How to get Jio Giga Fiber broadband Service?

Internet Service has become a sensation in India with the coming of Jio plans. Reliance Jio communication has now prepared themselves to boost up their service through penetrating high-speed internet in every deprived areas and city. Reliance Jio has launched its broadband service by the name of “Jio Giga Fiber” in many cities.

Though its commercial launch is yet awaited and expected to come on 5th September.  The Jio Giga Fiber broadband service will offer an internet speed which could go up to 1 Gbps.

Preferring Jio Giga Fiber over other broadband services-

Jio Fiber is going to be boon for India as it is chasing a mission to digitalize our country and connect everyone to the internet. Jio fiber service based on FTTH (Fiber to the Home) technology.

Unlike, traditional broadband service where ADSL, DSL, phone cables, etc. are used with fluctuating internet speed- Jio fiber is different.

With updated new FTTH technology, Jio Fiber uses single fiber optic cable and provide all its services. The fast and dashing download-upload speed of Jio Fiber will astound you.

The service will let you enjoy hassle-free UHD videos, video conferencing, live streaming, and stress-free internet browsing without buffering over your smartphone or computer.

 The process to invite Jio Giga fiber Service at your home:

The official website link of Jio Giga fiber given below:

A high-speed internet service appeals to everyone, and no one would like to miss the opportunity to grab the chances. People are excitingly waiting for Jio fiber plans.

Although the Jio Giga fiber registration is already going on. Interested one can visit the Jio Giga fiber official website and fill in the online registration.

Reliance Jio is offering free installation and set up of internet services at home. One may approach the nearest Jio office also and seek the technicians help for the initial installation process.

The official notice from Jio announced that they would be taking Rs. 2500/- as a refundable security deposit.

to invite Jio Giga fiber service

The above amount will be given back after discontinuing the Jio Fiber broadband services. This security amount is taken for Jio Giga fiber router, which is accessible by the name ONT device.

One must have to return this router while claiming back the security deposit.

Just like any other company or businesses, who do specific documentation work to know their customer (KYC)- Jio does also have a similar process. Before taking the connection of Jio Giga fiber broadband plans, one needs to show their:

  1. Address proof document like residential certificate etc.
  2. recognized I.D card for identity like Aadhaar card, voter card, etc.
  3. Passport size phots
  4. PAN (if the connection taken for a commercial purpose)

Interested persons must go with these documents (Xerox copy) in Jio office along with 2500/- rupees security deposit after launching of Jio fiber broadband in their city.

They would give you a router and Jio technician would make an arrangement of FTTH cable wire coming in your home. The fiber wire will be inserted in the router, which in turn will be connected to your computer.

Alternatively, you can also visit the Jio fiber official website and request a new connection.

The Jio executive will call you within three (03) days based on the availability of Jio fiber broadband service in your locality.

The personal data like email id, home address, mobile number, locations, etc. filled by you during registration are kept undisclosed and used by Jio executives only to avail you the broadband service.

The Jio executive will come home to complete the e-KYC process and collect photocopy of I.D card, address proof, passport size photo, etc. and 2500/- rupees security amount towards the router.

After that, Jio technician will come to install Jio Giga fiber and complete the whole process within 30 minutes to activate the internet browsing right in your computer or phone. Since last year, over 15 million people have registered for getting a new Jio fiber connection.

Jio fiber connection

Jio Giga Fiber Tariff and Pricing:-

Jio tariff

The Jio fiber plans will start from Rs. 700/- monthly and go up to Rs. 10000/- for premium users. All these plans of Jio fiber broadband are prepaid, although Reliance Jio fiber is planning to launch their postpaid service also shortly. The Jio Giga fiber devices work on two different frequencies, namely 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz.

The former provides an extensive range with comparatively less speed while the latter gives a higher rate with a lesser scale.

As the Jio Giga fiber internet service provided via a fixed line, there is no possibility of slowing down the internet speed due to weather, trees, buildings, obstacles, barriers, etc. Unlike, the case of mobile tower internet speed, which variates- Jio Giga fiber will give you a seamless browsing experience.

The minimum internet speed will be 100 Mbps for sure in adverse conditions with a maximum up to 1 Gbps. As a Jio preview offer, you can claim up to 1100 GB data for using high-speed broadband free.

Exploring the new stunning design of Jio’s device-

The Jio’s Giga fiber router named as ONT device (Optical Network Terminal) comes up in the white box. This ONT device connects the external FTTH wire and LAN wire connected to your computer.

The Jio Giga fiber router device has three LAN ports, two USB ports, one PON port, a power button, and a WPS button.

Also, there is a facility available to reset your device in case of some trouble to factory settings and restart.

This Jio router will also create Wi-Fi which can be used to connect smart TV and other smart devices. Another plus point of this ONT device is that-the same router can be even used as a set-top box after the launching of IPTV (Internet Protocol Televisions) services by Reliance Jio company.

This extra service will offer hundreds of channels at the same cost. Even the set-top boxes will allow their users to connect their relatives sitting miles away through video calling from their televisions’.

Jio Giga fiber service

The Jio Giga fiber service will offer its premium customer with the facility to watch the newly released movie on 1st day, comfortably sitting at home.

Currently, Jio fiber broadband plans are accepting payment through Debit card, credit card, Paytm, etc. So, hurry up and complete your registration on Jio Giga fiber official website and takes up the high-speed internet connection directly to home to enjoy the benefits provided by Jio Giga fiber broadband services.

Also, compared to its peer ISP (Internet service provider) companies, you will find out Jio Giga fiber as the best and reliable for all your internet speed requirements.

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