MilesWeb Hosting Review: Leading Web Hosting Provider in India

One of the biggest problems that we face while blogging is finding a reliable host. A bad host can create chaos for bloggers and other web owners, and that’s why it’s important to have an appropriate web host.

In this article, I will review the most common hosting company of India, Milesweb. Well, I’m going to reveal details of the MilesWeb Hosting review, price, features with the pros and cons of Milesweb. Okay? Good luck!

MilesWeb Hosting Review

MilesWeb is one of the most popular website hosting companies in India which started in 2012. The headquarters of MilesWeb is naturally located in INDIA in the State of Maharashtra.

MilesWeb offers powerful Web Hosting plans to host any type of Website. Their services include Shared, Reseller, and VPS and dedicated web hosting.

MilesWeb is a top esteemed web hosting company with a great rating of 5/5 rating from, 4.9/5 rating from and a 9/10 rating from

With cutting-edge infrastructure and high-throughput servers, Milesweb is ensuring maximum website performance. MilesWeb guarantees the highest uptime of 99.9%, and it also delivers a free Website builder for easy drag and drop the building. If your site is predominantly getting visitors from India, MilesWeb offers 10x faster speed to you.

If you’re a WordPress user, then Milesweb’s Managed WordPress Hosting gives you the best, optimized experience.  They offer a lot of “how-to” resources on their website which is very helpful for fixing minor issues or configuring site settings.

According to the customer’s perspective, MilesWeb is always there to help its clients.

Web Hosting Plans at Milesweb

Currently, there are four different types of web hosting plans available at MilesWeb. 

  1. Shared hosting for startups ( Starting at  109/month )
  2. Reseller hosting for experienced ( Starting at  520/month )
  3. VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting for business ( Starting at  455/month )
  4. WordPress Hosting for Blogs ( Starting at  456/month )

Milesweb’s Shared Hosting Plans


If you are a blogger or you have a new website, then the shared hosting will be a perfect selection for you.  This is a very cost-effective option for all the above types as it is always hard-hitting to find a premium web hosting company that offers constant uptime, upkeep, and dependability while also small monthly costing.

In This method of hosting, your website is put into the server in which many further websites are also executing. All these sites are sharing the resources of the web host. Milesweb offers different types of shared hosting packages to their customers. Most of the newbie Bloggers go for shared hosting as it is cheap and easy to manage.

Shared Hosting Plans by MilesWeb are starting @ 109. INR /month.

VPS Hosting Plans at Milesweb


The next one is VPS hosting. Though, it is costly and hard to manage. This is best for the Sass (software) website or e-commerce website. Similar to the shared hosting, here the sites are fewer for one particular server.

Milesweb is the most appropriate web host in providing the finest VPS (Virtual private server) support to their Customers. This is the best option for you if you own a website that drives massive organic traffic or a business website.

Milesweb’s Reseller Hosting plan


And finally, the last web hosting is reseller hosting. In reseller hosting, the web hosting account holder can sell some amount of storage & bandwidth to another website.

In this type, the Buyer first purchases web-hosting from the Milesweb and then he/she sells it to another individual. Thus, this creates a hand to hand profit. The reseller may buy a dedicated or shared hosting from the host.

Milesweb is also providing windows hosting for more reliability and performance. If you are dealing with an ASP.NET website, then Windows hosting will be the finest choice.

In Windows hosting, Milesweb offers the power and flexibility of parallel Plesk Panel, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.

Managed WordPress Hosting at Milesweb


As you know that you can create a WordPress site or blog using any web hosting which supports PHP and MySQL even a local server such as AppServer or Wamp Server can handle that but, I’m sure you’re not looking for a simple WordPress hosting especially when you have or planning to create an attractive website or blog. Well, In that case, you will need a reliable hosting company to host your site.

A WordPress Optimized Hosting from Milesweb is one of the most preferred hosting packages for WordPress websites.

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans by MilesWeb are starting @ 399. INR /month.

Other Useful Features at Milesweb Hosting

Milesweb, on the other hand, provides many free website builder tools and software in cPanel. Also, if you are one of those who like to keep their Website free from errors, the Error logs feature in cPanel is best and you can also use the hotlinking feature to stop others from stealing your media files such as images from search engines.

The best thing about Milesweb is its Server Uptime. The average uptime of Milesweb’s server is 99.9%. So there are very few chances that your website goes down. Milesweb is careful about its server. It is four ways secured and isolated.

Initially, the pricing of Milesweb hosting was a bit high. But many other hosting companies offer very stumpy prices at the initial purchase. The renewal prices of such web hosting companies are very high. Well, it is not the case with Milesweb. Initially, they charge more, but if you want to advance your business for a long time, then their renewal fees are less as compared to further companies.

