8 Plugins to Speed Up WordPress Website 

Blogging is one of the many lucrative digital marketing tools that help with customer acquisition and retention. But even on its own, blogging can be a prolific source of income if you know how to monetize your content properly. Most writers and businesses today choose WordPress as their preferred platform for blogs since it comes with a lot of useful tools and templates that are free to use.

Plus, the platform also allows writers to own the content on their website completely, thus providing a much better scope of revenue generation and copyright protection than other blogging sites. 

But just opening a blog on WordPress is not nearly enough to optimize your content. Whether you are an independent writer covering fashion and entertainment, or a breakout escape room Bangalore company posting informative articles, your blog needs external support to ensure maximum efficiency and ease of access for readers. Factors like delay in loading the blog page can easily turn viewers away from your site. So, if you want to retain the traffic, it is time to start using proper plugins to speed up WordPress Website.  

Let’s a look at the 8 best plugins that can help you speed up your WordPress: 

Top Plugins To Speed Up WordPress Website In 2022

1. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a highly comprehensive Caching plugin that covers almost every functionality you would expect from different WordPress plugins. With an optimized, easy-to-use UI, the plugin is the ideal one-stop solution for both beginners and veterans. 

From setting it up to actually putting it to use, every procedure for WP Rocket is very straightforward and quick. If you are looking for a multi-purpose speed optimization plugin, this is your perfect option. 

Some of the best features of WP Rocket that make it one of the best of its kind: 

  • Preloading of caching
  • Access to advanced caching rules 
  • Optimize your entire database with relative ease 
  • Access to Google Analytics to seamlessly load the code from your chosen server  

2. WP Fastest Cache 

This performance plugin primarily focuses on caching. Simply install, activate and run the plugin through the settings, and you are good to go! You can even set the cache expiration time for some particular URLs if required.  

Some of its other notable features are: 

  • 1-click to clear cache 
  • Reduce CSS and HTML
  • Set some posts/pages to be excluded
  • Setting expiration time for some URL strings
  • CDN integration   

3. Perfmatters 

Perfmatters takes a different approach to optimize page loading speed. As you might already be aware, WordPress has certain unnecessary options built-in, which inevitably slows down the performance of the site. You can use this plugin to disable those useless options and speed up your WordPress website.  

Unnecessary HTTP requests are yet another factor that increases the page loading time on WordPress. Fortunately, you can use Perfmatters to disable or remove these as well.  

Here are some other features of this plugin that make it a desirable blogging tool: 

  • You can integrate it to work with your pre-existing caching plugin. 
  • It is a considerably lightweight plugin 
  • The plugin also supports the integrated use of performance-boosting features.  

4. WP Super Cache 

WP Super Cache is a caching plugin popular amongst WordPress users. With an easy setup process and user-friendly interface, there is nothing not to like about this tool. The premium version comes with added functionalities and features. 

Some of its features are worth highlighting: 

  • Supports multiple kinds of caching
  • Serves static HTML files 
  • Allows preloading of cache 
  • Supports CDN 

5. NitroPack 

NitroPack provides a complete solution for all your WordPress website speed optimization needs. With this plugin, you can replace all the separate optimization plugins that you might be using to handle different functions.  

Here are some other features of this plugin that makes it so popular amongst users: 

  • You can use it on WordPress and also on other content management systems. 
  • With this plugin, you have global CDN already included and configured for use. 
  • You now have access to so many kinds of caching like browsing and others! 
  • Now you can easily convert your images to the next-gen formats with relative ease.   

6. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache

This plugin comes with a plethora of features that make it a one-stop solution for all your WordPress optimization needs. But the UI is a little complex for beginners. W3 Total Cache is better suited for more experienced users. It allows you to exercise direct control over every single aspect of caching. With this plugin, users can have control over: 

  • Caching of page 
  • Caching of browser(s) 
  • Caching of database 
  • Caching of object 
  • Caching of fragment  

Apart from these, W3 Total Cache can also help you with the minification of files and even allows you to connect them to a suitable CDN.  

7. WP Optimize 

WP-Optimize is a useful plugin if you are looking for a database optimization tool. It can help you to work on page caching, compressing images, and enabling Gzip compression too.  

If you sign up for the premium version of this plugin, you can avail the following features: 

  • Scheduling cleanups of your database 
  • Removal of unused images 
  • Work on improving lazy loading of images
  • Optimization of individual database tables  

8. WP Smush.it

WP Smush

WP Smush is a unique plugin that can optimize your images and remove unnecessary bytes from them. This helps in keeping the quality of your blog images intact. If your blog deals with a lot of visual data, such as food content or graphical representations, this plugin is a must-try for you. 

Some of the useful features of this plugin include: 

  • • Strips off any unused color present on any image
  • Strips off the metadata from the images 
  • Optimizes the compression of JPEG images  


And that brings us to the end of this list of top WordPress plugins to speed up your WordPress website. Like with any other digital tool, these plugins too fit the bill for different requirements and might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to how well you know your blogging requirements and how thoroughly you analyze your website performance to see which aspects are pulling your blog’s speed down.

Whatever may be the reason, the tools mentioned above can definitely help. So, test them out for yourself and make the best out of the resources the internet has to offer.  

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