Basics of Light Box Popup To Boost Sales

Want to enhance email signups on your website? On a daily basis, more than 75-80% of the visitors tend to leave a website without signing up for more of your content. That’s about 95% of your effort going to waste. The most efficient way to turn a random visitor into a subscriber would be through Light box popup.

What is Light box Popup?

The Light box popup is a kind of web form that emerges while one is viewing a webpage. They stand out from all other by dimming the back page so as to capture the full undiluted attention of the visitor.

They would showcase personalized popup to make it attractive to the visitor as to why one should signup. While at the same time it should not affect your website’s performance. They are used for some specified actions like:

  • Subscribe with email address to get more resources
  • Like on Facebook
  • Follow on Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Code for coupons
  • Any other personalized message one wishes to convey

The Top 5 Lightbox Plugins for Personalised Light Box Popup

  1. Growth Funnel

Well, while shopping for a Lightbox plugin the most one would require is what would make his website stand out from all others out there, Growth Funnel is surely one of the best LightBox Popups available. You can easily make lightbox popups with a growth funnel and super easy to customize. This tool will certainly boost your email leads and social engagement.

The Growth funnel has perfected the craft of ‘One Action’ which is to ejecting out all other interferences and paves the visitor’s attention towards the action or the message that needs to be delivered while the back page dims.

The popups are very subtle to the taste of any individual from any demography. The professional approach of the popup is that they feature a superbly effective personalized popup.

That is followed by a sedulous to render any help necessary. A user-friendly code-free interface that can be used in any platform without ever worrying about the code. You can try this tool for FREE.

  1. WP Lightbox 2

This is another great plugin for your website where apart from the basics; the image popup will enable the image overlay effect.

This is simple with many overlay colors and animation styles. They have one of the best prompt support money can buy (with the Pro feature). Much like the Growth funnels, it does not require you to configure anything with minimum effect on the performance of your website.

  1. Responsive lightbox by dFactory

Responsive Lightbox is a very powerful and popular tool as a lightbox plugin in WordPress. However, it needs constant updates to work to its full potential.

They empower users to give bigger versions of galleries and images in a lightbox overlay effect subtly optimized for mobile devices.

Responsive Lightbox has tons of options. There are about 6 different types of lightboxes to choose from. It is easy to set up and integrate like a charm with 3rd party gallery WordPress plugins. Here it’s possible to add a single image or gallery in a post or page and each image can be zoomed by click.

To sum up it works like it’s advertised and in combination with Foo gallery.

  1. WP jQuery Lightbox

The WP jQuery Lightbox is another great plugin that is doing very well in the market. They are like the Growth Funnel adjusted for mobile users.

Here you can keep the Awesome Lightbox 2 features. It also removes the hassles of the Prototype Framework and Scriptaculous effects library.

They provide good enough support, helps in autoboxing the links of your images with WordPress galley support.

To sum up, it works and is responsive, lightweight, WP gallery compatible, easy to use, and understandable. The supplied coding documentation is easy to understand, simple to implement, and just right for one’s coding aptitude.

  1. Simple Lightbox

If you are looking to effectively customize your lightbox effect, the Simple Lightbox is worth a try. There are several configuration options to choose from from the Lightbox page. At the same time, the Lightbox can be to adjust your required size (even the windows size).

Themes can be used where one can customize the Lightbox effects. It allows users to provide Lightbox to specific pages only.

All you need is a couple of tweaks and everything will run smoothly as butter. Like Growth Funnel it works A-OK and straight out of the box.

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