5 Key Factors to Improve the Website Performance

The use of the internet is widespread nowadays. Information on almost all topics can easily be retrieved by searching. People have grown to this and therefore use it to outsource data. It is also a source of entertainment. Reading books online is a common thing as playing online games and socializing. All these products are accessible through websites.

The internet has also become a platform for advertisement of businesses and a market place. Companies use websites for marketing themselves, reaching out to their clients, selling their products, and getting feedback.

Just as many companies are dealing with the same product, many websites deal with similar products or information. With this competition, yours has to stand out. Here are the five main things that improve website performance.

Ways to Improve Your Website Performance


As much as having new clients is essential, maintaining old clients is equally important. The way to achieve this is by making your website user-friendly. It should be effortless to use.

If a client is unable to use it to attain the information or product they desire, they will not revisit it in the future hence a loss on the business.

Such people are likely to write negative reviews, scaring away prospective customers.

On the other hand, a website or digital product that is easy to use gets excellent ratings and attracts more clients.


A website is made unique mostly by design. Digital product design attracts new clients that have no idea of the quality of the information or product offered on the site. This involves how the text is arranged, how the pictures are displayed, and how the different categories are separated.

A disorganized online site will not attract people. Some agencies deal with designing online products in a way that makes them attractive and useful.


Passwords or registration requirements protect some websites. To attract new customers, you need to make your sites easily accessible. If a client is hindered by passwords or registration, from accessing a product online without them knowing the quality, they will not be motivated to get access.

They should be able to tell the kind of products you deal in. They need to know that the information provided on your website is viable before registering or paying for it.

You can make a short-detailed text available to anyone who wishes to accesses your product. This text is to capture their attention and have them want to know more.

 Browsing caching

Some websites are complicated to load. With the help of browser caching; it will allow assets on your website to be downloaded to your client’s hard drive once into a cache, or temporary storage space. Those files are now stored locally on their system, which allows subsequent page loads to increase in speed.

Just as like, Tenni Theurer, formerly of Yahoo!, explain and says that 40-60% of daily visitors to your site come in with an empty cache. So when users visit. You need to make it as the first page they see load quickly enough so they will inevitably continue through the rest of your website (with even faster load times).

Motionless effects have a cached epoch of at least a week, though the third party stuffs such as widgets or ads only last a day.

Minimizing HTTP Requests

One of the most important aspects of improving a website performance for your clients is to reduce the number of round trips that the browser needs to communicate to the server.

Every file that your website includes (such as CSS, JavaScript or images) all needs to be downloaded to the browser.

Minimizing these requirements, you will haste up the page significantly.

Uncertainty including separate CSS files for different parts of your site. Then you will find it beneficial to include all the CSS in one style sheet, likewise for JavaScript or other resources. A technique that you comprise files into your website can have a radical effect too. 


Your website is a central business asset through which potential customers learns more about your brand and makes buying decisions. It’s imperative to optimize your website enactment to deliver excellent user experience and get higher conversion rates.

Visitors expect your website to load fast, to be visually attractive and provide them with excellent user experience. If you want to make sure your website or application is optimized.

Uniqueness which is majorly digital product design is the most important factor above all.

This is because it meets the eye first.

It creates an attitude within the client towards the product.

With a positive attitude, the client will go ahead and get more details.

The performance of digital products, such as websites is based on the number of customers interested in the product.

More customers mean more business and growth for the company.

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  1. Nice breakdown Saurabh. I am learning more of usability. I intend to put myself in reader’s shows, to make UX on my blog tight.

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