7 Top Video Editing Apps for Instagram Reels in 2024

Are you looking for video editing apps for Instagram reels? Do you want to edit your Instagram reels & Short Videos?

There are lots of editing tools available on the play store, but they provide better features, better filters, and color grading.

So only for you We have done high research and tried more than 15 editing apps then we have finalized the 7 best for you.

So Let’s Get Started.

What Are The Best Video Editing Apps For Instagram Reels?

1. InShot

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Inshot is one of the best video editing app for Instagram reels, they are providing better features than others.

Their interference or UI is better than Kinemaster and other video editing tools. You can add stickers, effects, and transitions to any of your reels.

You can also add your own music or use free vlog music with sound effects, also you can voice over and add your own voice.

Here are some more features of InShot:

  • Animed Stickers and Texts for reels
  • Fully Functional Timeline
  • Easily Syncing Stickers and Texts with video
  • Free Vlog Music and sound effects
  • Multiple Filters and Effects with amazing transitions

InShot is not using current AI features but in the future, they will come with that also, there are also some AI platforms available that really help create and edit videos without showing faces. 

You can also transform your text into videos using the Pictory.ai tool

2. KineMaster – Video Editor&Maker

KineMaster-Video Editor&Maker

KineMaster is one of the best solutions for video editing for editors who use mobile phones. It is currently no 2 mobile editor.

There are lots of users who don’t have more money or a PC to spend on editing, that’s why Kinemaster was built and It is compatible with Android and ios devices.

KineMaster comes with high-quality templates with a chroma key and color filter and adjustment functionality.

Here are some more features of KineMaster:

  • Chroma Key and video speed & reverse Functionality
  • Powerful video editor with awesome assets
  • Magic Remover ai technology used to remove your background
  • 4K Exporting and royalty-free music feature
  • High-Quality Templates with template share and project save feature

3. Canva

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Canva is one of the best graphic designing tools but recently they have launched video editing features too, Now you can use their AI features to edit your reels.

It is one of the free video editing apps for Instagram reels. One-click video background remover technology.

You can also create your own animations and one-click video effects with magic resizer.

Here are some more features of Canva:

  • You can also use their readymade templates to edit your reels
  • One-click video background removes functionality
  • Make your own unique animations
  • Thousands of free templates and millions of video clips
  • Video speed controller with text, overlays, and transitions

4. VN Video Editor


VN is one of the popular video editing software for Instagram reels, they come with varieties of effects and filters that you can use for Instagram reels editing.

They provide Keyframe features in their mobile app, which is a very powerful feature everyone knows already who used premier pro before.

It is all in one video editor app for mobile phones, you can either trim & split your videos or crop and rotate it.

You can also try online video editing platforms, You should try a free trial of pictory once.

Here are some more features of VN Video Editor:

  • Free to download on any Android mobile phone
  • Audio sync feature which helps to sync your camera voice with your primary (mic) audio
  • Keyframe feature to adjust text, images, and stickers animations according to the timeline
  • Export any of your videos in 4k or 1080P easily
  • App interference is very simple and easy to use

5. ViVa Video

Viva Video is an older and popular Instagram reel editing app for Android, IOS, APK, and Huawei users.

It has better effects than others, their glitch effect is so popular. You can add a glitch effect to make your video an eye-catcher.

Here are some more features of the Viva Video Editor app:

  • Use full-featured editing tools to edit 
  • They are providing a free music library, which is available for all users
  • Adjust video speed, create fast or slow video
  • Combine two clips with amazing transitions
  • Pick your favorite emoji & text to make your video even more entertaining.

6. Splice Video Editor

If you want to edit your reels professionally then you can use Splice Video Editor, It is one of the best editors for infotainment reels editing.

If you are doing vlogging on Instagram then you can also use this app to edit your short vlogs.

If you want to add Hollywood-type effects to your videos you can go with it.

Here are some more features of Splice Video Editor:

  • Hollywood-type effects and transitions
  • Easy to edit short or Instagram vlogs with voice over
  • Edit your reels more catchy and attractive
  • Easy-to-use professional editing application
  • Add cinematic effects in Instagram reels

7. WeVideo Video Editor

WeVideo is another one of the best Instagram reel editing apps to edit your reels. It comes with a full-screen preview feature.

It also supports 4k Resolution, you can use its green screen effect to make your reels more catchy and attractive.

Here are some more features of WeVideo Video Editor:

  • Green Screen Effect Feature
  • 4k Resolution supports Instagram reel editing
  • Full-Screen preview with timeline facility
  • Using cloud services means it won’t be hung or lag
  •  Free library with stock foot footage and royalty free music

Final Words About Instagram Reels Editing Apps

That’s It, This was all about the best video editing apps for Instagram reels, my favorites are inshot, kinemaster, and canva. 

You can try any of them now and let me know in the comment box which app you are using currently for editing your Instagram reels?

Thank You

Are these apps available for both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, most of the apps mentioned in the list, such as InShot, KineMaster, Canva, VN Video Editor, Viva Video, Splice Video Editor, and WeVideo Video Editor, are available for both Android and iOS devices.

Are these apps free to use?

Many of the apps mentioned offer free versions with limited features, while some also offer premium versions with additional features and tools. The availability of free and premium features may vary for each app. It’s recommended to check the respective app’s website or app store for detailed pricing information.

Can I add music to my Instagram reels using these apps?

Yes, most of these apps provide features to add music to your Instagram reels. They either offer a built-in music library or allow you to import your own music files.

Do these apps provide filters and effects for Instagram reels?

Yes, all the apps listed provide various filters and effects that you can apply to your Instagram reels to enhance their visual appeal. They offer a wide range of options to choose from.

Can I edit text and add stickers to my Instagram reels using these apps?

Yes, these apps offer text editing features where you can add captions, titles, or any other text overlay to your Instagram reels. They also provide stickers and animations that you can use to make your reels more engaging.

Do these apps support high-resolution exports for Instagram reels?

Yes, most of these apps support high-resolution exports, including 4K resolution, which allows you to maintain the quality of your Instagram reels when sharing them on the platform.

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