Milesweb facilities are very crystal clear. Once you purchase a product from there, you tie up your business with the most reliable web hosting. Transparency is a sporadic thing in the world of the Internet. The terms and services of Milesweb are so clear, Do you know?  You can precisely recognize what you are getting from them. Also, Milesweb provides 30 days money back guarantee. Isn’t it amazing?

There are many other amenities that you get as unlimited by Milesweb. You get Unlimited Space, Unlimited Transfer, Unlimited Emails for any plan at Milesweb.

Handy Customer Support

Client services of Milesweb are however easy to use. But the one thing about Milesweb Hosting review I don’t like is they send too many emails to their subscribers.

Well, the Customer support of Milesweb is excellent as I’m experienced I will assure you to go for it if you’re looking for timely maintenance. As they have given all the possible ways for their customers to contact and get rid of their queries and provide a full & appropriate solution for the same. 24/7 customer support offering web hosting company is helping their clients via Live Chat, Emails, Toll-Free numbers, and contact forms.

On the Milesweb official site, you can read the FAQs, browse through user forums and view video tutorials if you want to study the newbie guide.

If you want to change your web hosting or if you’re planning to migrate to Milesweb, Then you don’t have to worry about it. All of us know that the migration process is not easy for an inexpert, person or a newbie. You just need to fill one form on Milesweb and the Rest of the procedure will take care of Milesweb technical team.

Free SSL certificate and a Domain name

Milesweb offers a free SSL certificate and a Domain name with any of the packages you are tending to purchase. Well, a Domain name is a super essential requisite if you’re making your online identity.

Also, if you accept credit card information, username, password, necessary credentials from your users, then you need an SSL certificate to secure its transference.

Both of these essential stuff is free with any of the web hosting Packages at Milesweb.

Conclusion: Should You Go With Milesweb Hosting?

So by now, you know what the benefits of having reliable web hosting are, what are the standard plans of Milesweb are and finally what are the pros and cons of Milesweb. So now you have to make a self-choice on which way you have to follow. Either you can go for web hosting which is unreliable, or you can prefer to go for reasonable and consistent web hosting, Right?

When the webmaster buys a host, there are some parameters he always stares at. Firstly, He looks for the company’s reputation, web hosting price, Key Features, Customer support, and Server enactment. So, Apart from Milesweb price and emails, all the other constraints are excellent at Milesweb.

Milesweb hosting is also a reliable web hosting company for many years. It has a very good reputation on the Internet. There are a wide variety of plans which are available for customers based on their necessities.

So if you are thinking about your website’s overall result, then Milesweb hosting review is best for you. The price is a bit more as compared to other companies but in black Friday hosting deals, Milesweb offers up to 70% off. But the quality of the services which Milesweb is offering is also a top indentation.

If you liked this post share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Let us know your experiences with Milesweb. Cheers!

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  1. Hey Saurabh,

    Glad to read your wonderful post! With MilesWeb, we can setup our own hosting business using their reseller-hosting plan and it is really good news for us. They provide great value for our money as they equip our hosting infrastructure with benefits like White Label Reselling, Free Migrations and custom branding. It is really a best web hosting provider in India due to its strange features. Eventually, thanks for sharing your additional ideology regarding this hosting with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  2. Milesweb has provided me best web hosting services. The best part is an add-ons provided with hosting packages. They are best in many ways compared to other hosting providers.

  3. I have hosted my website with milesweb. They are excellent in performance and speed of the setup. Cheers for milesweb.

  4. It’s been 3years with the MilesWeb and I am happy to move one more website to their account. My website is receiving great traffic and never face downtime. Their support works 365days and 24*7. If you face the issue late night or early morning their support is all time ready to help. This gives me delightful experiences and I will happily suggest MilesWeb to everyone!!

  5. I have signed up with MilesWeb and the process is quick and easy… Oh, I love their live chat support, the person attending me was professional and updated with the solutions. I will be building my first website with MilesWeb!

  6. I am hosting many sites with MilseWeb Since from 2013. Support is quick and accurate; uptime is good. Much better quality than anything I have tried in the past. Finding a reliable host is a serious, difficult issue. I don’t have any sort of problem. Highly recommended.

  7. I m pleasure to host my website with MilesWeb. Extremely satisfied with their service right from pre-sales to post sale support. Delightful Experience!! I will strongly recommend their service to everyone!!

  8. I am really happy with the MilesWeb technical support team. Also, the company has a wide variety of plans according to your need. Great uptime and friendly support. Recommended service!

  9. I took hosting from MilesWeb. I have been using some different hosting companies for 5 years but the way MilesWeb was awesome. They have they provided the support is good and they helped a lot in coding issues also.

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