How to start a beauty blog with

How to start a beauty blog in 2022: This step-by-step guide will show you how you can start your beauty blogs right away. You don’t need any previous “website building” experience. No coding skills are required either.

If you know how to point and click using a mouse, you can build your beauty blog. It’s literally that simple.

In this guide, I’ll be covering the following:

  • How to start a beauty blog?
  • Register a domain using
  • How to get WordPress hosting for free [7 days] for your beauty blog?
  • Steps to Install WordPress on your WordPress hosting.
  • How to change nameservers?
  • Copy your login username and password.
  • How to Enable SSL
  • Login and edit your beauty blog [Optional].

How to start a beauty blog with

The steps to start a beauty blog are extremely simple. To start a beauty blog, you’ll need the following:

  • A domain name
  • A WordPress hosting package
  • 10-15 minutes of your time.

The steps will comprise of the following steps:->

Register domain -> get WordPress hosting -> install WordPress >Change nameservers for your hosting>  enable SSL.

That’s all you’ve to do. Literally 5 simple steps.

I’m sure most of you know what the domain is. Just in case you’re totally and completely new, let me explain. The domain is the “link” to your website. Just like,,, and so on. It’s what people type in their browser to reach your website.

WordPress hosting is basically hosting that’s optimized for WordPress. WordPress is the CMS that over 25% of all the blogs on the planet use. It’s free. Ignore the complicated terms, it’s simply a panel that lets you manage everything on your website.

In other words, imagine your domain to be your social media username. That’s how people find you, e.g. WordPress hosting is the “content” on your profile.

How to register a domain using

You can register a domain on within the next 5 minutes, or less. To find domain name availability use the domain checker tool.

Before we begin, here are a few tips on how to choose a good domain name:

  • Know that your domain name is permanent. Make sure you’re 100% sure about the name you’ll be registering.
  • Try to use the word “beauty” and/or [your product name] in it. E.g.
  • The shorter it is, the better.
  • Do a simple Google search to check that no other company/product pre-exists by the name you’re going to use.
  • It’s best if you go with .com domain extensions.

Let’s begin with the domain registration then.

Overall steps-> Register account-> search for domain -> enter personal information -> make payment.

Step 1: Go to registration page and register for an account. It only takes a few seconds.

Step 2: After registration, you’ll be taken to your dashboard. Go through the welcome popup, or skip it. It just has basic information about the dashboard and how to use it. Either way, click on the [Domain names] > [Register Domain] button on the left sidebar.


Step 3: Type in the domain you wish to register. If your domain isn’t available, play with your domain name until you find one available. Once you do, click on the [Add to cart] option.


 Step 4:  Click on the [checkout] option.


Step 5-> Click [Next] on the next page after reviewing your order.


Step 6-> You then need to enter your personal information.  It’s best to enter your real name and address as WHOIS data in some very rare cases may require verification.


Click [Next] once you’ve entered your information.

Step 7->  On the final page, make your payment. You can pay using a Credit Card, or PayPal account.


It’s done. If you see a “Thank You” message, it means you’ve successfully purchased your domain. Let’s proceed to the second step then?

How to get WordPress hosting for free [7 days] for your beauty blog.

SeekaHost offers many different types of hosting servers for different purposes.

For creating a beauty blog, it’s best you go with WordPress hosting.

Overall step->  Choose a hosting plan-> get the 7-day free trial -> enter personal information -> make payment.

Step 1: Click on [Hosting Plans] -> [WordPress Hosting].


Step 2: Choose a hosting plan depending on the number of websites you wish to create. Click on the “7-day free trial” link.


Step 3: Enter your personal information. Finally, choose your billing period.
Tip: Going with the annual billing saves you about 33%.


Step 4: Just make your payment. Again, if you see a thank you page, you just got your hosting.

Tip: If your budget allows, it’s better to go with the A-class IP hosting that offers. The process remains exactly the same. You simply choose “A-class IP hosting” at the beginning instead of “WordPress” hosting.


Let’s install WordPress then.

How to install WordPress on your WordPress hosting?

You got your hosting server. Now, you need to install WordPress. SeekaHost has a built-in WordPress installer. On most other hosts, you have to install  WordPress manually which is a slightly longer process than this. 

