Android

BEAR – iPhone, iPad, and Mac

BEAR - iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Simple yet powerful, BEAR lets you amalgamate text, photos, to-do lists, and code snippets. It also allows you to search for notes using triggers like @tasks, @files and etc.

The beauty of BEAR lies in its compatibility with iMessage and Apple watch.

If you are looking for advanced features like converting your writings into pdf, HTML, or word format. And if you own an iPad Pro, then BEAR supports apple pencil and sketching as well.


  • Supports over 20 programming languages
  • Search option through triggers
  • Compatible with iMessage, Apple Watch & Apple Pencil



The name says it all, SIMPLENOTE is as simple as it could be. If you are looking for the best note-taking app for students that syncs all your notes across devices without going for a premium membership, then SIMPLENOTE suits you the best for you.

This works as your private or public board where you can invite others to share notes, to-do tasks, reminders by tagging & pinning them.

The interface looks pretty clean and easy to navigate. Once you create a SIMPLENOTE account, you can access your notes from Android, iOS, and LINUX.

You can also sync and take the backup of the work you saved.


  • Allows to tag and pin others
  • Real-time sync and backup
  • Simple user interface

QUIP – Android/iOS

QUIP - Android/iOS

For something beyond just jotting down notes, QUIP is the new big elephant in the town.

When multiple teams from various corporations are involved wherein sharing docs, ppts, sheets are shared across in real-time, QUIP is the ideal best note-taking app for iPad and android for your business.

Though google doc offers similar features but QUIP has got over 400 functions that out beats the former one.

One can chat with other partners in real-time, thus saving time and effort spent on sending emails.

QUIP allows you to import documents from any cloud storage and export them to pdf or office files. Try out the free version of QUIP to explore the world of possibilities and if you find it fitting enough for your work need to upgrade to the premium version to discover unlimited features.


  • Best fit for working in teams
  • Chat messenger included
  • Task lists, spreadsheets, and notepad in at one place



It gives you the feel of working with stick notes on a notepad, the very thought itself speaks volumes about its efficacy in maintaining rough notes, to-do lists, reminders, and a lot more in fact. The notes appear in the form of stick papers in different colors on top of the other.

You can actually play with the stickies by grouping them based on the genre of work or you can swipe them across to check out more information on it.

The coolest characteristic of ZOHO note has to be its ability to combine notes, audio files, and short clippings into a single bundle and syncs them across devices on which you have a ZOHO account.


  • Notes, mp3, short clips, to-do lists, reminders all housed in ZOHO
  • Search bar enables to scout the content you are looking for
  • Compatible with apple watch to record memos

Microsoft OneNote: Save Ideas and Organize Notes

If you are looking for an intelligent best notes app for android free, then Microsoft OneNote is your perfect choice.

It automatically recognizes words that pertain to dates, months like tomorrow or Monday, and sets reminders for you, thanks to its natural language interpreter.

Since it’s linked to Microsoft now and intelligent assistant for it to compile or Capture Content And Get Organized, Take Notes And Achieve More, Collaborate and Share Notes travel itinerary, movie timings, and reminders.


  • Write notes, draw and clip things
  • Organize your notes using to-do lists, follow-up items, marks for what’s important and custom labels.
  • Sticky note



This one is a beast. TODOIST offers a plethora of options related to making notes instantly. Suppose you are on a phone call with your boss or with your subordinate and want to make some quick bullet points of what is being discussed, TODOIST rescues you from scribbling on a sheet of white paper.

Even if you are not connected to the internet, it works offline and takes the backup of your work.

Once the network is up, it automatically uploads the data to the cloud account. Instead of organizing to-do lists individually, TODOIST android notes app takes them as projects and makes them into a wardrobe.


  • Task scheduling and reminders based on natural language interpretation
  • Offline support and continual backups
  • Easy to restore deleted data


It’s extremely difficult to decide the winner and the runner-ups, each note-making app has its own USP, thus making each of it ideal for everyday use.

We recommend you to pick and try out any of the above-mentioned best Note Taking Apps, find out which keep notes app suits best your needs.

If you are looking for advanced features in these best apps for notes, upgrade to the premium version to get the best out of the best note-taking application.

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