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As we know, SEO is a one of the important factors to rank a website high on the main search engines. You can’t ignore SEO process if you want to increase traffic from search engines. Search engine optimization is the one and only best practice to gain organic traffic from search engines.

As we know, Google updates its algorithm regularly, so if you want to stay updated with all Google Algorithm and SEO Community, then you should have to follow these industry experts. These below experts have the best Search marketing experience and helping a lot of companies to establish their online businesses. These experts provide you best strategy and guidance, how to get success in online business and increase revenue?

In this Post, I am going to mention my favourite top 5 SEO experts I recommend you too to follow all time. I have followed all of them since 2013 and continuously,

Matt Cutts

Matt CuttsMatt Cutts have a bachelor degree in mathematics and science from the University of Kentucky. And also have a Ph.D. degree from the University of North Carolina.He is well known for developing SafeSearch and Google’s family filter.He is the former head of Google web spam team. But As per Wikipedia and Matt Cutts blog he is on leave to spend some time with his family.

We all know Matt Cutts is a rock star in the world of SEO, One of the favourite quotes of mine from Matt Cutts.

Check out – Valuable Quotes and Advice from Matt Cutts

If you would love to hear more from Google Updates, why not hear directly from the source?

Website: mattcutts.com/blog

Check out here – Seo Writing Tips

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin

Born in New Jersey, In 2002 Rand Fishkin involved in the field of SEM and2004, Rand Fishkin foundedMoz.com with his mom Gillian. And well known as Wizard of Moz, in today which is one the most popular software making company in the marketing field. He hosts a weekly video segment called Whiteboard Friday, where they discuss marketing tactics and his terms. He is also a Co-founder of Art of SEO and Inbound.org.

Website: moz.com

Neil Patel

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is the mastermind of the world of SEO; He has done some incredible thing in the field of Internet Marketing. He is a co-founder of Crazy EggHello Bar, KISSmetrics, and writer QuickSprout. He helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue.

Last week I read some great blog post of my fellow bloggers about Neil Patel.You can check out here:-

What I Wanted to Ask Neil Patel for You – Adeel Sami Blog

What People Can Learn From Neil Patel – Ãbdül Häséèb Blog

Here is my favourite quote of Neil Patel

Website: quicksprout.com

Aaron Wall

AAaron Wallaron Wall is the Founder of SEOBook.com and to its parallel site PPCBlog.com, a very influential and powerful SEO blog that’s frequently updated. Aaron Wall is a one of the most influencing personality in the field of SEO. Just Type “SEO training” into Google and Wall’s site is the first to pop up. His SEOBook.com website founded in 2003, which offers Internet marketing tips, Search Analysis and online business tips.

Website: http://www.seobook.com
@ SEObook

Brian Dean

Brian DeanBrian Dean is a well-known entrepreneur and SEO expert and founder and CEO of Backlinko. His firm is focused on organic traffic, link building campaigns as well as provides SEO Training.

Following Brian Dean profile is the best way to keep track of recent SEO Updates, changes, Link building tips, and development in Internet marketing world.

Website: http://backlinko.com
Twitter: @


I am Saurabh, working as webmaster and content writer at ALL DIGITAL TRENDS and Techibhai. I love to interact with minded blogger and write about SEO, Web design, Development trick and much more.

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Vashishtha kapoor - last year

HI bro
Awesome List indeed. There is lot to learn from them and their blog. These guys are people who need no reference or introduction. The name is enough. Right!
Yeah. THanks for sharing the list.

    Saurabh - last year

    Hi Vashishtha Bro,
    Thanks a lot for taking time to leave your kind words.

Adeel SamiAdeel - last year

Hello, Saurabh,

These are all the guy who have proven to become the best in their industry.

Undoubtedly, they are educating people everyday with their content, their insights and their knowledge to help all of us grow in our fields.

These are the people worth to follow and their advises to practice.

And I am more than glad you mentioned my blog post which I wrote about Neil Patel, the best in the world. 🙂

Thanks a lot for the surprise and this great content!

Happy to share! 🙂

~ Adeel

    Saurabh - last year

    Hi Adeel,

    I am Glad to mention your post in this Article. Glad you like it 🙂 Thanks for your lovely appreciation and comment 🙂

Satya - last year

All are great with their work and fan of Matt Cutts & Neil Patel. Both are really amazing for me. I came to know more about depth of SEO through Neil Patel’s articles. Glad to know that they both are your fav. as well.

Thanks for great share 🙂

    Saurabh - last year

    Thanks for spending your time reading this post, Satya Bro 🙂 Keep Visiting

david - last year

Hi, This is my all time favorite. Thank you for sharing everything. I see your article url but it is difficult keyword to rank. BTW good luck bro 🙂

    Saurabh - last year

    Thanks for taking your time to read this post, David 🙂

Nikhil Saini - last year

Bro really You compiled an awesome list. All the seo expert. I love neil. He got lots of knowledge on seo. You can also add nathan gotch, matthew woodward…..


