Sendwin Review – Is it the Best Multi Login Tool?

In the era of the internet, almost everyone has accounts on at least 10 to 20 online platforms. For example, you must have an account with an email service provider like Gmail or Yahoo. Almost every internet user has an account on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.

However, the problem that we face every day with these online platforms is remembering our login credentials. Of course, you can keep yourself logged in to skip the login page, but that is not advised as it makes your account vulnerable.

Today, in this article we will discuss Sendwin, a multi-login platform that will make your life a lot easier by managing all your login credentials. With Sendwin you can save the details of multiple accounts and can manage multiple accounts with just 1 click.

Sendwin can also be a great alternative to other software like MultiLogin and SessionBox as the other platforms are much more expensive than Sendwin and do not provide some important features also.

If this idea seems interesting to you, please go through the complete article to get an in-depth Sendwin review.

What Is Sendwin?

sendwin review

In simple terms, Sendwin manages multiple accounts across various online platforms and saves you from the hassle of entering your login credentials every time you visit a website.

This amazing multi-login software was developed by Techrosh LLC and has a user base of over 300,000 users and over 1000 active users.

Now let’s understand the basic functioning of Sendwin with a simple example. Let’s say, you have 2-3 different Gmail accounts which you use for multiple purposes (one for office, one for personal use etc.).

Now to open those two accounts simultaneously, you can do two things:

1. Open them in two separate browsers. However, this will decrease the efficiency of the system as a separate browser will consume extra RAM space to operate. Or

2. You can log out from one account and then log into the other account by opening a new tab. But this process is tedious and time-consuming.

Sendwin saves you from this hassle by letting you log into two separate accounts in a single web browser in just 1 click.

It also prevents you from opening multiple web browsers to ensure that no unnecessary resource consumption is taking place.

Now that we have a brief overview of how Sendwin works, let us take a detailed look at the features of Sendwin.

Sendwin Features:

Hassle-free switching between accounts

With Sendwin, you can log in to multiple accounts on different online platforms with just one click. If you have multiple Facebook, Twitter and Gmail accounts and you want to access them in a single web browser without logging into them separately, Sendwin is for you.

Not only that, you can also share your sessions across multiple devices (including mobile devices) in a matter of a few clicks.

Session Isolation

With Sendwin, you can easily isolate your sessions and test copy variations to reduce the workload. Not only that, but you can also set a timer while sharing your session to keep track of the duration of session sharing.

Manage Sessions

Sendwin lets you bookmark the sessions that you use frequently or are important to you in the browser itself.

So you don’t even need to visit the Sendwin dashboard to access them.

Also, if you don’t want to share particular sessions that might contain sensitive information (bank details or personal information), you can restrict access to those sessions.

Blur Session Tabs

With the premium version of Sendwin, you get the option to blur particular portions of a webpage in a session. So if a part of the webpage contains private information, you can easily blur that portion out to protect your privacy.


Since Sendwin does not use any kind of shared storage, there is no way that any third party website will be able to access any information or track your activity.

Now that we have discussed all the main features of Sendwin, let’s discuss the main point of concern, which is security. We have kept a section in the article to give you an idea about the level of security Sendwin provides you as that should be your first priority when you are letting someone handle your login details.

Is Sendwin Secure?

I can say, YES!  Sendwin gives utmost priority to the security and privacy of its users who trust the company with their login credentials. Sendwin even has a separate page where they have discussed all the security-related questions that might come to the mind of a user.

To encrypt your sessions, Sendwin uses industry-standard encryption algorithms like AES-256 (for symmetric operations) and RSA 2048 (for asymmetric operations). This way, you can be sure that your session is secure from any kind of external threats.

Using Sendwin, you can create 3 different kinds of sessions: local, temporary and synchronized. Details about local and temporary sessions like website metadata and cookies are kept in the system itself using the aforementioned encryption algorithms.

In the case of synchronized sessions, the information is transferred to their servers which use a secure Google cloud platform. This information is also encrypted to make it secure.

So don’t worry about security; even Sendwin cannot access your personal data without having a private key that you only have access to.

How To Install Sendwin In Your System?

To use Sendwin, you just need to install their extension from the Google Chrome Web store of your browser. Right now, Sendwin provides support for these three browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera browser.

The process of installing the extension is super easy and will only take a few steps:

Install Sendwin in Google Chrome:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and go to the Chrome Web Store

chrome web store

Step 2: Search for “SendWin”

sendwin chrome

Step 3: click on Sendwin and after that click on “Add To Chrome”. After the extension is installed you can use it for your work

You can also pin the extension for easier access to Sendwin.

Install Sendwin on Microsoft Edge:

Many of the PC users who use windows based systems might use this browser for their day-to-day tasks.

Step 1: After opening MS Edge, go to Edge Add-ons

Step 2: Search for “Sendwin”

Step 3: Install the extension in your browser by clicking on the “Get” button.

Install Sendwin on Opera

The installation process of Sendwin on Opera is a bit trickier and involves an extra step.

Step 1: Install Chrome extensions in the browser.

Step 2: After installation, click on the “Add to Opera” button.

Step 3: Open the Extensions page on Opera and search for Sendwin.

Step 4: Install the Sendwin extension and after checking its compatibility with the browser you can use it in your system.

Sendwin Plans Pricing:

sendwin price

Sendwin offers 3 plans including a version that is absolutely free to use.  Premium plan has two billing options: Yearly and Monthly

PRO PLUS$6.99/mo$6.49/mo

Final Thoughts on Sendwin Review:

So, is Sendwin worth giving a try? I would say definitely! Managing multiple accounts is a real problem for many working professionals and Sendwin will surely make their life a lot easier by managing online accounts.

Also, Sendwin has a free tier where you can get to use all the basic features without paying for anything. So if you are curious you can easily install the extension from the Web store and if you feel like you need those extra features, you can go for the premium plans.

Is Sendwin secure?

Yes, Sendwin is definitely secure as they use industry-standard encryption algorithms like AES-256 and RSA 2048 to encrypt website data like caches and cookies. And no one, not even Sendwin, can access this data without a private key that only you get to know.

How is the data stored in Sendwin?

In the case of local sessions, the data is stored in the system itself after being encrypted. In synchronized sessions, the data is stored using a secure Google Cloud Platform.

What if I am not satisfied with the premium plans of Sendwin?

Don’t worry, if you feel that you don’t need the premium features or you are not satisfied with the features, you can get a 100% money-back within 30 days of purchase. Just contact the support team and they will help you out. 

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