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Click on [Websites & Blogs] > [WordPress sites]. On this page, click on [+Create new WP site].


Step 2:  Now you’ll be creating your beauty blog. Enter the domain URL and the title you want for your blog.  


Step 3:  Click on the [Add Blog] button.

This will automatically install WordPress for you.

How to change nameservers?

Don’t let terms like “nameservers” put you off. The process is easier than signing up for a social media account.

Overall steps:-> Get to WordPress settings panel > copy nameservers > go back to Domain’s settings panel > unlock domain > paste custom nameservers.

Step 1: Go to your WordPress site’s settings panel. Click on [Websites and blogs] > [WordPress sites] > click on the [blue gear-like icon]. This takes you to your WordPress settings panel.


Step 2:  From the next screen, copy the [nameservers] that you see. You’ll need both nameservers. It’s best to copy those to a notepad file or any other place.


Step 3: Click on [Domain names] > [Domains] > [blue gear icon].


Step 4: Click just once on the [Domain lock] slider. This unlocks your domain.


Step 5: Click on the [Nameserver] > [User custom/private nameserver] > [paste] the nameservers in the custom nameserver fields.


Go check your domain URL. If your website is loading, you’ve done everything right. You may get a SSL error, which is fine. It’s only because your SSL isn’t enabled yet. We’ll do that in the next step.

If your site doesn’t load at all, give it some time. Nameserver propagation takes some times. It’s generally completed within minutes, however, in some rare cases may take hours.

Copy your login username and password

This is an optional step. However, it makes things easier. Be sure to do  this before you proceed to the next step [enabling SSL]. That’s because once you enable SSL, this step becomes obsolete.

Step 1: Just go to your settings panel.


Step 2: You’ll see “login details” on this page. Copy the username and password somewhere safe. You’ll need these to login to your WordPress beauty blog later on.


Tip: Even if you skip this step, nothing changes. You can still find these credentials in your registered e-mail account.

Enable SSL

Be sure to complete this only after changing your nameserver. It doesn’t work if your nameserver hasn’t been propagated yet.

Overall steps: Go to your WordPress settings panel > turn on SSL.

Step 1: Click on [Website & blogs] > [WordPres sites] > [blue gear icon].


Step 2: Click on [SSL] > then turn on the slider.


Do not turn this on/off multiple times. Turn it on once and you never have to worry about it again.

Login and edit your beauty blog [optional]

The only steps left now are for you to log in into your Beauty blog and design it the way you want it. Maybe add a new post? Welcome your readers. You make your pick.

Overall steps: Log in to WordPress > download a theme from Themeforest > Upload theme on your site.

Step 1: Go to this URL: []. Be sure to change “” with your correct domain. E.g. if your domain is, your URL will be

Step 2:  Enter the login username and password here. You can either get them using the step mentioned above or simply from your e-mail account.


You’re now in your WordPress dashboard.

Do note that now we’ll be installing a professional, beauty-specific theme on your site. This step is 100% optional. Even if you skip it, you can use your WordPress beauty blog without any feature restrictions. The theme only makes your site look more professional and in some cases makes it SEO friendly.

Step 3: Get yourself a theme that resonates with your overall “beauty” theme. You can use Themeforest to do that.


Whatever theme you purchase, you’ll get a .zip file for the theme. The installation is a simple upload process.

Step 4: Go to your WordPress site’s dashboard and click on [Appearance] > [Themes]


Step 5: Click on the [Add new] button.


Step 6: Just click on the [Choose file] button and upload the theme you’ve purchased.


The theme will give your blog that professional look and makeover that you seek.

You can add new posts by going to [Posts] > [Add New].

The rest is pretty straightforward and easily understandable.

Signing off- How to start a beauty blog?

If you did everything (or the non-optional steps) I’ve mentioned in this guide, your beauty blog should now be live.

If you’re totally new, spend some time on the WordPress dashboard. Learn how to add a new post, basic SEO requirements, and install a few starter plugins.

I’d also recommend grabbing social media usernames and start advertising your site as soon as you’re done creating your beauty blog.

Anyway, if this guide taught you how to start a beauty blog, do hit the share button. If it didn’t, the comment box is all yours, and I’d love to help you out with your doubts.

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