8 Social Media Tips for Students to Improve Their College Admission Chances

Can you find a student who doesn’t want to face difficulties while entering a higher educational establishment? Is it possible to do this easily? In very deed, a number of future students are uptight about the future examination and have not the slightest idea how to enhance their chances to get in.

The overriding mission of this review is to shut down the question of how to enhance college admission chances and enter a higher educational establishment. We’ll talk about all major techniques and tips you should follow and analyze the most widely spread mistakes of academicians.

8 Social Media Tips for Students to Improve Their College Admission Chances

Your Profile Image

The time when teachers evaluated only the knowledge of applicants has gone. In current times, they can even find your account on social networking sites and check your online activities.

For that reason, you should download only professional profile image. Don’t download images made on the beach or in a nightclub. This won’t enhance your chances to get in!

Think Before You Post

Today, almost all applicants have profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin, etc. If you wish to enter a prestigious higher educational establishment, you can’t afford to post contradictory articles or too strong images. College recruiters can monitor your online account. That is why we suggest you avoid publishing the following:

  • violet information
  • bullying posts
  • politics
  • adult content.

Write about Your Hobby

Frequently, college recruiters search for information about the hobbies and interests of their applicants. Why not publish this information on your online profile? If you have interesting hobbies like drawing, photography, or aerial photography, it would be great if you publish samples of your works.

Except for good knowledge and skills in a certain area, the campus life offers a plethora of extracurricular activities. They need talented students who will participate in them.

Unfollow Yourself from Risky Posts

You don’t know what information a college recruiter will check. Some of them just glance over your profile and this information is enough for them but some recruiters are hypercritical and check even posts you like.

For that reason, you should check your news feed and unfollow too contradictory posts (if there are any). Try to be attentive while leading your online life.

Start Your Own Blog

In these latter days, blogging is extremely popular and a great way to earn cash. If you have your own blog and you are proud of it, why not share this information with your recruiter? If you don’t have a blog, you can start one and select any niche from the blog niche list for profitable and career-oriented blogging.

Besides, it is a sterling opportunity to check your ability to grab the audience, write interesting posts, etc.

This information will definitely enhance your chances to get in, especially if your future occupation is marketing. They really appreciate such students.

YouTube Accounts

Some academicians are video bloggers. If you are one of them, don’t forget to share this information with college recruiters.

In sober deed, it is a great tip to enhance your chances to go up. Furthermore, if you have thousands of followers, it doubles your chances!

Avoid Airing Your Opinion on Politics

Avoid Airing Your Opinion on Politics

This advice is for those who aren’t going to be engaged in this area. You should try to avoid expressing your viewpoint in public groups of social networking sites. Mayhap that a college recruiter has an absolutely different viewpoint and your simple statement can influence his decision.

That is why you should be very attentive while making posts online because, in some instances, your online activity can either improve or decrease your chances!

Check What Email Address You Have

If you arrive at a decision to enter a college, you need to consider a bunch of aspects and one of them is your email address. At a glance, it is an inconspicuous issue but look at it on the other end of the spectrum – your email address which sounds like “hidoggy” or “theprettiestgirl” won’t increase your chances to get in.

It would be great if you create your new Gmail account. Don’t pick too old domains because your recruiter may consider you being tech-savvy.

Following these simple tips, you’ll have more chances to be taken on!

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