4 Tips to Buying Open Back Headphones

Open back headphones differ from the closed type. If you are wondering what the difference between the two is, then just know that closed ones usually have a hardcover on the outer part of the earpiece. The ‘hard shell’ is the protective layer that prevents audio from penetrating to the external world.

Open back headphones lack the hard shell. Therefore, people next to you can have a share of what you are listening to. The headphones also allow one to hear sounds from the outer environment, which audiophiles dislike.

Due to their scarcity, open headphones are not popular among many people; however, sound engineers and producers may need a pair of these while operating their sophisticated machines.

Here are tips for Buying Open Back Headphones.


Audiophiles spend many hours listening to music.  Thus, convenience is their priority because they can cause sharp pain to their ears if you use uncomfortable ones for a long duration.  Additionally, it also means that you will remove them occasionally to let your ears breathe.

When picking the most suitable, ensure that you check if they can fit on your ears. The earpiece should cover your ears entirely or partially. They should also have adjustable straps, which is best for people that have larger head shapes.

Consider the material carefully. It plays an important role. For instance, the head pad should have a soft fabric; hence, you do not feel any discomfort when wearing them. In addition to that, go for lightweight headphones. You can use them at any time and position especially if you are in motion.

Sound quality

All headphones produce a different sound quality. That is a fact. It can be confusing to choose one with the numerous options in the market, especially when you consider this factor. However, sound quality depends on the purpose of purchase.

Sound engineers want to hear everything going around the hall as they equalize their machines. Nonetheless, producers want to listen to the same song for hours because they want the best out of their composition.

In both cases, the sound should be clear, and the bass should be noticeable to bring a fantastic effect. Check the sensitivity, sound frequency, and impedance when testing them for quality. Besides that, consider noise isolation factors. As in, scrutinize if it is possible to reduce noise from the outside and sound leaks.


Durability is relative. For some, they would want something that they can use for years, others months. Nevertheless, it is possible to find such quality headphones, by the way. The first factor to consider when making your selection is the design.

Compact designs are most suitable. They will be favorable when considering comfort and extended use. Look for an attractive and user-friendly design. Additionally, examine the materials to see if they can withstand pressure in case they fall.

Noise Cancellation

The noise problem is one of the major issues that comes at the time of recording or listening to the songs or any videos. If your next headphone is able to handle the outside noise, it will be an added advantage. Especially it should do for the normal conditions like fan noise or noise coming from the neighbors.

These are quite common in daily life and your gadgets should be capable of handling all these kinds of noise to give you a smooth and better experience. Rest, if these features are matching, you are good to go ahead with that gadgets.

Finally, consider the cable because it should be long enough. Go for strong ones like the elastic ones that will not cut even when you pull them. If you cannot trust the quality of the cable, please avoid buying them. Cords that come with extensions are suitable for people who will be moving a lot around the machines.

If you want to know more about these gadgets, read more that talks about open back headphones. Using these 3 tips you can definitely find some of the best headphones for you to use. These won’t only help you have good sound quality, but you can also use it for recording purposes as well.

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    I am a big fan of headphones as I love to listen music while working online. You have shared some great headphones here. I am also looking for a new headphones with open back. Will check them out. Thanks for sharing this.


  2. Hey Saurabh,

    Great article. I was never a fan of open back headphone, for one you can not use them while you laying down and after a certain time you start to feel the weight.
    Anyways kudos on such an amazing guide.

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