    Saurabh - last year

    I am so happy to see you on my blog, Nikhil bro 🙂 and thanks a lot for the kind words of appreciation 🙂

Rohan Chaubey - last year

Hi Saurabh,

I like the quotes which you have included within the post. 🙂 To be honest, I’m not much into SEO so I never actually followed these experts. I have read Neil’s and Brain’s blog a couple of times and they are overloaded with value.

Thanks for sharing the list; I’ll consider following them on social to get their insights. Have a great week ahead. Sharing this with my Twitter audience and FB group. 🙂


    Saurabh - last year

    HI Rohan,
    Thanks for Stopping by and Glad to see you liked this article. 🙂 These SEO Experts has done Amazing Job in SEO Field.

Reji - last year

Hi Saurabh,

Glad to be here again in your new blog. Good to see the five top names that any blogger like to follow.

Keep sharing.

Have a great time blogging.

Best regards Saurabh.

Reji Stephenson

    Saurabh - last year

    Hey Reji Sir,
    Welcome back over here.
    Thanks for your Kind words. I am glad that you love this one.

Muhammad Ahmad - last year

Hi Saurabh,
This is my first ever visit to your new blog. “Techi Bhai”, a good name. I guess you chose the name considering the Indo-Pak audience. 😉
Let me come to the post,
You listed all of my favourite SEOs. I am very passionate about SEO. I love trying new things in it. Whenever, I need to rank a keyword, I just take a notepad, start writing what can I do to rank something. After that, I start doing what I have got from the notepad.
Thanks for mentioning my blog post!
I wish the best of luck with your new blog. And yeah, the design is really simple and cool.
Keep up the good work!
~ Ahmad

    Saurabh - last year

    Hi Ahmed bro,
    First of all, I would like to welcome you on my blog. And Thanks for appreciating the post. Keep Visiting bro

Naven Pillai - last year

Nice blog post, Saurabh.

It would have been greater if you added five more other SEO experts.

Anyway the blog post is well structured and these guys are the best when it comes to SEO.

Thanks for this post.

    Saurabh - last year

    Thanks Naven for your kind words. I am glad that you love this article. If you want to share your favourite one, you can drop a comment below bro
    Have a great time:)

Philip V. Ariel (@PVAriel) - last year

Hi Saurabh,
Happy to be here again!
Hey I missed this post, today I am here again via Reji Stephenson’s page where I read the Guest Post.
Well the new look or the New web page is really looking majestic, keep it up.
These days I am much concentrating on SEO things and this post is an added collection to the list 🙂
Thanks for telling about these amazing personalities!
I have been to their places except one,
Nice to know a bit more about this wonderful people.
Keep sharing
Good Wishes to your new venture
Best Regards
~ Philip

Shrinivas - last year

Hi Saurabh,

Its nice to see all of the best SEO experts in one page, thanks for listing.

Kathryn Maclean - last year

Hi Saurabh,
Nice clean looking new site!Looks very nice. I liked your article on top 5 SEO Experts. I knew of three of them.
I am visiting from PAC Fan Page Share. Be sure to also put your new site in the PAC rotator.

Nice to learn an up date on Matt Cutts and I always read Neil Patel at his QuickSprout site.
Rand Fishkin I am familiar with, didn’t know he founded Moz.com though.

Great article. I am going to share it.

Steve Napier - last year

I think there is a tendency to pick the big names when compiling a list like this. But there are some top ‘SEO world experts’ who rank page 1 of Google for that term and are non self publicising (err..normally) so just don’t have the profile of the experts who like to run webinars, write books etc. Just saying 🙂

anjankant - last year

I love also mattcutt and neilpatel, I often read their new posts.

Vinay Katiyar - 10 months ago

Hi Saurabh,

Great post.

SEO is indeed the most important way of driving free and targeted traffic to our website.

Brian Dean & Neil Patel are my personal favorite SEO experts whom I’ve been following since I started blogging. I get to learn lots of new and actionable strategies just by reading their blogs continuously.

Keep publishing such great content.

Vinay Katiyar

Manjunath - 8 months ago

Hi! This is great content that helps me a lot to learn about SEO from these experts blogs. I saw this website very interesting that helps beginner to learn about blogging, seo etc. Thanks for sharing☺

Mairaj - 7 months ago

Hi Saurabh,

All of these SEO experts are popular and they are doing an amazing job. They consistently share quality knowledge about Seo on their blogs and people get benefit from these resources. Rand Fishkin, Matthew Woodward and Brian Dean are my favorite

Many thanks for quality share once again 🙂


Jordan Cutts - 7 months ago

Nice roundup bro.
I think brian is sharing the best information about seo. I love his skyscraper technique which brought a huge traffic for our last project.
thanks for featuring all seo experts at one place.

Richa Gangwani - 6 months ago

Nice collection! They are my favorite to.


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